THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDSThe Galapagos Archipelago is a cluster of some13 volcanic islands and associated islets and rocksloca...
History of an Iconic YachtM/Y Grace’s stellar past includes ownership bymillionaire tycoons, royalty and a stint in theBri...
ACTIVITIES ON THE ISLANDS                                                        Walks & Hikes                            ...
ITINERARY # 1 / IN BRIEF                                                                 DAY BY DAY: ITINERARY # 1        ...
ITINERARY # 2 / IN BRIEF                                                                   DAY BY DAY: ITINERARY # 2      ...
DECKPLAN & STATEROOM SIZESType: Motor Yacht / Expedition VesselLength: 145 feet / 44 metersWidth: 22.1 feet / 7 metersStaf...
M/Y Grace: A Galapagos Expedition Yacht
M/Y Grace: A Galapagos Expedition Yacht
M/Y Grace: A Galapagos Expedition Yacht
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M/Y Grace: A Galapagos Expedition Yacht


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Refit and reconstructed during several stages of her past, M/Y Grace Yacht has always maintained her graceful and stylish lines. She has begun a new era in her rich history and her best days are here as an icon in the Galapagos Islands.

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M/Y Grace: A Galapagos Expedition Yacht

  1. 1. THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDSThe Galapagos Archipelago is a cluster of some13 volcanic islands and associated islets and rockslocated just under the equator, about 600 miles(1000 km) west of Ecuador in South America.The oldest of the islands are about 4 million yearsold and the youngest are still in the process ofbeing formed. These Islands that we visit on ourGalapagos expeditions are considered to be one ofthe most active volcanic areas in the world.The islands of this archipelago certainly appear to beout of this world. They are, in fact, an unpredictedwilderness, filled with extraordinary populations ofunique species, which have developed apart fromhumans and their dominating influence. This resultsin a series of daily wild encounters with tame andexotic creatures on every Island that we visit. In aeffort to preserve the islands as they were centuriesago, the Galapagos have been declared a WorldHeritage Site by UNESCO.
  2. 2. History of an Iconic YachtM/Y Grace’s stellar past includes ownership bymillionaire tycoons, royalty and a stint in theBritish Navy. She was commissioned to be builtin 1928, during the Great Gatsby era by Camper& Nicholson in Southampton, England. Afterserving as the personal yacht for high poweredindustrialists, including Sir George Tilley,chairman of the Prudential Insurance Co., shewas conscripted to serve in the British RoyalNavy during WWII. During the war she playedan important role at Dunkirk, captured a Germantorpedo E-boat and even has an unconfirmedsinking of a U-boat to her credit. In 1951 shewas acquired by a company owned by Aristotle THE GRACE DIFFERENCEOnassis who renamed her Arion, and was later Expert, Professional and Friendly Naturalistsgiven as a wedding gift from Aristotle himself to The most knowledgeable, professional and friendlyPrince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco. naturalists in the region have been selected to beRechristened Deo Juvante, it was onboard this part of the M/Y Grace experience, all with over 15vessel where Prince Rainier and princess Grace years of experience guiding on the Islands.spent their honeymoon getaway. All are level-3 certified, the highest level of expertise attainable in the Islands.Refit and reconstructed during several stages ofher past, the yacht has always maintained her The Perfect Size Expeditiongraceful and stylish lines. She has begun a new era M/Y Grace shows you the Galapagos in a wayin her rich history and her best days are here as an larger ships in the Islands cannot… up-close.icon in the Galapagos Islands. Many outfitters in the Islands offer ships carrying anywhere from 48 to 96 or more guests! An expedition aboard M/Y Grace, with only aHer Name handful of like-minded travelers, offers a moreFor many years, M/Y Grace journeyed the waters flexible and intimate experience.of this world under various different names. Shehas been rechristened with a name that brings The Best Visitor Sites on the Islandsback memories of one of the best times in her We explore the most important and remotehistory. Named after her late owner, Her Serene visitor sites of the Islands, introducing ourHighness Princess Grace of Monaco, the name is a guests to sights and Galapagos wildlife thatrepresentation of her elegance, beauty and prestige. many travelers never see. Our carefully plannedIn Galapagos, her past is relived by all who journey itineraries encompass the full spectrum of theaboard her. The service onboard this yacht, coupled archipelago allowing guests to encounter the mostwith the true feeling of a safari experience, is unlike exotic and interesting creatures of the Islands.anything that is currently offered in the Islands. A Unique and Elegant Yacht No other yacht in Galapagos has the classic and graceful lines of this iconic yacht or a history as rich and interesting as M/Y Grace’s. She carries a special charm and elegance that is only acquired with a long history at sea. Service onboard is more personal than on many yachts in Galapagos and we have an unparalleled flexibility to unexpectedly explore Galapagos’ spontaneous natural encounters.
