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VTM Software Company


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Software development including Web-based Application and Any OS Application.
Mobile game and Mobile application development (iPhone, Android, Symbian, J2ME, Brew).
Software integration solution using the best OpenSource to build complete solution as an ISP (LDAP, Apache, Postfix, Cyrus, proFTP...)
Billing solution including Carrier billing system & pbx billing system.
Hotel management system (PMS - property management system).
Online payment integrated with bank and online auction.

We provide world-class outsourcing services ranging from simple desktop tools implementation to the developing of enterprise-grade IT solutions.

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VTM Software Company

  1. 1. VTM Viet Nam J.S.C By Tran Hong Quang - Director
  2. 2. Agenda1. History & Vision2. Manpower & Technologies3. Markets4. Businesses & Technologies5. Success Stories6. Information Security7. Project management8. Collaboration Opportunities9. Contact
  3. 3. History & Vision
  4. 4. History & VisionFounded in Feb 2006To be Professional Software Development Company and Trusted Partner Office in Ho Chi Minh City: E.Town campus, 364 Cong Hoa street, Tan Binh District Office in Ha Noi: 105 Trần Duy Hưng, Cau Giay District
  5. 5. Manpower & Technologies
  6. 6. Manpower •40+ employees (Year 2011). •Among them ~35 are professional programmers.
  7. 7. Manpower (cont)Financial support to train from Universities (3 Universities) >> Recruitment >> In house Training >> On the job training >> Professional Programmers Training In University In-house Training
  8. 8. Markets
  9. 9. Markets Japan: Software Outsourcing  VTM Corporation Japan: 2F, KSP-THINK KEIHIN building, I-I Minamiwataridachou, Kawasaki district, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa province, Japan. Website: North America, Europe: Software Outsourcing.  Sale office: 1895 Decelles, St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada.  Partnership with some Consultant Agencies Viet Nam: Package software, Online business, Mobile Contents.easyCOM easyAccounting easyERP Mobile Content SolutionThe best in class Accounting ERP + CRM Mobile Games/Apps, Comic onHR/Payroll System Mobile, Mobile SNS
  10. 10. Businesses & Technologies
  11. 11. Businesses & Technologies1. Software Development Core Technologies including Web-based Languages • C,C++, Objective C • Php, Java; JavaScript; Ruby; application and Any OS-based • C#,VB.NET; ASP.NET, Visual Basic; application. OS • Linux (Redhat, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora)2. Mobile Application (iPhone, • Mac OS • Windows Android, J2ME, Brew, Database • MySQL;PostgreSQL; Symbian) and Mobile Service • Oracle; • MS SQL Server; MS Access; (for Viet Nam market). Framework • .Net Framework, DotNetNuke • Symfony, CakePhp, Zend, Smarty3. ERP/Accounting, HR/Payroll • Spring, Struts, Hibernate Solution, Billing & PMS Other • • ExtJS • Customizing Magento, Joomla4. Lab Contract (book programmers in adv).
  12. 12. Success Stories
  13. 13. Success stories: MX Online Payment Corporation The best online trading and online payment gateway in Viet Nam. Check MX Figures: Total sale revenue in 2010 reached 75+ million US$ (2010: Charter Capital ~ 500.000 US$, Income before Tax ~ 180.000 US$). 5.500 shops in Viet Nam is member of MX Network. 6.000 transactions/day. Back End: MySQL 5.1 (DB size 250+ GB), Redhat ES 5.3, Apache 2.2, Php 5.2 Whole Platform developed by VTM, and MX is our subsidiary company
  14. 14. Success stories: easyCOM •The best-in-class HR/Payroll software in Viet Nam. •Ranging for applicant management, timesheet recorded by Time Attendant machine, to Payroll, Personal Income Tax calculation, cost allocation reports. •Some clients have more than 3.500 staff.Further information please check:
  15. 15. Success stories: easyERP/easyAccounting •easyERP/easyAccounting are specially designed for Viet Nam market, support local laws and regulars. •Web-based software, support multiple users with different roles and permissions. •Easy to use, easy to customize.Further information please check:
  16. 16. Success stories: Mobile Applications We can develop mobile applications for Brew, Symbian, J2ME, iPhone, Android. Exhibition in Japan Mr. Ho Huy Cuong – director of VTM Japan
  17. 17. Success stories: Mobile Applications We bring our experiences and knowledge to Viet Nam Mobile market. On Mar 2009, we won 3 awards in 3G Application Development Contest.
