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Hw 1


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Hw 1

  1. 1. Exercise 1Complete the passage below with appropriate articles. One day, David took his father‟s long spear, axe and fishing pole. “I am going to catchfish for dinner,” he thought. He cut a hole in (1) ______ ice with (2) ______ axe. Then, he satdown to fish. He was so busy fishing that he did not notice (3) ______ polar bear lurking close by.(4) ______ bear plodded closer to him until it was close enough to grab him. Suddenly, he heard(5) ______ loud shout. He looked up and saw his father waving (6) ______ oar at (7) ______bear. (8) ______ bear panicked and ran away quickly. “You nearly became its dinner!” his father exclaimed. David thanked his father andshowed him (9) ______ fish he had caught. He had kept them in (10) ______ orange-colouredpail. “No wonder the bear was attracted to you!” his father said.Exercise 2Underline the correct determiners.1 He is successful in business although he has had very ( little / few ) years of schooling.2 He spends ( most / much ) of his time watching television.3 Would you like to have ( a few / a little) strawberries with your ice cream?4 Every morning, I do ( some / a few ) exercise before I go to school.5 Business has been slow and he has not been able to sell off ( much / most ) of his goods.6 I have ( a lot of / much ) homework, so I cannot go out and play football this evening.7 There weren‟t ( many / plenty of ) students in the field because of the haze.8 I normally take ( much / a little ) sugar with my coffee or tea.9 The restaurant has ( few / a little ) tables and so many customers have to be turned away.10 He does not speak ( many / much ) English because he comes from Thailand. 1
  2. 2. Exercise 3Complete the following sentences with the past continuous form of the words in brackets.1 The teacher was angry because Hannah ____________________ (not pay) attention to her lesson.2 Asmah ____________________ (cook) when the lightning struck her refrigerator.3 The students ____________________ (do) the experiment while the teacher ____________________ (explain) the process.4 My sisters ____________________ (give) the dog a bath while Mother _________________ (water) the plants.5 The snake charmer ____________________ (blow) his flute to make the snake dance.6 The girl, sitting in the corner, ____________________ (smile) to herself.7 Everyone in the audience ____________________ (enjoy) the show when suddenly one of tigers ran out of the tent.8 While I ____________________ (drive) out of the parking lot, my mobile phone rang.9 She ____________________ (play) outside even though it ____________________ ( rain).10 I could not attend the concert because I ____________________ (not wear) the proper attire.Exercise 4Match the statements in Column A with suitable Question Tags in Column B. Column A Column B1 We are going to have a barbecue, does he?2 She will be an efficient secretary, wasn‟t it?3 Daniel is studying medicine in college, aren‟t we?4 You are not leaving me here alone, wasn‟t she?5 It was an interesting show, isn‟t he?6 He does not keep exotic snakes as pets, aren‟t they?7 Marie Curie was a famous scientist, won‟t she?8 All the facts in this article are correct, are you? 2
  3. 3. Exercise 5Complete the sentences in the comparative form using an appropriate phrase from the list below.The first has been done for you.tiring journey diligent worker exciting game healthy dietgood idea happy life spacious officesmall box expensive car interesting storyline1 We should avoid fast food and follow a healthier diet in order to cope with today‟s hectic lifestyle.2 When he was promoted as manager of the bank, he was given a ____________________.3 Travelling by bus makes for a ____________________ than travelling by train.4 She could have a ____________________ if she were not so pessimistic about everything.5 I‟m sure my suggestion will not be accepted. Please come up with a ____________________.6 As she is not so strong let her carry the ____________________.7 Hannah bought a bigger and ____________________ when she struck the first prize in the lottery draw.8 Yesterday, Alvin played a ____________________ than today.9 Between the two boys, Hussein is the ____________________ and is willing to work overtime.10 This book has a ____________________ than the one I read last week. SUCCESS IS NOT FINAL FAILURE IS NOT FATAL IT IS THE COURAGE TO CONTINUE THAT COUNTSExercise 6 3
  4. 4. Complete the following sentences with an appropriate verb.whispered smiled sang pleaded slept shouted bowed cheered listened spoke1 He _____________ tunefully as he walked down the street.2 She _____________ angrily at the salesman for giving her wrong information.3 The singer _____________ humbly to the audience.4 Susie _____________ broadly when her teacher congratulated her.5 He _____________ softly as he did not want to wake up the baby.6 The man _____________ pitifully to the judge for a lenient sentence.7 They _____________ joyfully when they won the competition.8 The audience _____________ attentively to the speaker.9 My brother _____________ eloquently during the debate.10 Maniam _____________ soundly in spite of the noise around him. EXCELLENCE IS A HABIT, NOT AN ACT, IT TAKES PRACTICE AND PRESEVERANCEExercise 7Complete the sentences with the prepositions and adverbs in brackets. 4
