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IBC 2010 press conference


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Presentation from IBC 2010

Published in: Technology
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IBC 2010 press conference

  1. 1. Delivering Success Through Innovation, Value and Global Workflow
  2. 2. IBC Post News !   Cinnafilm Dark Energy integrated into Quantel –  High quality noise reduction –  Grain addition –  Sharpening !   Uses fast GPU processing !   Available now for eQ, iQ and Pablo
  3. 3. IBC News: Mission 2 !   Major update for Quantel’s integrated MAM !   New in Mission 2 –  MediaCenter !  Better file delivery !  Tighter archive integration !  More metadata editing –  Support for larger systems –  Support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean Language !   Available from January 2011
  4. 4. Quantel – Leaders in Stereo3D !   IBC 2007 !   First showing of Quantel Stereo 3D Pablo !   Hannah Montana, Avatar, World Cup Soccer !   100+ Systems sold More than half our post business this FY is S3d related
  5. 5. Pablo wins Lumiere Award !   Award recognizes individuals and organizations that had the most significant impact on the advancement of the S3D medium from Jan. 1, 1980 through Dec. 31, 2009 !   Pablo is the only post system to win a Lumiere award !   “The groundbreaking work of these companies and professionals will influence motion picture storytelling for generations to come.” Lenny Lipton, I3DS Awards Chair
  6. 6. New Stereo3D tools in Pablo and iQ !   New or refined tools based on extensive user feedback !   Stereo effects timeline !   Rig correction tools !   Improved vergence controls !   Make s3d post even faster and more creative
  7. 7. Broadcast Stereo3D !   Sports production workflow available in Enterprise sQ !   Ingest, desktop editing, craft editing, delivery !   New Qube editor for Stereo 3D and 1080p –  Real time performance, Pablo s3d tools !   S3D is great example of Quantel innovation leading to business success for our customers !   Same great workflow in S3D as in Enterprise sQ in 2D today
  8. 8. Quantel: HD News and Sports Leaders !   45 Enterprise sQ Systems broadcasting HD !   All around the globe –  UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Australia, Canada !   Fast turnaround workflow !   Why does it succeed? !   Workflow
  9. 9. New Enterprise sQ developments !   Project folders !   User rights !   Edge browse creation !   Workflow, workflow, workflow !   All in V5 software shipping November 2010
  10. 10. File-based workflow !   Cost savings through use of standard IT components !   Enhanced flexibility through freedom from real-time !   Increasingly complex systems !   Cost shifts from hardware to software !   Benefits not easy to realise !   Massive opportunity for Quantel innovation !   What is a file anyway?
  11. 11. Mutating Filesystems: Making IT work for Broadcast James Westland Cain, Ph.D. Principal Software Architect Quantel Limited
  12. 12. Filesystems •  The file is the most basic thing in computer science – and the lifeblood of our industry. •  Files on disk are inflexible. Whatever is on disk is what you get. •  Quantel can offer files to order – without writing them all to a disk. •  This works with any modern OS – Windows, OS-X, Linux – and therefore to any modern program.
  13. 13. Mutating Filesystems •  Treating a file request as a command allows us to be extremely flexible. •  However, we must not break the rules – the applications do not expect the files to change underneath them. •  A mutating filesystem must have some of the properties of the Web – it must be RESTful.
  14. 14. Putting Work into the File •  By honouring RESTful paths we can safely turn a file system access into a command. •  By adding sizers and codecs to our filesystem, we can dynamically create content to order. •  This makes us able to be the most flexible essence container in the industry.
  15. 15. Examples •  SAM – offering DPX & TIFF files of any size and colour space (LUT) to order – instantly. •  FCP – offering compressed QuickTime & XMEML files whilst still recording. •  Internet – Offering h.264 (MOOF) & ISMC files to MS-IIS / Smooth Streaming, to see content anywhere on the planet within seconds.
  16. 16. Conclusion •  Files are the Lingua Franca of IT. •  Control the files, change the rules. •  By changing the rules, IT R&D spend can be more readily used to make media production workflows. •  Instant access to live assets, with frame accurate editing, anywhere.
  17. 17. Introducing Project ‘QTube’ !   Instant access !   Live assets !   Frame accurate editing !   Anywhere
  18. 18. Project ‘QTube’ – Global workflow TV Studio Ingest Storage Playout Remote location Viewing Editing Logging Ingest
  19. 19. QTube technology Silverlight App Open API RIA Viewing Logging Enterprise Web The QFS sQ Server Net sQ Cut Frame Identity Mutable Files Microsoft IIS RESTful Content Delivery Editing H264 Low Res Virtualisation Smooth Streaming Metadata XML Manifests Security Network Editing Decisions Local content Delta Editing Scaleability Everywhere
  20. 20. Ray Cross CEO
  21. 21. Quantel Innovation and Value !  First in HD !  First in Stereo 3D !  First in Global Media Workflow
  22. 22. Building Shareholder Value !   Building Shareholder Value for our customers Builds Shareholder Value for Quantel !   Quantel Manufactures Workflows that Work !   Customers get rapid payback - typically less than 1 year
  23. 23. Workflows at Work !   €15 million repeat business from 10 current customers QVC UK, Italy, Germany ESPN USA BSkyB UK Ibertelco Portugal JSports Japan TV3 Malaysia QVC Europe TPC Switzerland Fox Sports Australia TV Globo Brazil !   €15 million from 5 new customers SBS Australia Televisa Mexico ERTU Egypt Discovery USA TRK Ukraine
  24. 24. Q Workflow uses COTS IT !   Commodity (IT based products) are only part of the answer !   Deployed in a Q Wrapper they make good commercial sense !   Customers get the best of both worlds Get Final Cut Pro edits on air instantly Use media created anywhere by anything regardless of resolution Now – get frame accurate media including metadata from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world – over the web!
  25. 25. Sales, Overheads & Profit 54 £ millions Sales 43 40 Overheads 39 EBIT 26 25 24 24 15 9 7 4 2009 Actual 2010 Plan 2010 Actual 2011 Plan Return on Sales 10% 18% 21% 28%
  26. 26. To the Future !   Quantel succeeds by helping our customers succeed !   Create shareholder value for our Customers and Quantel !   Double digit Organic growth for sales and profit year on year !   And the Future starts at IBC
  27. 27. Thank You For Listening