  18. 18. Success stories: Mobile Service in Viet Nam VTM-Mobile Download Community Solutions Contents Services for 3G Comic Music / SNS (hot) Royalty Interactive Games book Wallpaper MobiTown VPoint Video game on Mobile We develop by ourselves or buy-to-sell complete mobile applications, mobile solutions from partners in abroad (profit-sharing). Viet Nam has more than 60 million mobile users, and four 3G mobile operators.
  19. 19. Success stories: Mobile Applications See our products on YouTube:   Using your mobile phone, access to see the best mobile- enable site in Viet Nam Viettel – the biggest mobile operator in Viet Nam with moreWe are on Viet Nam TV: than 40 million of subscribers is using our “Comic on Mobile” solution.
  20. 20. Success stories: SMS-to-Yahoo Messenger Gateway Acting as gateway between mobile phone subscribers who are using SMS to chat with other users using PC and traditional Yahoo Messenger clients. Benefit: For mobile subscribers, they can offline, go to the bed, while their friend still seeing they are online. Chat message will be converted to text and send via SMS to their mobile phone. For the owner of this solution: You can set Status Message of whom using your service. Status Message is excellent advertising solution. The most profit-generating Mobile Application of SFONE (No. 4 Mobile Operator in Viet Nam in term of number of subscriber)
  21. 21. Success stories: Billing System More than 60 granted awards. More than 1.000 copies have been sold over 22 countries. Hotel solution included. Be translated to Russian, Italian, French, German, Chinese.
  22. 22. Success stories: Billing System (cont)Country Client No.Viet Nam 830Italya 14England 3USA 2Ukraine 2Philipines 1Malaysia 1Indonesia 5Kenya 13Trinidad andTobago 1Tonga 8Australia 3Mexico 1Zambia 1Afghanistan 1Falkland 1Cambodia 2Lesotho 1 Telco version: running on Linux, with MySQL database,Nigeria 2Honduras 1 Php + JavaScript + ExtJS for Web Interface.Myanma 1 Support unlimited number of subscriber and CDR.India 31
  23. 23. Success stories: Hotel Management•The best in class Hotel Management System.•Support dual interfaces (or the way customer manage their hotel) for small hotelor 5 star hotel. One of its interface is very closed to Fidelio.
  24. 24. Success stories: 3D Image solution Any companies nowadays need a website – we develop generic, customizable Web Content Management System (WCMS). We provide a key feature that competitor may not have - showing products in different angle view. What customers have to do is taking multiple photos, compress them, upload to our 3D Solution Server, get URL, put URL into their website. Samples: Website of solution: We are on Japan TV:
  25. 25. Information SecuritySystem: Separate network and workplace physically. Camera to monitor: security prevention in advance. Antivirus in all PC. No plug-able device like USB disk. Firewall with advance features: Intrusion Prevention, URL Filtering, Spyware Protection, User usage logging/reporting Human: Company Security Policy, yearly dedicated training. Employee Security Guideline, which are major terms in labor contract.
  26. 26. Project Managementa. Tools:Using Redmine software to track all internal communication andexternal communication with customer.Question & Answer, Schedule, Bug reports are done via Redmineb. Human:Quality process training for all employees.Regular reporting of productivity and quality to clientsc. Procedure for Quality Control:Daily Report Weekly Review Monthly Review Milestone Review•Task status •Schedule deviation •Overall status •Milestone deliverable•Risks •Effort deviation •Accomplishment status•New Issues •Productivity •Delivery Milestones •Achievement and•Report: Staff -> Project •Quality •Commitment and actionsManage •Risk, Issue Involvement •Report: Project •Risk, Issue Manager -> Manager •Improvement
  27. 27. Collaboration Opportunities
  28. 28. Collaboration Opportunities We do believe Collaboration Opportunities are infiniteWhat We have already: 1. Professional programmers in wide area of technologies together with good development models + project management experiences + high security mechanism while our price is competitive. 2. Closed relationship with local technical Universities has been established for 6 years – allowing us to say we have unlimited man power. 3. Viet Nam Mobile Market has been migrated into 3G, with more than 60 million subscribers, we have strong relationship with local Mobile Operators. And looking for the things that you may have: 1. Abroad partners for software outsourcing, ranging from fixed-price project to booking dedicated resource or join-venture. 2. Mobile games, Mobile Applications or Mobile Solution to run in Viet Nam market, on revenue share basic.
  29. 29. ContactVTM Viet Nam J.S.C - Address: Suite 6.1, 6F, 2, 364 Cong Hoa Str., Tan Binh Dist., HCMC, Vietnam - Tel. +84 (8) 62971191; +84-913606321 - Fax: +84 (8) 62971193 - Website: - Email:,