  5. 5. 1 I worked part time __________ the holidays __________ three months. (for, during, since)2 I will come to your house __________ five o‟clock and we can do the work together __________ dinner time. (at, in, until)3 The programme is __________ every day __________ nine o‟clock. (at, for, on)4 Maria visited her parent‟s house five years __________ and she has not been back __________ then. (ago, during, since)5 I lived in that neighbourhood __________ six years, from 1999 to 2004 and many new houses have been constructed __________ that time. (for, during, from, since)6 I should have handed in my report a week __________. My teacher gave me a deadline and said I must hand it in __________ three o‟clock this afternoon. (by, ago, since )7 My birthday party will start __________ 9 o‟clock __________ Saturday. (in, on, at)8 Fifty-five years __________, Malaysia became independent and __________ then we celebrate our National Day __________ 31st of August. (since, ago, at, on)9 My sister bought a new car __________ 2001 and used it __________ three years only. (for, at, in)10 Anne Frank‟s diary was written __________ World War II and it has been published in many languages __________ then. (in, during, since)Exercise 8Choose the most appropriate adverb for the following sentences. 5
  6. 6. 1 The last participant answered the questions ______ and was awarded first placing. A correctly B attentively C faintly2 The boy fought ______ against the big bullies until the teacher intervened. A badly B bravely C sportingly3 He crept ______ up the stairs when he returned at midnight. A suddenly B distinctly C stealthily4 The lady listened ______ as the doctor explained the whole treatment to her. A anxiously B rudely C weakly5 We waited ______ for the bus although it was half an hour late. A sadly B clumsily C patiently6 The maid folded the clothes and kept them ______ in the cupboard. A deeply B neatly C lightly7 The invigilator explained ______ the procedure the students have to follow for the Science practical exam. A suddenly B clearly C rudely8 The terrified driver mumbled ______ when the police questioned him about the accident. A smartly B willingly C inaudibly9 When the rain poured down unexpectedly, we ran ______ to the hall. A quickly B bitterly C foolishly10 The scene was painted ______ although it was his first effort. A beautifully B uniquely C sadly 6
  7. 7. Exercise 9Complete the following sentences with the passive form of the verbs in brackets.1 I have collected all the permission slips that are __________________ (need) for the trip.2 If you hadn‟t been so late, you would not have __________________ (punish) by the teacher.3 Last night, the manager of the outlet was __________________ (stab) by two robbers.4 The food on the table had __________________ (eat) by the dog.5 She was __________________ (give) a ticking off by the principal for being rude.6 The actor from Hong Kong was __________________ (offer) an acting role in Hollywood last month.7 My examination slip has __________________ (collect) by my parents.8 The piece of land has __________________ (donate) to the orphanage.9 The concert for the teachers had __________________ (plan) since January.10 The book was __________________ (write) by Jeff Hefner.Exercise 10Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the correct form of the verb ‘to be’.1 Can I _________ of any help to the students?2 _________ you ever _________ to Australia?3 I did not agree _________ the organiser of the camping trip.4 His parents treat him and his sister as if they _________ still children.5 Most people like _________ healthy and wealthy6 It _________ time you _________ in bed.7 Where _________ you _________ all these months?8 Have you tried _________ on your own for at least a year?9 When the results _________ announced, we wished we _________ more diligent during the term.10 It _________ useless to think of what might _________ if we _________ helped her. 7
  8. 8. Exercise 11Fill in the blanks with the correct word or phrase in the following sentences. skip wade through refer to from cover to cover flip through browse skim look up1 Most of the time I go into the bookshop and ____________________. Sometimes, I come across interesting books.2 I have a tendency to ____________________ certain parts of a story, especially the uninteresting parts.3 My father is an avid reader and he insists that we ____________________ every book that we have.4 If you do not know his phone number, ____________________ it ____________________ in the directory.5 Before I buy a magazine, I will ____________________ it to see whether there are interesting articles.6 To ____________________ a page is to read it quickly taking in only the gist of the text.7 I had to ____________________ four books to get the facts for my thesis on the Industrial Revolution.8 You do not have to use the encyclopaedia so often. You only need to ___________________ it for further information. YOU ARE BRAVER THAN YOU BELIEVE, STRONGER THAN YOU SEEM, AND SMARTER THAN YOU THINK. (WINNIE THE POOH)Exercise 12 8
