Disaster film pitch


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Disaster film pitch

  1. 1. DISASTER FILM PITCHCodes and conventions of a disaster film- A series of obstacles that a focus group will have to overcome Famous landmarks/locations Foreshadowing Disaster/ Death Someone will often sacrifice themselves for the sake of the focus groupLogline-A violent earthquake shakes the whole of Britain trapping six students inside their school,forcing them all to work together in order to survive.Narrative–Six students attend what appears to be a normal Monday morning at their school inWashington. Their weekly assembly is on expected releases of energy in the Earth’s crusts(earthquakes), in which they are warned and given advice should anything occur. The mainprotagonist, Jake, expresses worry towards the suspected earthquakes but soon shakes itoff after his friends, Alex and Emma, reassure him and when he is teased about it by Shaun,the school bully. They attend classes as normal but are disrupted when a violent earthquakestrikes.Jake is the first to emerge from the rubble and, after finding his friends and another studentnamed Nicole, realises half the school has collapsed. After discovering Shaun and hisgirlfriend Megan under the rubble, they find that they’re trapped and possibly the onlysurvivors. Earthquake aftershock occurs and they realise that if they don’t escape soon,they won’t survive. They begin their journey towards the nearest exit.Obstacles, such as more aftershocks and sealed off exits, make their journey to the exit a lotharder and, along the way, Shaun is killed by falling rubbleafter ignoring Jake’s instructionson which way to go. It also results in the group being trapped on the wrong side of thebuilding and they soon discover that whoever moves the rubble carries a big chance of notbeing able to get to the other side in time. Despite some argument, Megan insists on beingthe one to move the rubble so Jake vows to get her out. Though he tries his best to saveMegan, his attempts are unsuccessful and they have to leave her behind.They eventually escape with the help of a rescue team, but not before Jake admit hisfeelings to Emma and she reciprocates them. When they enter out into the open again, theysee that all the buildings around them are completely destroyed, including most of the schoolbut there appears to be a lot more survivors than original thought.PitchMy film will appeal to males aged between 15-20 due to its genre. The audience will enjoythe narrative because it has a lot of action and drama to it. The film will be set inWashington, but the landscape will only be seen in a few scenes as the film mostly takesplace in a collapsed school.
  2. 2. I have chosen Shia Labeouf to play Jake because he’s a well-known actor amongst mytarget audience and has appeared in action-packed films before. I have chosen KristenStewart to play Emma because she’s a young actress, which is key as she’d be playing astudent, and she’s well known,My film is similar to “The Day After Tomorrow” due to its genre and mostly young cast andwill be released in mainstream cinemas as disaster movies and the actors/actresses arepopular.