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Mood Indigo India Quiz Prelims


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Part 1 of Finals of India Quiz done by J. Ramanand at Mood Indigo 2010

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  • Kaikesi gave birth to a daughter, 'Chandranakha' ('girl with moon-like face'), although later she was dubbed the infamous Shoorpanakha 'winnow-like nails'.
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Mood Indigo India Quiz Prelims

  1. 1. 20 december 2010 Mood Indica Quiz India A quiz by J. Ramanand
  2. 2. These are the prelims questions from an India quiz that I conducted at Mood Indigo 2010 at IIT Bombay. The theme of the quiz is “India”. The answer follows each question slide. If you want to re-use these questions, please provide credit in an appropriate way. Got any comments or errors to point out? Please write to [email_address] Thanks for your time. Ramanand
  3. 3. “ Nilgiritragus hylocrius” is the scientific name of a hoofed animal; also the state animal of an Indian state. What is the common name of this animal ? 1
  4. 4. A nswer Nilgiri Tahr
  5. 5. 2006 Farah Khan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shilpa Shetty 2007 Urmila Matondkar, Jeetendra, Shiamak Davar 2009 Saroj Khan, Vaibhavi Merchant, Juhi Chawla 2010 Remo D‘Souza, Malaika Arora Khan, and who? 2
  6. 6. A nswer Madhuri Dixit
  7. 7. <ul><li>Examples from this set are </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Neel Kamal </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Tuta Hua Kaan </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Sunhare Panjon Wala Kekada </li></ul></ul><ul><li>What is common to these publications? </li></ul>3
  8. 8. A nswer Tintin in Hindi
  9. 9. Just as Mumbai is said to have got its name from the goddess Mumbadevi (from “Mumba aai”), what suburb of Mumbai is associated with the goddess Padmavati ? 4
  10. 10. A nswer Powai
  11. 11. If you work in these places, you may be operating under ‘bagan time’ , an unofficial time zone introduced during British times. This is one hour ahead of Indian Standard Time. Where would you be working in? 5
  12. 12. A nswer Assam’s tea gardens
  13. 13. Which author will be making his feature film acting debut in the upcoming film “Saat Khoon Maaf” directed by Vishal Bhardwaj? 6
  14. 14. A nswer Ruskin Bond
  15. 15. If Benson, Flynn, Wesson, North, Yardley, Russell, Harrison, Brooks, Willis, Burton, and Smith made up the opposing XI, who captained the representative Indian side? 7
  16. 16. A nswer “ Bhuvan”
  17. 17. This daily activity involving the Pakistan Rangers and the Indian Border Security Force since 1959 has now been ‘toned down’ on the request of a top Rangers official. Where does this activity take place? 8
  18. 18. A nswer The Wagah Border
  19. 19. Also known as Meenakshi, the name of which mythological figure means “large or winnow-like nails” in Sanskrit? 9
  20. 20. A nswer “ Shoorpanakha”
  21. 21. This is an image from a 1946 play. Who is the actor in the image? 10
  22. 22. A nswer “ Sivaji” Ganesan
  23. 23. Which word , derived from the Urdu words for “tying” and “binding”, and meaning “organization” or “arrangement” is often used in relation to certain duties of Indian police forces? 11
  24. 24. A nswer “ Bandobast”
  25. 25. The Paisley pattern  is often used in designs across the world. Though it originated in the Middle East and India, it gets this name from the Scottish town of Paisley, because their weavers were once the leading producers of shawls bearing this pattern. In India, this motif is associated with a fruit which it closely resembles. Which fruit? 12
  26. 26. A nswer The Mango
  27. 27. According to the Limca Book of Records 1991 and the Landmark Review, this book was the best-selling Indian hardcover for at least 3 months in 1990. Its next edition featured the likes of V. Anand, Usha Narayan, Jasmin Arethna, Ghayab, and Dakshin Gangotri on its cover. Which publication? 13
  28. 29. The outer gates of which fort are Fateh, Bahmani, Mecca, Patancheru, Banjara, Jamali, Naya Qula and Moti? 14