  3. 3. ACTIVITIES ON THE ISLANDS Walks & Hikes Daily walks and hikes on beaches, lava fields, alongside cliffs and around mangrove estuaries.ABOUT THE YACHT Includes wildlife encounters, scenic views and detailed lectures and explanations from our expertStaterooms & Bathrooms naturalists.2 Master Suites, 2 Twin Suites and 5 PremiumStaterooms of up to 18 sq.m (194 sq.ft), with Snorkelingprivate facilities, individual climate controls, safe One of the favorite activities in Galapagos and requiresboxes, telephones and plenty of storage space for no previous experience to be enjoyed immensely byclothing and luggage. Private bathrooms on all guests of all ages. Offered almost every day at variousstaterooms with hair dryers, amenities and ample sites around the archipelago. Includes snorkelingspace to store toiletries. with playful sea lions, marine iguanas, green sea turtles and many other wonderful creatures.Public AreasSaloon equipped with a bar, TV/ Video system, Sea Kayakingstereo system and presentation facilities. Interior Offered on all our departures and guests requiredining room or an equally elegant al-fresco dining no previous experience to participate. Great way toarea. Sky lounge with bar on Albert deck with explore the cliffs, secluded coves, shores, mangroveplenty of space to be in the open air. Jacuzzi on estuaries and beautiful beaches. Galapagosthe bow of the yacht. Sun Deck with lounge penguins, flightless cormorants, sea lions and manychairs for sunbathing. other animals can be seen from up-close on a kayak and even as they swim!Special FeaturesOne naturalist for every 9 guests on a full Dinghy (Panga) Ridesyacht. The yacht features a Jacuzzi, sea kayaks, Rides on inflatable zodiacs are offered on most of thesnorkeling gear and wetsuits onboard. Young visitor sites, alongside cliffs, shores, secluded covesExplorer’s Club is offered for Family departures. and beautiful mangrove estuaries. In the mangroveA wide variety of books available in the library as estuaries it is very common to see green sea turtleswell as various board games and movies for all. mating, golden & eagle rays gliding and sleeping reef sharks!Meals and DiningBreakfast, lunch, and dinner are served buffet Scuba Diving (optional)style. All meals are offered in a variety of local Scuba diving is offered as an additional activityand international cuisines, with tropical exotic for those guests who are looking to take a peekfruits always available. Vegetarian menus, at the underwater world of the Galapagos – thechildren menus and other special menus can be second largest Marine Reserve in the world.catered to upon request. Please inquire with us for more information on our Galapagos diving adventures.
