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NeoZeo AB : Company Brochure 2017


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NeoZeo's Company Brochure for small-scale biogas upgrading.
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NeoZeo AB : Company Brochure 2017

  3. 3. In 2010, NeoZeo AB was founded based on innovation at Stockholm University in Sweden. NeoZeo focuses on technological innovations in sector of sorbents for biogas upgrading to high quality biomethane. Based on its team’ vast research and engineering experience using novel sorbents for gas separation applications, NeoZeo utilises a combination of vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) technology and unique sorbents for biogas upgrading. Relying on best technological advances, the company developed its own compact biogas upgrading module for small- and medium-scale biogas flow rates. The flow rates from around 10 to 200 Nm3 /hour are commonly produced from organic waste at farms, food waste companies and wastewater treatment plants. For more information or further inquiries about our biogas upgrading modules, please refer to the following contact details below. Dr. Petr Vasiliev CEO and Co-Founder, NeoZeo AB Email : | Mobile : +46 7 6219 9731 Villa Bellona, Universitetsvägen 8 SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden ABOUT US 11
  4. 4. Biogas, an important renewable energy source, is often produced in anaerobic digesters, where organic matter (i.e. energy crops, manure, sewage sludge, household and industry waste) breaks down in the absence of oxygen. Biogas is comprised mainly of methane (CH₄) and carbon dioxide (CO₂), as well as contaminations (e.g. H₂S, H₂O, O₂, N₂). ABOUT BIOGAS Advantage of biomethane is higher market value than biogas. As a renewable vehicle fuel, it can be sold by producers or distributors for roughly four times electricity price. and it is known to be the most environmental and efficient biofuel. Another advantage is that biomethane can also be stored for a long time in high pressure cylinders, unlike biogas, which is especially important for plants sited on farmland. Biogas upgrading to biomethane offers the green biogas production sector a sound economical footing required for sustainable and continued growth prospects. To use the biogas as vehicle fuel or to inject it into the natural gas grid, the biogas must be upgraded. Biogas upgrading means removing the carbon dioxide (CO₂) as well as other contaminants from the gas mixture, to increase its calorific value and avoid corrosion, among other problems. This process results in high quality biomethane with approx. 97% of methane, 1 Nm³ of which typically contains 9.8 kWh of energy. 2
  5. 5. OUR PRODUCT NeoZeo designs and manufactures biogas upgrading modules for production of high-value biomethane, with a focus on upgrading small- and medium- scale biogas flows (10-200 Nm³/hour). For bigger flows of biogas, NeoZeo offer having a few of the standard upgrading modules, which can be stacked together, reducing the total footprint. Another alternative is a skid-design made specifically for client’s project requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact us. .. . Dimension Value Length (m) Width (m) Height, excluding vent and cooling (m) Table 1. Dimensions for the standard NeoZeo’s biogas upgrading module fitted into 40-foot standard sea container* *The information is for example only. NeoZeo reserves the right to amend structural designs and specifications based on individual customer requirements. *Arrangement of the module components is approximate and shown in Figure 1 only for general information and should not be considered as final product. 3 An example of our biogas upgrading module is shown in Page 5 as a schematic 3D CAD drawing. The module has a 40-foot standard sea container size. The grey items within the container are components of the module. The module dimensions and sizes are listed below. 2.591 2.438 12.19
