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Why Blogging Is Great for Your Business


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A regularly updated blog can be your marketing flagship. If you would like to know more about how to turn your blog into the powerful lead capture tool, please, feel free to look at a text version of QuartSoft’s past webinar “Blogging for the $ake of Your Business” at

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Why Blogging Is Great for Your Business

  1. 1. Blogging for the $ake ofYour BusinessDmitriy Nesterov,Marketing Officer, SEO,Copywriter, Editor in Chief©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  2. 2. Some Statistics on Blogging• 2/3 of marketers say blogs are “important” or “critical” totheir businesses;• Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors;• B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads permonth;• B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads permonth;• 75% of Internet users read blogs;• 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advicefrom©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  3. 3. Benefits of Business Blogging• Blogs generate fresh content on your site;• Google and other search engines love fresh content andthey’ll send visitors to your site;• Blogs help businesses prove their reliability and expertize;• Blogs help businesses reach out to their target audiences;• Blogging can make your company popular and help you builda community around your©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  4. 4. Stage 1Starting a©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  5. 5. Stage 1 Challenges• Choosing a platform for your business blogging;• Creating a design for the blog to match yourcorporate look and feel;• Hosting your blog;• Integrating the blog into your existing website (ifany)©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  6. 6. Blogging Platforms6www.quartsoft.comWordpress is today’s #1 popular blogging platform©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  7. 7. Why Wordpress Is the Most Popular Choice• It’s free;• It’s designer and developer-friendly (open-source platform);• Search engines love WordPress;• It’s easy to administrate;• It’s customizable for different needs;• It has tons of free and paid themes;• It’s a proven success of many power bloggers.7©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  8. 8. Have your blog designed with your business in©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  9. 9. Stage 2Picking a©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  10. 10. Stage 2 Challenges• Giving readers something they don’t alreadyhave (i.e. adding value to blog posts);• Creating useful and likable©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  11. 11. Things You Can Blog about• News in your industry;• Tips, reviews, recommendations and tutorials;• Case studies and success stories;• Inspirational content;• Promoting your audience’s lifestyle and philosophy;• Interviews with experts in your industry;• Giving a fun and unusual twist to mundane©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  12. 12. News in Your©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  13. 13. Tips, Reviews, Recommendations©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  14. 14. Case Studies and Success©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  15. 15. Inspirational©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  16. 16. Promoting your Audience’s Lifestyleand©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  17. 17. Interviews with Experts in Your©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  18. 18. Fun and Unusual Twist toMundane©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  19. 19. Fun and Unusual Twist toMundane©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  20. 20. Stage 2 Tips• Use your blog to talk to your customers;• Treat your blog as an integral part of your business;• Write about what is interesting to your target audience;• Anything that gives your audience real value is relevant;• Learn from other successful bloggers and blogging gurus;• Talk to your community like a friend in a less formal way and not like asalesman or a businessman;• It’s very important that your blog is not always about you, your companyor your team. It’s OK to write ego-centric posts about your business butonly sometimes and probably not even until your blog is popular and hasa community around it;• Do not be over promotional and do not blatantly advertise before earningpeople’s©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  21. 21. Stage 3Creating Useful©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  22. 22. Stage 3 Challenges• Finding time for blogging;• Finding someone to contribute to your bloggingefforts;• Writing compelling and eye-catching blog posts;• Writing with passion and creativity;• Posting regularly;• Not getting©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  23. 23. Encourage Someone from Your Team toContribute to Your Company’s©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  24. 24. Encourage Your Customers to Write for YourBlog24©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  25. 25. Invite Guest Writers25©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  26. 26. Our Guest Blogging Experience26©2013. QuartSoft Corp. www.quartsoft.comBefore and after starting to accept guest articles for QuartSoft’s blog179% increase in organic traffic in 4 months
  27. 27. Hire a Blog Writer27©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  28. 28. Where to Find Freelance Writers forYour Blog28©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  29. 29. Even CEOs Blog and so Can You asWell29©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  30. 30. Stage 3 Tips• Recommended length of a blog post is 500 – 1000words;• Write compelling headers and subheaders ;• Make your blog post scannable by using subheaders,list bullets, spaces between paragraphs;• Readers love visuals like images, infographics, videos;• Start with 2-3 posts a week… or at least 2 per month;• Be passionate and do not expect fast results.30©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  31. 31. Stage 4Promoting Your Content31©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  32. 32. 32©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  33. 33. The goal is to build acommunity around your blog33©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  34. 34. Each Subscriber Is a Sales©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  35. 35. Newsletter Example35©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  36. 36. Make it possible for visitors©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  37. 37. Make Visitors Want toSubscribe and Follow37©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  38. 38. Ideas for Engaging Content• Add visuals (images, infographics, videos,charts, presentations etc.);• Make it funny or amusing;• Use your creativity;• Make it unique and exclusive;• Make it really informative;• Connect emotionally.38©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  39. 39. Spread the Word39©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  40. 40. Social Sharing Buttons AreMust Haves40©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  41. 41. Keep Them Longer onYour Blog41Widgets can display related and most popular posts as well as the latest comments©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  42. 42. Grab Attention with Headlines• How to……• 7 Proven Tactics to…• The 7 Easiest Ways to ….• How You Can…• 6 Core Reasons Why…• Ultimate Guide for…• Do You Know How to… ?• The Only 2 Ways to…• Should You … or…?42©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  43. 43. Start Showing It toYour Audience43©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  44. 44. Share Blog Posts on YourFacebook Business Page44©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  45. 45. Find Your Communities onGoogle+45©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  46. 46. Optimize Copy for Search Engines46©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  47. 47. Stage 4 Tips• Write guest articles with for other people’s blogs with links to yoursite or blog;• Offer free extra content like eBook, relevant reports, onlineeducational course, podcasts etc.;• Make friends with other bloggers in relevant but non-competingbusinesses;• Ask your friends and partners to link to your blog from theirwebsites;• Hire a reputable SEO to help you with promoting your blog online;• Repackage content for new platforms (Pinterest, Slideshare,Youtube).47©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  48. 48. What to Expect from BusinessBlogging48©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  49. 49. • Time-consuming and challenging work;• Many will not make it to enjoy the long lastingsuccess;• But those who are patient and passionateabout their blog will thrive.49©2013. QuartSoft Corp.
  50. 50. 50©2013. QuartSoft Corp. www.quartsoft.comBusinesses that blog grow faster
  51. 51. Questions? Thanks!Dmitriy Nesterov,Marketing Officer, SEO,Copywriter, Editor in©2013. QuartSoft Corp.