  4. 4. ITINERARY # 1 / IN BRIEF DAY BY DAY: ITINERARY # 1 FOLLOWING DARWIN’S FOOTSTEPSDay 1: Saturday • Morning: Arrive San Cristobal Island • Afternoon: San Cristobal: Isla Lobos / Kicker Rock (WH, SN) SATURDAY: Quito or Guayaquil / GalapagosDay 2: Sunday • Morning: Hood (Española) Island: Punta Suarez (WH) Fly to Galapagos Islands and board M/Y Grace. Visit Lobos • Afternoon: Hood: Gardner Bay (WH, SN, KY) Island and its large colonies of Galapagos sea lions, followedDay 3: Monday • Morning: Floreana: Post Office Bay / Mirador Baronesa (WH) by Kicker Rock, a spectacular rock formation that rises 152 • Afternoon: Floreana: Punta Cormorant (WH, SN) meters (500 feet) out of the Pacific. Welcome cocktail. (L, D)Day 4: Tuesday • Morning: Isabela (Albemarle) Island: Tintoreras / Humedales (WH, SN) SUNDAY: Española (Hood) Island: Punta Suarez & • Afternoon: Isabela (Albemarle) Island: Volcan Sierra Negra (HR, WH) Gardner BayDay 5: Wednesday • Morning: Santa Cruz (Indefatigable) Island: Bachas Beach (WH, SN) Morning visit to Punta Suarez, on Española Island, to see • Afternoon: Santa Cruz: Black Turtle Cove (PR) large marine iguanas, masked boobies and blue footedDay 6: Thursday • Morning: Rabida (Jervis) Island: Rabida (WH, SN) boobies nesting along the cliff’s edge, as well as the • Afternoon: Santiago Island: Sullivan Bay (WH, PR, SN) famous waved albatross. Afternoon visit to Gardner Bay, aDay 7: Friday • Morning: Bartolome Island: Pinnacle Rock & Overlook (WH, SN, PR) magnificent long white sandy beach, where colonies of sea • Afternoon: North Seymour Island (WH, SN) lions laze in the sun and sea turtles swim offshore. (B,L,D)Day 8: Saturday • Morning: Mosquera Islet (WH) • Late Morning: Baltra: Depart for Mainland Ecuador MONDAY: Floreana Island: Post Office Bay & Punta CormorantSN = Snorkeling / KY = Kayaking / PR = Panga (Dinghy) Ride Start with a leisurely hike to post office Bay, once usedWH = Walk or Soft Hike / HR = Horseback Riding by British navigators to send mail with homebound messengers. Descend into a lava tube before a panga ride along la loberia. Enjoy afternoon walk to Punta Cormorant, where a salt-water lagoon is home to large colonies of pink flamingoes. (B, L, D) TUESDAY: Isabela Island: Tintoreras / Volcan Sierra Negra A pathway past huddles of marine iguanas leads towards a lagoon and a narrow channel which makes a favored resting place for white-tipped sharks at Las Tintoreras. Afternoon bus ride to Sierra Negra Volcano, the second largest caldera in the world, for a short hike and breathtaking view of the caldera and surroundings. (B, L, D) WEDNESDAY: Sta.Cruz Island: Bachas Beach & Black Turtle Cove In WWII the American army abandoned two barges whose remains can still be seen on Bachas beach. Afternoon visit to Black Turtle Cove, a beautiful and peaceful area of mangroves. Panga ride to look for schools of golden rays, endangered green sea turtles, white-tipped reef sharks and lava herons. (B,L,D) THURSDAY: Rabida Island / Santiago Island: Sullivan Bay Morning walk at Rabida Island on a reddish beach to observe cliffs, and steep, sloping volcanic cinder-cones. Snorkeling offered along the rocks with sea lions and tropical fish. Afternoon visit to Sullivan Bay, which offers one of the most outstanding volcanic sites in the Galapagos. (B,L,D) FRIDAY: Bartolome Island / North Seymour Island Morning visit to Bartolome Island, hiking to the top of a dormant volcano for a beautiful panorama of lava flows, neighboring islands and Pinnacle Rock. Snorkel with