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Monitoring Parkinson's symptoms - Sara Riggare


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Monitoring Parkinson's symptoms - Sara Riggare

  1. 1. MonitoringParkinson’s Sara Riggare,Chimes/Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden Not patient butim-patient
  2. 2. End-of-doseakinesia Dyspnea Fatigue“On”–“off” phenomenonNo “on” responses What is Parkinson’s? Dysphagia Constipation Irritability Hallucinations“Off”-period dystonia Distal cold sensations Self-withdrawalPeak-dosedyskinesia Excessive salivation EuphoriaDiphasicdyskinesia Movement Urinaryurgency Lassitude/wearinessFreezing Visual disorders SadnessSlowness of thinking Other non- Palpitations Hyperactivity motor MoodDifficulty in memorizing symptoms Tremor bloating Abdominal Bradykinesia Sensation of imminent deathMental emptiness Dysuria AbuliaMental hyperactivity Precordialgia MutismAnxiety Flatulence Panic attackDrenching sweats Stridor Aggressive behaviorSlowness of thinking Parkinson’s Facialpallor Sensation of injusticeFatigue Abdominal pain Sleep Sexual disorders Pain Postural disturbancesAkathisia Rigidity hunger Paroxysmal Guilty feelingsIrritability Pollakiuria instabilities AkathisiaHallucinations Pyrosis Tightening sensationDrenchingsweats Nausea Tingling sensationSensation of being hot Leg edema Diffuse pain Cognition Digestion etcFacialflushing Belching RestlessnessOral dryness Coughing Neuralgic pain Not patient Anxiety Burning sensation butim-patient
  3. 3. What? How? Not patient butim-patient
  4. 4. What? How? Not patient butim-patient
  5. 5. What? How? Not patient butim-patient
  6. 6. Whatdid I learn ?Physical Mental Sleepstrength strength Balance Medication in life Not patient butim-patient
  7. 7. Data-drivenParticipatory Medicine Not patient butim-patient