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Barbie last version[1]

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL MARKETINGGilles Sere de LanauzeNovember 2010Batool AL-LAWATIQuentin GAILLARDBastian FRANKEFoucauld GUERIN
  2. 2. The International Marketing Mix
  3. 3. Barbie’s international Strategy► The Barbie of Mattel1- The history of Barbie2- The world market toy3- Barbie in the world► Positioning and segmentation1- Segmentation of the market2- The positioning of barbie3- Barbie’s Strategy► Marketing Mix1- Product2- Price3- Place4- Promotion► Swot analyse
  4. 4. ► The Barbie of Mattel1- The history of Barbie:● Barbie was Born in 1957● 80 millions Barbie are sales every year in the world● One Barbie is sales every 3 second in the world● 45 différents nationalitiesBarbie is the most famous doll on earth !
  5. 5. ► The Barbie of Mattel2- The world market toy● global toy markets size 2009: 55 Billion euro●● The biggest countries in the toy market : USA, JAPAN, CHINAIn every culture little girls play with doll , A Huge market !
  6. 6. ► The Barbie of Mattel3- Barbie in the world● Barbie is sold in 150 different countries● Barbie has 45 different nationalities● 40% of the turnover was made in export● 50% of Barbie are made in China
  7. 7. ► Positioning and segmentation1- Segmentation of the market● target group: young children – 6 to 12 year old● In rich countries as well as in developping countries
  8. 8. ► Positioning and segmentation 2- The positioning of barbie International Brand BRATZ al an d BARBIE every minute three Barbies are sold g l ob l “Low Price ink t loca Higt Price “th ac FULLA selling about 30,000 units each year Local Brand
  9. 9. ► International competitorsCompetition-MGA Entertainment’s Bratz, tries to cash in on current Americanyouth culture with a brash image, Barbie faces many threats withinthe market niche.-Fulla, Middle East In many Islamic states, Barbie has been bannedbecause she is perceived as promoting promiscuity and sexuality. Thishas led to an increase in the number of dolls similar to Barbie thatlack curvaceous bodies and revealing garments.- Razannein the United States.-Salma,, in Indonesia these dolls include clothing that covers arms,legs and navels. They also include veils to cover the dolls hair
  10. 10. ► Positioning and segmentation3- Barbie’s Strategy● placed in each country● Be a reference for the childen of emergenting countries● Vehiculate the image of the «western model »● Adapte product to the local targetBarbie has been a cult symbol of beauty and fashion for women of all ages. And every woman from 2 to 92
  11. 11. product/place/price/promotion 1.-Product-Strategie● A standardized strategy with a unique and wide target● An adapted barbie for each countries.● Each product includes a special R&D, packaging and labelling● Changed or adapted to meet the needs of different cultures.
  12. 12. product/place/price/promotion● The birth of the Barbie doll lead to the creation of a universe, with the objects, accessories, equipments of all kinds (cars, boats, clothes, animals…)● Symbol of a consumer society which knows how to coopt all fads● is a product constantly renewed, follows the current trends, and reflected a contemporary art.
  13. 13. product/place/price/promotion 2.-Place-Strategy● Barbie dolls do not have its own store and so it relies on the retailers, but instead of this mattel has its own store.● Supply chain management:● Types of international retailers:• Specialty store• Department store• Supermarket• Superstore• Discount store
  14. 14. product/place/price/promotion3.- Price strategy:● Different price strategies in order to hit different markets considering cultures, economic , political and religious structures● the aim is to hit each price segment in the different countries to increase market share
  15. 15. product/place/price/promotion 3.- Promotion strategy:● The increase in accessibility to cable and satellite TV and the internet has become a great tool for barbie’s advertising strategy.● This allowed the use of heavier promotion and advertising campaigns.● Wal-Mart stores in China and South Korea hired women to dress up like the doll to promote the brands new products.● Mattel had also released in 35 different languages a broadcast promoting the doll through their website. On the website girls could play games and read stories about barbie.
  16. 16. ► Swot analyse Strengths-Quality of the product. well-known,brand INTERNAL Weaknesses-Good services. -Barbie has not provid for-Choosing best distribution FACTOR Islamic cultureChannels-provide job opportunities-few competitors- Keep fully up to date oncompetitors business structure Threatens-had excellent marketing and -more competitorsadvertising strategies involve in same Market -Developing .marketing channels -Globalization and Opportunity EXTERNAL changing n economic provide barbie for other FACTOR Geographic target (suitable other culture)
  17. 17. ► Swot analyseThank you for your Attention !