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Beyond virtualization of teaching

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Beyond virtualization of teaching

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  2. 2. Beyond Teaching Virtualization: new challenges Miquel Duran and Sílvia Simon @MiquelDuran @SilviaSimonR C4D, IQCC, DQuim Universitat de Girona XID VD, ICEUdG 15/1/2020
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  4. 4. XID VD: publications • Estebanell Minguell, M.; Daunis i Estadella, J.; Duran Portas, M.; Duran Carpintero, J.; Macaya Masferrer, D.; Montoro Moreno, L.; Simon Rabaseda, S.; Verdú Navarro, E. (2019): La docencia virtual en la educación superior desde la perspectiva de los estudiantes. Alfabetización crítica, videojuegos, formación en línea y participación. Jornadas Universitarias de Tecnología Educativa. JUTE • Daunis i Estadella, P. Estabanell Minguell, M.; Duran Portas, M.; Duran Carpintero, J.; Macaya Masferrer, D.; Montoro Moreno, L.; Simon Rabaseda, S.; Verdú Navarro, E.. (2019): Online-augmented university teaching and learning: perceptions and challenges. INNOVAESTIC 2019 • Montoro Moreno, L.; Barceló Vidal, C.; Cornellà Canals, P.; Duran Portas, M.; Daunis Estadella, J.; Duran Carpintero, J.; Estebanell Minguell, M.; Ferres Font, J.; Macaya Masferrer, D.; Simon Rabaseda, S.; Verdu Navarro, E. (2014): Medios y fuentes de información en el aprendizaje universitario actual. VIII Congrés Internacional de Docència Universitària i Innovació (CIDUI). Tarragona, 2, 3 i 4 de juliol de 2014 • S Simon et al., Virtualization Of Teaching In Higher Education: A Clear Divergence Between Students’ And Teachers’ Views And Perceptions ? Iceri 2019, Nov 2019, Sevilla
  5. 5. Virtualizing teaching... Thus... We have already virtualized... (among others, indeed) - Mail - Conversations (i.e., whatsapp) - Writing (blogs, websites, ...) - Games - Paperwork / red tape - Educational resources - Lecturing - Voting - Banking - Strategic planning • Remember: MOOCs • Remember: UdG's intelligent website bar
  6. 6. We are going to review two key aspects of virtualization ... Decision taking Analytics Learning progress Personalized experience Digital twinning Virtual assistants i.e., ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Human-machine bonding Sensors, sensors, sensors, wearables Bots, robots, cobots Machine-machine connections and conversations i.e., INTERNET OF THINGS
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  8. 8. Political scene Jan 2020 • Catalonia: • @marett Dir.Gral. IT Innovation in Education (Party 1) • Someone else - Digital Strategy (Party 2) • Spain: • Secr. State on Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (transferred from Min. Educ. Science towards Min Economy, since 13 Jan 2020) • Digital transformation
  9. 9. China’s achievements in implementing AI and Machine Learning in education are incredible: • there are robots in the classrooms that control a student’s health level • students wear uniforms with trackers to keep them safe while they are on the school territory • the most notable achievement is headbands which determine a student’s concentration level • Benefits: • Predicting career paths • Precise grading • More personalized classroom experience • Flaws: • Grading systems • Data collection and transparency
  10. 10. China’s achievements in implementing AI and Machine Learning in education are incredible: • Imagine students leaving the classroom and pressing satisfaction buttons! • Deep Learning is Not Always the Best Solution in Education and-obstacles-to-consider-in-2020
  11. 11. China’s achievements in implementing AI and Machine Learning in education are incredible:
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Curating clues and key references on IA and IoT in [Higher] Education • Beyond virtualization of teaching in higher education • virtualitzacio-a-leducacio-superior/ • On the impact of AI and IoT in Higher Education • ai-and-iot-in-higher-education/ • Notes on Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education • intelligence-in-higher-education/
  14. 14. Systematic review of research on AI applications in HE – where are the educators? Conjecture: every aspect of learning can in principle be precisely described and a machine can be made to simulate it. Ai refers to machine learning, natural language processing, data mining, neural networks, algorithms, … AI is used for classification and profiling. Also recognizing patterns, make predictions, apply newly discovered patters… The concept of agent is central to AI. Virtual agents can act as teachers, facilitators of students’ peers. There are virtual or remote labs. 239-019-0171-0
  15. 15. International Journal of AI in Education (IJIAED) •
  16. 16. UNESCO report on challenges and opportunities in AIEd for sustainable development Preparing teachers for AI-powered educations, quality and invlusive data systems, ethics and transparency.
  17. 17. AI in Education: compendium of promising initiatives (Mobile Learning Week 2019) Driving reader engagement. Special needsd, wearables. Educaiton beyond the classroom Intellignt tutoring system Computer games Augmented intelligence Increase of movitavion and engagement Chatbots Digital Intelligence Virtual Assintan Support of Human Intelligence. Symbolic AI and machine learning (OERs) Digital inclusion Humanizing altorithmic societies Experimenting with AI in the classroom promising-initiatives-mlw-2019
  18. 18. Will AI replace university lecturers? Not if we make it clear why humans matter AI teaching will mostly happen online, in 24/7 virtual classrooms. AI machines will learn to teach by ferreting out complex patterns in student behaviour – what you click, how long you watch, what mistakes you make, even what time of day you work best. This will then be linked to students’ “success”, which might be measured by exam marks, student satisfaction or employability. university-lecturers-not-if-we-make-it-clear-why-humans-matter
  19. 19. Will AI replace university lecturers? Not if we make it clear why humans matter - It is essential that students understand that over time, more repetitive and routine tasks will be automated and performed by artificial intelligence, automation, and robots. However, there will always be roles requiring creative skills, cognitive skills, and emotional intelligence skills - University leaders and administrators should become proactive in initiating pilot programs to test the use of AI in various ways, while critically considering the results and the ethical obligations that must be met along the way university-lecturers-not-if-we-make-it-clear-why-humans-matter
  20. 20. Explainable AI: The Rising Role Of Knowledge Scientists There is no trust without explainability. Explainability means that there are other trustworthy agents in the system who can understand and explain decisions made by the AI agent. Eventually, this will be regulated by authorities, but for the time being, there is no other option than making decisions made by AI more transparent. Unfortunately, it’s in the nature of some of the most popular machine learning algorithms that the basis of their calculated rules cannot be explained; they are just “a matter of fact.” -ai-the-rising-role-of-knowledge-scientists
  21. 21. The machines are learning, and so are the students • Education is going to be the killer app for deep learning • The world will still need schools, classrooms and teachers to motivate students and to teach social skills, teamwork and soft subjects like art, music and sports. The challenge for AI-aided learning, some people say, is not the technology, but bureaucratic barriers that protect the status quo. learning-and-so-are-the-students-14923017.php
  22. 22. And now a few good quotes... • Consuming content is not equivalent to learning. • Teaching is a creative, insightful, collaborative, soul- enriching human activity • The best results will come from combining the strengths of AI and human abilities • We must never underestimate the value of human interaction and critical thinking in the field of education • Deception is an integral part of AI and robotics. In some ways, AI is the science of illusion.
  23. 23. •
  24. 24. The Internet of Things: a brief guide internet-of-things-a-brief-guide/
  25. 25. IoT in HE: A study on future learning • By enhancing asset intelligence, educational institutions can enhance outcomes by adding values in some areas include: Enhanced Learning Experiences and Outcomes, Improved Operational Efficiency, Safer Campus Designs
  26. 26. How the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming education industry? 1. Smart automated student tracking 2. Personalized learning 3. IoT enabled smart boards and new generation textbooks 4. AI-powered research 5. Aiding special-need students 6. Enhanced security of learning spaces 7. Smart / connected classrooms 8. Task-based learning
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  28. 28. How Will IoT Change the Education Sphere?
  29. 29. How Will IoT Change the Education Sphere? • For: • Data Collection • Personalized learning • More Human-to-Machine interaction • Security • Pitfalls: • Privacy • Fuels the global digital divide • Financing Issues education/
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Unfortunately, flaws and drawbacks • EDUCAUSE Reports That Higher Education Says AI, IOT And Social Media Having Limited Impact. What? • -reports-that-higher-education-says-ai-iot-social-media-having- limited-impact-what/#232f51844ea9B But... IoT stands to change dramatically the way universities work, and enhance student learning in many disciplines and at any level. It has huge potential for universities or any other educational institutions.
  32. 32. Unfortunately, flaws and drawbacks EDUCAUSE: Higher Education’s 2019 Trend Watch and Top 10 Strategic Technologies IA and IoT in bottom 20%: limited impact education-trend-watch-and-top-10-strategic- technologies/2019/trend-watch/trend-watch-2019#TrendWatch2019
  33. 33. How to recognize AI snake oil Regression analysis is a hundred years old! Regarding social outcomes, there is a lack of exaplinability.
  34. 34. Revolució 4.0, Xantal Llavina • Xavier Sala i Martín: “Vull saber si la IA provocarà un desastre a la humanitat” • La IA ens podrà ajudar i, de fet, ens ajuda, en les prediccions però que els humans som millors, ja que tenim moltes altres capacitats. Creu que s’exagera quan es parla de la revolució digital
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  36. 36. Why are so many educational AI “solutions” total crap? Here’s a clue: Fewer than 9% of research papers on the use of AI in education have a first author with a background in education research. Ignoring years of education research is simply stupid
  37. 37. Demystifying AI: What’s Fiction, and What’s Worth Fanfare? • Myth #1: AI will replace jobs and maybe even humans. • Myth #2: AI will ruin privacy. whats-worth-fanfare
  38. 38. El futur no el decidiran les màquines El decidirem les persones però amb un ús cada cop més intensiu de la intel·ligència artificial, que no és altra cosa que una extensió de la intel·ligència humana. Que la tecnologia augmenti la humanitat i no al revés (Xavier Marcet)
  39. 39. • intelligence-is-when-you-get-a-college-degree-but-youre-still-stupid-when-you-graduate-1
  40. 40. Is Artificial Intelligence the Ultimate University Stimulus? If there’s one thing that makes studying at university better, it has everything you need to learn, study, and research wherever the student may be. Whether studying, learning or research takes place on the go or from home can be the students’ choice. Through a combination of online and offline education, artificial intelligence allows students to study where and when they want.
  41. 41. To think about ... • Critical and rational virtualization of teaching and learning • New line of research on this subject • It is part of the digital transformation of society • Provides key skills to students to become informed citizens • Launching pilot projects • Smart Campuses • Role of Library
  42. 42. To think about ... • Self-paced vs same-pace • Field-dependent • Learners rather than content consumers? • Sticking to fixed space, time, teacher? • Wearables in education • Curiosity-driven or grade-achivement-driven? • Diversity, inclusitivy, equity • Personalisation of learning experience – i.e., of university, young age • Is virtual the new real?
  43. 43. What can XID VD do now? To Take Home ... • Chatbot (using current ca. free available codes) • Counseling / Tutoring • Preuniversity Carrer Orientation • IoT stuff • Digital twinning (both students and professors) • Observatory of AI/IoT in HE At several levels: course, study and/or university Virtualization of learning will lead to better teachers due to a better understanding of the learning process
  44. 44. FUCAT: FAKE University of Catalonia?
  45. 45. FUCAT: FAKE University of Catalonia? FAKE: - Frontierless - Adventure - for Knowledge - and Education
  46. 46. Thank you for your attention! @MiquelDuran and @SilviaSimonR
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