sea lions and penguins. Afternoon visit to North Seymour Island, a good nesting site for frigatebirds. and Blue-footed boobies. (B,L,D) EXPEDITIONS 2012 / START DATES (ITINERARY # 1) SATURDAY: Mosquera Islet / Departure Baltra Early morning visit to Mosquera Islet, a flat, sandy islet Note: All our itineraries are 7 nights / 8 days, from Saturday to Saturday. which attracts a great quantity of sea lions. Also an excellent Start dates shown below. site for observing shorebirds. There is no trail here, so any visitor can enjoy an open area. Late morning head to January: 14 • 28 May: 05 • 19 September: 08 • 22 the airport for the flight back to Quito or Guayaquil in the February: 11 • 25 June: 02 • 16 • 30 October: 06 • 20 mainland. (B) March: 10 • 24 July: 14 • 28 November: 03 • 17 April: 07 • 21 August: 11 • 25 December: 01 • 15 • 29
  5. 5. ITINERARY # 2 / IN BRIEF DAY BY DAY: ITINERARY # 2 BEYOND DARWIN’S FOOTSTEPSDay 1: Saturday • Morning: Arrive Baltra Island • Afternoon: Sombrero Chino (WH, SN)Day 2: Sunday • Morning: Santa Fe Island: (WH) SATURDAY: Quito or Guayaquil / Galapagos • Afternoon: South Plazas Island: (WH, Diving if Interested) Fly to Galapagos Islands and board M/Y Grace. VisitDay 3: Monday • Morning: Tower Island: Prince Phillip’s Steps (PR, WH, SN, KY) Sombrero Chino, which has a beautiful landscape and a • Afternoon: Tower Island: Darwin Bay Beach (WH) spectacular white coral sand beach. Snorkeling with seaDay 4: Tuesday • Morning: Fernandina Island: Punta Espinosa (WH, SN) lions and penguins. Welcome cocktail and first formal • Afternoon: Isabela (Albemarle) Island: Urbina Bay (WH, Swimming) briefing. (L, D)Day 5: Wednesday • Morning: Isabela (Albemarle) Island: Tagus Cove (WH, SN, KY) • Afternoon: Isabela (Albemarle) Island: Punta Vicente Roca (PR, SN) SUNDAY: Santa Fe and South Plaza IslandsDay 6: Thursday • Morning: Santiago Island: Playa Espumilla or Caleta Bucanero (WH, SN) Santa Fe Island in the morning, which offers one of the • Afternoon: Santiago Island: James Bay (WH, SN) more beautiful and sheltered coves in the islands. Our goalDay 7: Friday • Morning: Santa Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Research Station (WH) is to spot one of the large endemic species of land iguana. • Afternoon: Santa Cruz Island: Highlands Tortoise Reserve (WH) Afternoon visit to South Plaza, one of the smallest islandsDay 8: Saturday • Morning: San Cristobal Island: Interpretation Center (WH) of the archipelago, yet one of the richest in wildlife. (B,L,D) • Late Morning: San Cristobal Island: Depart for Mainland Ecuador MONDAY: Tower Island: Prince Phillip’s Steps & DarwinSN = Snorkeling / KY = Kayaking / PR = Panga (Dinghy) Ride Bay BeachWH = Walk or Soft Hike / HR = Horseback Riding Tower Island is an ocean-filled caldera ringed by the outer edges of a sizeable and mostly submerged volcano. It is also known as “Bird Island,” a name it lives up to in a spectacular way! We have the opportunity to go on walks & hikes, snorkeling, kayaking and on dinghy rides. (B, L, D) TUESDAY: Fernandina Island: Punta Espinosa Isabela Island: Urbina Bay Morning visit to Fernandina Island, home to La Cumbre volcano, which erupts frequently. Visit Punta Espinosa, where species such as marine iguanas, sea lions, flightless cormorants, and hawks can be seen in close proximity. Afternoon visit to Urbina Bay. Walk amongst dried coral heads of an uplifted ocean floor and track down large land iguanas and Galapagos tortoises that live in the area. (B, L, D) WEDNESDAY: Isabela