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Conservative party - Web analysis


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Web analysis of the Conservative Party
by INSEEC students (Sophie De Ruyck, Charlaine Ferrand, Victoria Gascard et Quentin Guignard)

Published in: Internet
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Conservative party - Web analysis

  1. 1. The Conservative Party Through the digital Sophie DE RUYCK, Charlaine FERRAND, Victoria GASCARD, Quentin GUIGNARD
  2. 2. Plan I- Alexa II- SEO Results III- Social media IV – Business
  3. 3. Conservative party Founded in 1843, the Conservative Party is one of the most important party in the United Kingdom. It is a right-wing party and it is led by David Cameron. Currently, there are almost 150,000 members in the UK
  4. 4. I - Alexa analyzis – Traffic & Rank The rank follows the traffic as we will see later. The rank is better during election campaigns.
  5. 5. Alexa analyzis - Geography Audience geography: Obviously, most of the visitors come from the UK. But the Conservative party is also visited by people from the United States. We thing that americans were looking for their conservative party.
  6. 6. Alexa analyzis – Key performance How engaged are visitors to The bounce rate, the daily pageviews and the daily time on site are not bad, compared with the competitors performances.
  7. 7. How to reduce the bounce rate ? In order to reduce the bounce rate, they should add a big button to access directly to the main page without filling the form.
  8. 8. How to increase the daily time on site ? In order to increase the daily time on site, they could add a video on the main page. People who watch a video, stay longer on a website.
  9. 9. Alexa analyzis - Search The search is well optimise. The most important keywords refer to the website.
  10. 10. Alexa analyzis - Source Upstream Sites What sites Good performance for the Facebook What sites link to
  11. 11. Alexa analyzis What sites are relates to The conservative party website is related with media, its blog and some of the competitors. It means that the blog is well used to imporve the SEO.
  12. 12. Alexa analyzis Almost 3% of visitors click on the landpage “registration”. The website generate a good amount of leads.
  13. 13. Who visits the website ? Visitors are mostly male, with a good education level, at home or at work.
  14. 14. II- SEO Results
  15. 15. SEO Results – keywords
  16. 16. SEO When typing on google the different names of the Conservative Party (as The Conservative, Conservative Party or Tories), we can notice that there are only organic and free results. Indeed, every political parties of the world don’t have any paid Google’s sponsors.
  17. 17. Keywords gathers all data about one hasshtag link to others. #Conservative Popularity: 56.5% #ConservativeParty Popularity: 29% #Tories Popularity: 54.4%
  18. 18. Key Performances
  19. 19. Perfect Mobile Optimisation
  20. 20. SEO could be improved
  21. 21. Improvement
  22. 22. SEO - Analysis Conclusion: On all the political parties from the United Kingdom, the ones most well-referenced are the most famous ones as UKIP used 65% in comparison with the other correlations hash tags (Cf image of UKIP and its correlations). On the opposite, the Scottish Green Party is the less used (1%) compared to the other correlations hash tags (cf image of Scottish Green Party and its correlations) What is more it that some political parties have shorten tail SEO like Liberal Democrats which is also nicknamed as Lib Dems.
  23. 23. III- The Conservative Party on Social Media Facebook Followers: - 537 000 likes Contents: - Periodicity: everyday - Kind of contents: pictures, videos, text, website’s articles. - Topics: (mainly inside the party) conferences, ideals, party’s members.
  24. 24. Social Media - Twitter Twitter (@conservatives) Followers: - 170 000 followers Contents: - Periodicity: everyday - Kind of contents: tweets, RT of party’s members, pictures - Topics: mainly works in Britain, ideals.
  25. 25. YouTube Followers: - 15 975 followers Contents: - Periodicity: often, it depends of the occasions - Kind of contents: videos - Topics: conferences into the party, David Cameron’s missions. Social Media - Youtube
  26. 26. Google+ Followers: - 64 900 followers - Almost 2 000 000 consultations Contents: - Periodicity: monthly - Kind of contents: posts, photos, YouTube videos. - Topics: Social Media – Google+
  27. 27. IV – Business Most of the incomes come from donations and legacies (58%) The total income for the Conservative party was about £160 millions.
  28. 28. The End Authors: Sophie DE RUYCK Charlaine FERRAND Victoria GASCARD Quentin GUIGNARD Sources: