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Animals in the science class


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A dinosaur in class!

Published in: Education, Technology
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Animals in the science class

  1. 1. Animals in the Science class… TYRANNOSAURUS REX! San Cristóbal Bilingual School – 3rd Primary (A)
  2. 2. Our new pet!
  3. 3. Name: Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  4. 4. Dinosaurs were carnivores, so they needed sharp teeth to tear meat!
  5. 5. Dinosaurs were vertebrates! They had a skeleton with a backbone.
  6. 6. Dinosaurs had a long tail!
  7. 7. Long legs to run quickly!
  8. 8. Dinosaurs were oviparous!
  9. 9. Watching videos about dinosaurs with Vanessa!
  10. 10. We love dinosaurs!
  11. 11. We love dinosaurs!
  12. 12. In a museum…