Island : Tagus Cove & Punta Vicente Roca Hike up Tagus Cove for a spectacular view of our anchorage in the bay, as well as Darwin and Wolf Volcanoes. Afternoon snorkeling at Punta Vicente Roca. The abundance of marine life here, in combination with the protection of the coves, makes this one of the best snorkeling spots in the Islands. (B,L,D) THURSDAY: Santiago Island: James Bay Morning visit to James Bay. .First landing is Puerto Egas, which offers an intriguing eroded rock formation. Inland, the trail crosses the dry interior. Darwin describes his visit to James Bay in The Voyage of the Beagle. From the beach we experience one of the most exuberant snorkeling sessions of our visit. (B,L,D) FRIDAY: Santa Cruz Island : Puerto Ayora Morning visit to the Giant Tortoise Breeding and Rearing Program, as well as meet famed Lonesome George in the Charles Darwin Research Station. Afternoon visit to the EXPEDITIONS 2012 / START DATES (ITINERARY # 2) lush wet fields of the Highlands.. Explore old lava tubes Note: All our itineraries are 7 nights / 8 days, from Saturday to Saturday. and look for Giant tortoises in the wild. (B,L,D) Start dates shown below. SATURDAY: San Cristobal Island Return to San Cristobal Island and visit the Interpretation January: 21 May: 12 • 26 September: 15 • 29 Centre, which presents a comprehensive exhibit of the February: 04 • 18 June: 09 • 23 October: 13 • 27 islands’ natural history, human interaction, ecosystems, March: 03 • 17 • 31 July: 07 • 21 November: 10 • 24 flora & fauna. Late morning head to the airport for the April: 14 • 28 August: 04 • 18 December: 08 • 22 flight back to Quito or Guayaquil in the mainland. (B) January (2013): 05
  6. 6. DECKPLAN & STATEROOM SIZESType: Motor Yacht / Expedition VesselLength: 145 feet / 44 metersWidth: 22.1 feet / 7 metersStaff & Crew: 8 crew members, 2 naturalists, 1 cruise directorCABINSMaster Suite A1: 16.5 sq.m (175 sq.ft)Master Suite A4: 18 sq.m (194 sq.ft)Twin Suites A2 & A3: 13 sq.m (140 sq.ft)Premium Stateroom C1: 14 sq.m (150 sq.ft)Premium Stateroom C2: 15.8 sq.m (160 sq.ft )Premium Staterooms C3 & C4: 13 sq.m (140 sq.ft) PRICINGPremium Stateroom C5: 15.6 sq.m (158 sq.ft)* Suites are located on Albert Deck and have ocean-view Windows* Premium Staterooms are located on Carolina Deck and have ocean-view portholes Charter Rate: Please inquire with us Premium Staterooms C3, C4 & C5 $5,600 Premium Sataterooms C1 & C2 $5,800 Twin Suites A2 & A3 $5,800 Master Suites A1 & A4 $6,300 * Prices above are per person, based on double occupancy Single Occupancy 75% Surcharge * No single supplements on Christmas, New Years and Easter departures Galapagos Park Fee: $100 In-Country airfare*: $421 INGALA Transit Card: $10 * In-country airfare, park fees and transit card are subject to change without notice. 30% discount for children 11 years and under*. * No discounts apply for Christmas, New Years and Easter departures. **A maximum of 2 discounts allowed per family. What is Included: • Daily shore excursions, interpretive walks, swimming, snorkeling, hiking & panga rides • 7 nights on M/Y Grace • 23 meals (and lots of snacks) • Two level 3 naturalists (on a full yacht) • Snorkeling gear & shorty wetsuits • Kayaks • All bottled water • Full educational program, including lectures on history, ecology & marine life and field interpretation What is not Included: • Tipping and gratuities to crew and staff • Bar consumption onboard Grace • Laundry Service and other personal expenses SUN ALBERT MONACO CAROLINA DECK DECK DECK DECK