Introduction to tag management


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Learn about the benefits of tag management, and how to choose a tag management system.

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Introduction to tag management

  1. 1. Qubit Opentag:Latest Features WebinarThursday 25th April 2013Chris HoughtonCustomer Solutions Engineer at Qubitchris.houghton@qubitproducts.comEd BrocklebankSenior Digital Analyst at
  2. 2. - Introduction to tag management- Key Opentag features- New Opentag features- Guest speaker: Ed Brocklebank, Elisa DBI- Client case studies- Q&AAgenda
  3. 3. Tag managementThis solution is designed to improve web efficiency, a keyfactor in driving conversion and page views.
  4. 4. Marketers & developers areunder strain:Increasingly the marketer’s job depends on running, managing andupdating new tags.This puts extra strain on the developer.Any delays in updates cost market position.4
  5. 5. 79% of tags take more than1 day to implement, 29%more than 11 days!5
  6. 6. Sites slowed by multiple tagscost businesses customers1-2% decrease in page views.2-7% decrease in conversionFall in SEO6
  7. 7. Overpaying marketingchannels can be costlyBusinesses are overpaying some marketing channels withlimited visibility on who is driving the real value.7
  8. 8. Benefits of tag managementTag management seeks to resolve a number of challengesmarketers currently faceData is based on an Enterprise eCommerce business with an average number of 3rd party tagsImplementing new solutions quickly;decouple tagging from core development cycles driving greater agilityResult: 73% of businesses speed up internal processesIncrease site speed;consolidate all 3rd party technologies into a unified system with rapid asynchronous loadingResult: 10-20% improvement in page speedSave on labour costs;changing tags through a TMS can reduce time to deploy and significantly lower labour costsResult: 1/2-1 FTE saved to focus on other high value activitiesReduce marketing costs;only pay once for each sale you make by de-duplicating paid channels and understandingthe real value of a visitor to your website.Result: 20-30% savings in some paid marketing channels8
  9. 9. Key Opentag features
  10. 10. Basic tag management components10ContainersHow we group tags and scripts into a single JavaScript code.It is the container that groups and stores all of your scripts/tags.ScriptsSections of JavaScript that each contain a tag.FiltersThe logic that decides whether a tag should be served on a pageor not. The logic is based on the URL of the page the container tagis implemented on.Page variablesHow you define user, page, and product information for every pageof your website.
  11. 11. Containers11
  12. 12. Scripts12Adding a new script interface Adding a script from the tag library
  13. 13. Script dependencies13
  14. 14. Filters14
  15. 15. CPA de-duplication - Case Study15A leading retailer saved 34% in affiliate costs from CPA de-duplication
  16. 16. Opentag’s reporting interface16
  17. 17. Universal VariableLets you publish your data in a singlestandard way, which your technologypartners can access.You can publish information about:- your users- the pages they visit- the products they view or search for- the products they add to their basket- what they end up buying17
  18. 18. Universal Variable18Adding custom trackingUniversal Variable pre-configured
  19. 19. 19UV Wizard: Variable Microsite
  20. 20. Opentag Plugins20
  21. 21. 21Joomla Plugin
  22. 22. 22WordPress Plugin
  23. 23. 23Magento Plugin
  24. 24. New features- New UI- Improved code formatting
  25. 25. A big welcome toEd Brocklebankof Elisa DBI25
  26. 26. 26
  27. 27. 27Get your data object inplace now- If you don’t you are severely limiting your options- You will have to battle with your dev team.
  28. 28. 28Make sure your digital teamunderstands the capabilitiesof the system
  29. 29. 29Summary• Get your data object in place now• Ensure your staff know what the tool can and can’t do• Have at least one person in your marketing team who knowsJavaScript, HTML and CSS well• Keep someone who knows the system inside and out closeby (whether that be an external consultancy or someoneinternally)• Think beyond simple advertising tags
  30. 30. Client case studies
  31. 31. "Opentag’s flexibility has meantthat we can easily support Pandorawith all their tagging requirementsand it reduces time to deploy newtechnologies dramatically. Qubitprovide us with an intelligentsolution.”Neil Cunningham,Head of Digital, Cream10x faster technology deploymentfor Pandora
  32. 32. "The dedication and supportshown by the team at Qubit duringour Opentag implementation wasexceptional. I’m looking see whattheir other products can do”Gareth NaseriDevelopment Manager,Shop Direct Group200 tags migrated, 1 data modelfor Shop Direct Group
  33. 33. "Having a robust data model acrossour website is vital forunderstanding our customersand tailoring the website to theirspecific needs. Qubit’s Magentoextension has meant we’ve beenable to deploy this rapidly andcost effectively.”Ian Sutherland,Finance DirectorUniversal Variable implementedin 90 minsfor Stylistpick
  34. 34. Opentag resources
  35. 35. Resources: the Qubit knowledge base
  36. 36. Resources: the Qubit GitHub page
  37. 37. Drop us a line on to discussbecoming a partner or adding your technology to our tag library37Are you a web technology?Are you interested in implementing and servicing Opentag?Join our partner network
  38. 38. 38Q&A
  39. 39. ThanksChris HoughtonCustomer Solutions Engineer at Qubitchris.houghton@qubitproducts.comEd BrocklebankSenior Digital Analyst at