Digipak adverts


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Digipak adverts

  1. 1. Her hair, make-up and nails all link together along with what you can see of her clothes: fashion and image is a selling point Close-up shot is intimate, clear that she is a commodity Main focus is artist’s face: she is in the middle, selling point Album title is in a handwritten style font, as if she had signed it which gives an intimate, personal feel Colour scheme means it all links together: everything is black so that her face is the first thing you are drawn to Logo (typography) is the biggest text on the advert: Her name is the main focus, again shows that her name alone is a selling point, recognizable Also advertises her record label Doesn’t just features name of album but also the single, picks the track that debuted at number 1 in order to sell the album Website link – marketing her across different media platforms