  9. 9. Change the following sentences into the passive voice.1 My parents gave each one of us a good education. _________________________________________________________________________2 The students painted the mural beautifully. _________________________________________________________________________3 Someone will meet you at the lobby. _________________________________________________________________________4 The police have detained the thief who broke into your house. _________________________________________________________________________5 Joyce took over your duties while you were away. _________________________________________________________________________6 Someone took my shoes by mistake. I cannot find them. _________________________________________________________________________7 The predawn fire destroyed many houses. _________________________________________________________________________8 They are going to hand in their handicraft tomorrow. _________________________________________________________________________9 We showed our passports to the guard at the station. _________________________________________________________________________10 The people voiced their concern over the high road accidents. _________________________________________________________________________Exercise 13 9
  10. 10. Change the following direct questions to indirect questions by completing the second sentence.1 “Where is your bag, Maniam?” He asked Maniam_____________________________________________________________2 “What do you want to buy?” The salesman asked ___________________________________________________3 “Do you know who our form teacher is?” She asked me________________________________________________________________4 “Can you describe this to me again?” He wanted her________________________________________________________________5 “Where have you been all this time?” Father asked me_______________________________________________________________6 “Is this the best you can do?” The teacher asked Linda________________________________________________________7 “Why are there so many people in the bank?” I wondered___________________________________________________________________8 “When is the trial examination?” Jack wanted to know___________________________________________________________9 “Is he going to town with me?” She wondered if_______________________________________________________________10 “Have you seen my wallet?” Mother asked_________________________________________________________________Exercise 14 10
  11. 11. Fill in the blanks with a suitable noun formed from the word in brackets.1 There was loud ______________ (applaud) when the guest of honour made his ______________(appear) on stage.2 The yearly National Day ______________ (celebrate) is a ______________ (remember) of our ______________ (independent) from British rule.3 We have made the ______________ (arrange) for you to meet the head of this ______________ (organise).4 She did not do well because of her ______________ (nervous) and lack of ______________ (concentrate).5 Please follow the correct ______________ (instruct) so that the ______________ (register) can be carried out smoothly.6 The Worker of the Year award was given to Johan for his ______________ (capable) and ______________ (efficient).7 It is everyone‟s ______________ (responsible) to take ______________ (act) against crime.8 She offered her ______________ (assist) to guide the visually-impaired to the ______________(enclose) that was specially set up for them to touch the animals.9 Teenagers feel that parents tend to curb their ______________ (free) but I feel that this subject is open to ______________ (discuss).10 There will an inquiry into the ______________ (disrupt) of the lesson because of the ______________(grave) of the incident. THE MAN WHO REMOVES A MOUNTAIN BEGINS BY CARRYING AWAY SMALL STONES.Exercise 15 11
  12. 12. Replace the underlined words with an appropriate idiomatic expression from the list provided.a bolt from the blue at a snail‟s pace rule with an iron hand Don‟t beat about the bushby the skin of our teeth a thorn in the flesh under her own steam threw caution to the windthe fat is in the fire bury the hatchet1 The last few participants of the Big Walk walked very slowly for the last two kilometers because they were extremely tired.2 The teacher insisted, “Go straight to the point. Tell me the truth about the incident.”3 The man makes all the decisions showing that he controls his family very strictly.4 The news that his parents had decided to separate was an unexpected happening.5 Jane and Diana decided to forget past quarrels and become friends again.6 When she was told about her sickness she started taking risks by joining high-flying activities.7 My neighbour‟s dog is a constant annoyance as he barks at us every time he sees us.8 The visually impaired student who worked independently and without anybody‟s help managed to do well in the examination.9 When the car skidded, father managed to control the car and so we escaped a fatal accident by a small margin.10 As I have told him the truth and the harm has been done, let‟s wait and see what the principal decides.Exercise 16 12