  29. 30. A nswer Golconda
  30. 31. The livery of each coach is painted in bold primary colours and is based on the paintings of Mamta Banerjee. Also seen are a pair of running legs in blue among greenery, to indicate “speed” . This was introduced in 2009. What? 15
  31. 32. A nswer The Duronto
  32. 33. What is the joint venture between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited called? 16
  33. 35. “ I never dared to break the glass of his house while playing cricket as I used to be extremely scared of him.” Virender Sehwag talking about which former childhood neighbour of his from Najafgarh? 17
  34. 36. A nswer Sushil Kumar
  35. 37. Which radio show sponsored by Cadbury began airing on April 12, 1972 and was hosted first by Hamid Sayani and later, by Ameen Sayani, his brother? 18
  36. 39. What happened for the first time in India on July 30, 1995, and involved the then West Bengal CM Jyoti Basu and the then Union Minister Sukh Ram? 19
  37. 40. A nswer First ever cellphone call in India
  38. 41. Sukumar Sen was a gold medal winning mathematician educated in Calcutta and London. A member of the Indian Civil Services, he rose to become Chief Secretary of West Bengal. In 1950, he was deputed to the Centre to become the head of which newly set up organisation ? 20
  39. 43. Two very prominent communities among the small Jewish population in India are usually named after two cities: one in India, one outside India. Which two cities? 21
  40. 44. Cochin Baghdad
  41. 45. The next slide has an image from the film “Bombay to Goa” , which was a remake of the Tamil film “Madras to Pondicherry” . Kaadar is the real name of the boy-actor to the right, who became famous for his role in these films. What prefix became attached to his name, because of what he demanded in these films? 22…
  42. 46. … 22
  43. 47. A nswer “ Pakoda”
  44. 48. This is the masthead of the Times of India on Dec 2 nd this year. What product was being advertised on the front and back pages that day? 23
  45. 50. In the 1983 Hindi film “Agar Tum Na Hote” , Rajesh Khanna played an industrialist, the owner of a cosmetic company. The film displayed products of a Calcutta-based company. The company thus claims to be one of the first in India to make product placements in films. Which company? 24
  46. 51. A nswer Emami whose “Zandu Balm” was also in the news then thanks to the “Munni” song
  47. 52. If K. J. Yesudas has won the most National Awards for Playback Singing (Male), which playback singer has won the most awards in the Female Playback Singer category? 25
  48. 53. A nswer K.S.Chithra
  49. 54. This is the logo of which government initiative that began in Tamil Nadu in the 60s? 26
  50. 55. A nswer Mid-day meal scheme
  51. 56. In 1931, when M. K. Gandhi visited London to participate in the 2nd Round Table Conference, this famous person wanted to meet him. But Gandhi declined the offer as he had never heard of him or seen his work. However, on learning that the person originally came from a poor family in London’s East End, Gandhi received him. His first question to Gandhi was about his attitude to machinery. Journalist Louis Fischer describes it as an encounter ‘between toothless and toothsome smiling’. Which person? 27
  52. 57. A nswer: Charlie Chaplin
  53. 58. The Sanskrit version of what resource is sub-titled as swatantravishwavigyaanakoshaha ? 28
  54. 60. This author won The Hindu ’s award for Best Fiction in 2010 for his book “Serious Men”. Identify him. 29
  55. 61. A nswer Manu Joseph, editor of Open Magazine
  56. 62. His description according to the official website: “ A bachelor bear of indeterminate age. Lives in the forests of India and loves to tell stories. Has a huge repertoire of tales, fables and myths from India and from all over the world. Not a trained musician, but can sing very well. A pure vegetarian, he loves honey. Good friends of Meera the monkey and Dhondu the donkey. Much loved by all forest animals and by children everywhere.” Who is this? 30
  57. 63. A nswer Karadi the Bear