  6. 6. BIOMETHANE PRODUCTION PROCESS Raw biogas produced in an anaerobic digestion plant should undergo a local pre-treatment. Pre-treatment steps include the removal of hydrogen sulphide gas (H₂S) down to < 100 ppm concentration level and the cooling of the biogas down to optimum temperature and simultaneous removal of moisture from biogas saturated with water vapour. The biogas is then fed into the biogas upgrading module. Traces of H₂S (< 100 ppm) are removed with the activated carbon filter and the biogas is pressurized to 6-12 bar by a biogas (low-pressure) compressor. The biogas is further chilled, dried, puritied and collected in the receiver before it is supplied into the Upgrading Unit. The Upgrading Unit consists of several stainless steel (SS) columns, which are filled with NeoZeo’s novel and effective sorbent that separates carbon dioxide gas (CO₂) from the biogas, resulting in high quality biomethane. During the biogas separation step, the sorbent is gradually saturated with carbon dioxide (CO₂) in one SS column. Then, the sorbent is regenerated with vacuum pump to be ready for next portion of biogas. The produced biomethane is collected at outlet of the Unit in the second biomethane receiver and ready for high-pressure compression. Biogas and biomethane quality is continuously monitored by gas analyser, which measures methane (CH₄), carbon dioxide (CO₂), oxygen (O₂) and H₂S concentrations. The last step in the process diagram involves compression of the produced biomethane gas to high pressure of around 250-300 bar using a biomethane (high-pressure) compressor. This allows the produced biomethane to be stored in either stationary or mobile high-pressure storage units. The biomethane compressor and the storage units are located outside of the NeoZeo’s biogas upgrading module. 4
  7. 7. KEY COMPONENTS . 1 SCHEMATIC OF UPGRADING MODULE 2 3 4 4 6 7 9 9 5 Each biogas-upgrading project is unique, demanding specific amounts of produced biomethane to be stored or injected to a gas grid. Requirements for high-pressure storage and high-pressure compression equipment vary from client to client. NeoZeo can offer various solutions and appropriate equipment based on clients’ needs, from having a fuelling station at their site and local gas grid injection to transporting the biomethane to end-customer’s location. 1 Blower 2 H₂S Filter Unit 3 Low Pressure Compressor 4 Moisture Separation Unit 5 VPSA Upgrading Unit 6 PLC Control Unit 7 Gas Analyser 8 Humidity Meter 9 Receiver MODULE FEATURES  Standalone Container with temperature insulation  Upgrading process based on vacuum pressure swing absorption (VPSA) technology  Air-cooled  Intrinsically safe control electrical system  Automatic pressure transmitters  Automatic mass flow meters  Automatic pneumatic on/off and proportional valves  Remote control system  Fire alarm and security systems  Safety Protection Indication for low inlet pressure, high discharge temperature, low oil levels, gas venting  Filters for protection of electrical and PLC components OPTIONAL COMPONENTS  CNG container, 70 cylinders (148l) | 2590 Nm³ of biomethane at 250 bar  CNG trailer, 110 cylinders (148l) | 4070 Nm³ of biomethane at 250 bar  CNG container, 92 cylinders (187l) | 4301 Nm³ of biomethane at 250 bar  Biomethane Storage Unit, 20 cylinders (100l) | 500 Nm³ biomethane at 250 bar  High Pressure Biomethane Compressor | 250-300 bar  CNG Mobile Doter Filling Station | Booster with Card Payments  Odourization Removal Equipment NeoZeo’s standard biogas upgrading module includes the following steps  Preconditioning of raw biogas involving removal of H₂S with concentrations <100 ppm, particle and oil removal, cooling and moisture removal.  Upgrading of raw biogas to biomethane by carbon dioxide separation using VPSA process.  Biogas and biomethane analysis –measurement of gas composition.  Electrical control and operation using PLC unit. 5
  8. 8. GANTT CHART FOR PROJECTS ACTIVITY (WEEKS TAKEN) PROJECT AND DESIGN (8) PROCUREMENT (10) MANUFACTURING (14) VERIFICATION & TESTING (1) DISPATCH (1) COMMISSIONING & INSTALLATION (2) DOCUMENTATION DELIVERY PLAN START 1 AND DESIGN 5 8 22 23 24 WEEK TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 The manufacturing and despatch time for the biogas upgrading module is estimated at approximately 22-23 weeks from the date the sale contract is signed and confirmation of all necessary commercial and technical details. Only when the above are completed will commencement of uninterrupted manufacturing be possible.  Modular system (standard-sized modules fitted into a container)  Plug-in installation  Affordable investment cost (calculated per client case)  Short payback period (calculated per client case)  Low operational costs (calculated per client case)  Economical energy requirements (0.23-0.26 kWh/Nm³ at 6 bar)  No heat required for biogas upgrading process  Water-free operations 6 *Please take note that the time plan shown above is only for illustrative purposes. Actual time plan may vary according to project circumstances.
