Film screenplay no guys policy


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Film screenplay no guys policy

  1. 1. “No GUYS POLICY”<br />by<br />Kerry Costello<br />25 Sundridge Avenue<br />London, DA16 2SR<br />07783279001<br />FAde In:<br />Int. Hotel. Decorated for a birthday party; balloons and banners are colourful. Music in the background, people are enjoying themselves. Everyone is dressed up for a party.<br />Lola is chatting to a blonde girl.<br />Blonde GIRL<br />What did you do about that job offer in the end?<br /> LOLA<br />Oh… I turned it down.<br />BLONDE GIRL<br />(shocked) Lola! It was your dream job! A gallery, your own gallery! You were so excited about it!”<br />LOLA<br />(Sighs) I know… I know. But it was so far away, all the way in New York, and Dean didn’t want to move so… you know. They’ll be other chances.<br />BLONDE GIRL<br />Well, as long you’re okay with it and happy, right?<br />lOLA<br />(Unsure) Yeah… no I am. I’m happy. I’m just going to pop upstairs, put my bag down. I’ll see you later. Thanks for coming.<br />Lola walks away. The hotel is less decorated the further she walks. Camera follows her to a lift then zooms in on the up arrow button to show she is heading upstairs.<br />EXT./INT. Long shot of hotel room door. Audience can hear dialogue between boy and girl.<br />GIRL:<br />You know we have to make sure Lola never ever finds out about us, right?<br />Cuts to the inside of the room. Two people inside, the boy and girl, also dressed for a party.<br />Boy:<br />Don’t worry about it. Every one’s completely oblivious.<br />Int. Lola is still in the lift. Doors open with a beep. Camera follows her to a mirror. She checks her reflection.<br />Girl:<br />What if she starts to catch on?<br />Boy:<br />Gaby, we’ve been doing this for months. No one suspects a thing. Relax, I told Lola I’d get here late.”<br />Int. Close-up shot of boy and girl holding hands.<br />Cuts to close-up of Lola’s feet to show she’s getting closer.<br />GirL:<br />We’re lucky she’s quite naïve. She won’t even think of this… of us.<br />Cuts to close-up of Lola’s handbag. She reaches into it.<br />Boy:<br />No one will. You look really nice tonight, Gaby.<br />Cuts back to boy and girl, who are in an embrace. Audience can hear Lola’s heels clanking against the floor.<br />Cuts to a close up of Lola’s phone. It reads that it had received a text message from Dean. Lola opens the text.<br />“Will be a little late to your party tonight, work stuff. I love you. X x x.”<br />Lola smiles and puts phone away, reaching for the door handle. Audience can hear girl inside the room giggling.<br />The door opens. Lola discovers boy and girl in an embrace and stops on the spot, looking confused.<br />Lola:<br />Gaby… what the hell are you doing with my boyfriend?”<br />Fades to black and title appears on screen.<br />FAde Out:<br />The End<br />