ISciCo Module 2 - Let's communicate!


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ISciCo Module 2 - Let's communicate!

  1. 1. Let’s communicate!ISciCo – Module 2 ISCICO Course, 14-18 Jan 2013, Universitat de Girona Miquel Duran, UdG @miquelduran License: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA
  2. 2. But what does sciencecommunication 2.0 mean? Above all: be active and have anattitude towards sharing, collaborating and curating And please don’t forget to provideyourself with basic Digital skills – and ask if necessary
  3. 3. Little Social Science Communicator Red Riding Hood• The constant change due to heavy use of IT in research leads sometimes to forget that important things (reflexion) must be prioritized wrt urgent things (hurry).• Granma Society waits for LRRH to bring her the Knowledge Basket, but Wolf Twodotzero tricks her so, instead of tanking the Reflection lane, takes the Hurry trail..
  4. 4. How we (scientists) can communicate (1/3)• By origin – Personal – Groupal – Corporate• By destination – Indexed Journals / Scholar Publications – Science journals for scientists (eg Scientific American) – Science General for the Public (eg Quo, La Recherche) – Communicacion of Science Culture – Citizens Outreach – Childrens, Youth Outreach
  5. 5. How we (scientists) can communicate (2/3)• By medium – Paper – Multimedia/Radio & TV/Cinema – Internet – Webs – Blogs – Twitter – Other Social Media – Augmented Reality – Video streaming
  6. 6. How we (scientists) can communicate (3/3)• Personal – Shows – Theater – Performances• By direction – Unidirectional – Bidirectional – Multidireccional• By privacy level – Private – Semiprivate – Public• By message – Own personal: PhD / researcher blog – News curation on a particular field of science – News curation on policy, funding, etc. – Contributing to shared blog – Contributing to research group• Others
  7. 7. Purpose• Purpose – Branding – Marketing – Social Service – Cooperation & Volunteering – Building online presence• Some challenges – Language – Digital divides
  8. 8. Personal Digital ToolsTwitterFacebookBlogging platform: WordpressWiki platform: Wikispaces (Wikipedia too)General Social Media: from twitter to facebook,linkedin, pinterest, tumblr, etc. Flickr, YoutubeMobile AppsInstagram, pinterest, etc.Viddy / video capturingSee Digital Survival Kit in the ISciCo wiki!
  9. 9. Key tools• LinkedIn: the new CV?• Slideshare/issuu: Repository PDF, PPT, etc.• Creative Commons Licensing• And indeed – Twitter – Blog• See Digital Survival Kit at ISciCo wiki
  10. 10. Little Communicator Red Riding Hood• Dazzled Little Social Science Communicator Red Riding Hood is a part of a collection of people that see IT and Web 2.0 as a new form of magic.• However, like magicians actually just create illusions, Society must know how to take profit from Web 2.0 cleverly, namely the University and the other sectors of Society.• Digital divide (and perhaps scientific divide) does not shorten, but widens. We cannot stand it.• The wolf (will) eat(s) LRRH