  9. 9. OUR DEMONSTRATION MODULE. The NeoBioGas-70 is NeoZeo’ biogas upgrading demonstration module. The module was manufactured in 2015 before undergoing testing in various locations within the “Biogas XPOSE” Life project. From August 2015, during 6 months, the module was tested at a farm in Vacsiljani, Latvia. The module was producing high quality biomethane. The biomethane was compressed and fuelled to a CNG Volkswagen private car. The car was successfully driven for > 1000 km. From April 2016, the demo unit was re-located to SLU Livestock Research Centre in Uppsala, Sweden, where it is located now. In July 2016, the module was also sent and tested at Biogen biogas production site in the United Kingdom under the Plascarb project, Cambridge Nanosystems & the Centre for Process Innovation Limited (CPI). Subsequently, the demo module was moved back to the SLU Livestock Research Centre in Uppsala, Sweden NeoZeo is continuously participating in different research and development projects. 7
  10. 10. 7www.neozeo.com7www.n 8
  11. 11. 9 BIOMETHANE WEB PLATFORM The Biomethane Web Platform project will aim to create a biomethane information and sales Web-Platform for biomethane producers together with an integrated User Application for biomethane end-users. This will allow the trading biomethane online in simple and cost efficient way. Additionally, the web-platform will help to increase decentralized biomethane production and distribution as well as further simplify, support and encourage the use of biomethane as renewa- ble vehicle fuel in Sweden. The web-platform will bring together local biomethane producers (e.g. small and medium farms, waste management and water treatment companies), biomethane end-users (e.g. local taxi companies, municipal biogas bus fleets, municipal waste collection cars and trucks and private Natural Gas Vehicle car owners). STRATEGIC INNOVATION PROGRAMMES With support from:
  12. 12. OUR PARTNERS Partners 10
  13. 13. secured funding amounting to SEK1.5million from VINNOVA. Together with Ayond AB, Biogas Öst AB and Acte Solutions AB, the project will aim to build a web-platform to markets. OUR PARTNERS Funding Agencies and Investors OUR PROJECTS  IoT web platform to connect producers and users of biomethane, Phase 1 & 2, Vinnova, Sweden, 2016-2018.  EIP AGRI, Innovation to make farmers profitable, formation a team, phase 1, 2016-2017.  H2020, SME instrument , phase 1, EU funding, business development of NeoZeo, May 2016.  Innovation Fund Denmark (applied research on biogas upgrading and storage), “HiGradeGas” project, 2016-2019  “Biogas XPOSE” project, Life + funding, 2013-2018, construction and tests of small scale biogas upgrading module in Sweden. (Maximized biogas potential from resource innovation in the Biogas Öst region)  Kompetence center project, test of biogas upgrading unit using different adsorbents, 2014-2015  Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) – commercialization in India grant, 2015  Planning grant for commercialization in Vietnam, SIDA, 2012-2013  Research to Market, KTH Innovation, 2011 (NeoBioGas)  Vinn Verification, Vinnova, 2010-2011 (NanoMonolith) 11
  14. 14. The NeoBioGas-70 module was built in 2015 and has been operated in Uppsala, Sweden since April 2016. Please contact us if you are interested in visiting our demo site. We will get back to you in the shortest time possible. 56% CH₄, 43.7% CO₂ AVERAGE BIOGAS CONSUMPTION BIOGAS SOURCE Mixture of manure, flour and food waste INLET BIOGAS FLOW RATEINLET BIOGAS FLOW RATE 50 – 70 Nm3 /h AVERAGE BIOMETHANE QUALITYAVERAVERA AGE BIOMETHANE QQUALITY >97% CH₄, <3% CO2 OPERATION YEAROPERATION YEAR 2016 – Present SWEDEN. NeoBioGas-70 was built in 2015 and was operated in Sweden since April 2016. 12 Schematic location of biogas upgrading module at SLU Livestock Research Centre in Uppsala, Sweden.
  15. 15. The NeoBio-NG70 module was placed at biogas farm site in Vecsiljani, Latvia. Inlet biogas flow of 30-70 Nm3 /h was used to produce high quality biomethane of >97%. A Volkswagen Polo CNG car was driven over 1000 km using biomethane produced by the upgrading module. 51% CH₄, 38% CO₂ AVERAGE BIOGAS CONSUMPTION BIOGAS SOURCE Mixture of manure , flour and food waste INLET BIOGAS FLOW RATEINLET BIOGAS FLOW RATE 30 Nm³/h AVERAGE BIOMETHANE QUALITYAVERAVERA AGE BIOMETHANE QQUALITY >96% CH₄, <3 % CO2 OPERATION YEARO ON 2016 LATVIA. 1313 Inlet biogas flow of 30 - 70 Nm³/h was used to produce high quality biomethane of >97%.
  16. 16. In July 2016, NeoZeo was selected for PlasCarb project by Cambridge Nanosystem and the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI). NeoZeo provided the NeoBioGas-70 module to run at a biogas production site in the UK to generate high quality biomethane. The process was done at an industrial biogas production site. 57.7% CH4, 42.1% CO2 AVERAGE BIOGAS CONSUMPTION BIOGAS SOURCE Food Waste INLET BIOGAS FLOW RATEINLET BIOGAS FLOW RATE 50 Nm3 /h AVERAGE BIOMETHANE QUALITYAVERAVERA AGE BIOMETHANE QQUALITY >97% CH₄, <3% CO2 OPERATION YEAROPERATION YEAR 2016 UNITED KINGDOM. The NeoBioGas-70 module was run at the Biogen site in the UK to produce high quality biomethane. 14 NEOZEO AB/SIA reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of this document either in an individual case or in general at any time without prior notice.
  17. 17. ONE MODULE. UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES. Pulka iela 3/3 LV-1007, Riga, Latvia Phone +371 2 6452302 NeoZeo SIA NeoZeo AB Villa Bellona Universitetsvägen 8 SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden Phone 076-219 97 31 | Email