  13. 13. Replace the word ‘walked’ in the following sentences with a more appropriate word. The firsthas been done for you.1 The new student who comes from a rich family walked around with her strutted nose in the air.2 At the passing out parade, the soldiers saluted as they walked past the grandstand.3 We walked across the room slowly and quietly for fear of waking the baby.4 Puan Hannah walks in the park every evening to enjoy the fresh air.5 The headmaster walked with an authoritative air along the school corridors.6 The lady walked all around town looking at the Christmas decorations in the shops.7 She walked into the room with an easy pace without a care in the world.8 The clumsy man walked into the shop like a bear and banged into the display of canned drinks. OUR GREATEST GLORY CONSISTS NOT IN NEVER FALLING, BUT IN RISING EVERY TIME WE FALL. 13
  14. 14. Exercise 17Complete the sentences below with an appropriate idiom from the list provided. dog in the manger rolling in money fits and starts my cup of tea in the nick of time word for word in hot soup sink or swim apple of his eye stand on ceremony1 Since you do not need the book, you should not hold on to it. Let me use it. Don‟t be a _____________________.2 I am very sure my father will buy this IPod for me although it is expensive. After all, I am the _____________________.3 He did not do well in the examination because he did not study regularly or consistently. He studied _____________________.4 Henry‟s software for graphic design is selling so well that he is _____________________. He has even expanded his business.5 I know that he will take revenge on me, but whatever happens and _____________________ I‟m going to report to the teacher about his bullying.6 The firemen came _____________________; otherwise I would have lost my whole family to the fire.7 Watching a game of football on TV on Sunday morning is not _____________________. I would rather play the game in the park.8 Sara is a good listener and will relate whatever she hears _____________________ to you.9 She welcomed us most cordially and told us not to _____________________ but to make ourselves at home.10 When your parents know that you skipped your tuition class, you will be _____________________. 14
  15. 15. Exercise 18Underline the correct answers.It was Monday and the usual school assembly was in progress. The principal (1) (was giving /gave ) a speech about the coming Teachers‟ Day celebrations. We (2) ( listened / were listening )attentively when Sarah (3) ( touched / was touching ) me on my shoulders. At that time, theprincipal (4) (was saying /said) that this year‟s slogan will be „My Teacher My Friend‟. While Iwas deep in thought, Sarah (5) (continued / was continuing ) whispering to me insistently. She(6) ( was saying / said ) something about a cockroach on my bag when all of a sudden, she (7) (screamed / was screaming ) hysterically. It turned out that the cockroach (8) ( flew / was flying )towards her.Exercise 19Fill in the blanks with a word from the list below to complete the word collocations. brand thin dead pitch crystal rock fast stone broad dirt1 I was __________ tired after the cross country run this morning.2 The new shopping centre is having a sale. The prices are __________ cheap3 He cannot hear what you are saying because he is __________ deaf.4 This is not a second hand car. It is __________ new.5 She went to bed and was __________ asleep within five minutes.6 The water around the island is __________ clear and we saw corals and fishes.7 We have not seen him for months. He seemed to have disappeared into __________ air.8 The snatch thieves took my bag in __________ daylight.9 The prices of those goods are being reduced quite rapidly and they will hit __________ bottom soon.10 When we went into the cave, we could not see anything because it was __________ black. 15
  16. 16. Exercise 20Punctuate these sentences correctly.1 the principal has invited chief inspector hamid to give a talk on road safety he will be here at 8.30 am ___________________________________________________________________________2 linda explained to her mother the party is to celebrate our success in the debate I need to be there as I was the best speaker ___________________________________________________________________________3 the park ranger took out his shot gun then he shouted loudly get out of the water a crocodile is swimming towards you __________________________________________________________________________4 the education system has undergone a change science and mathematics are taught in english nowadays __________________________________________________________________________5 ive to rush off now my mother expects me to prepare dinner tonight she has to work overtime ___________________________________________________________________________6 our principal puan hamidah expects us to win this tournament so put your best foot forward ___________________________________________________________________________7 having completed his work mark went to the shopping mall he bought a dozen cans of drinks a packet of burgers cucumbers and tomatoes for the tomorrows picnic __________________________________________________________________________8 the boy screamed mum the flood water is rising look the shoes slippers and books are floating in the water ___________________________________________________________________________ ENJOY LIFE! 16