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JavaScript Framework on Mobile

  1. 1. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 1JS Framework On MobileBy KinhNBDate: 20-08-2012
  2. 2. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 2Contents• The challenges of developing mobile web• The common characteristics of JavaScripton mobile web• JavaScript framework• Sencha Touch• jQuery Mobile
  3. 3. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 3The challenges of developing mobileweb• Limited Device Hardware• Slow, Unreliable Networks• Pervasive Devices• The Impatient User
  4. 4. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 4The common characteristics ofJavaScript• Optimized for touchscreen devices• Cross-platform• Lightweight• Uses HTML5 and CSS3 standards
  5. 5. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 5Sencha Touch• Sencha Touch is the worlds first mobile webapp development framework built specifically toleverage HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.• Features:• Easy Setup• Graphical user interface• Touch event management• Application data support
  6. 6. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 6Sencha Touch• Advantages• MVC codebase• Blazing fast on iOS• Disadvantages• Very hard to impossible to debug and fix errors in theframework• Android works, but can be slow on bigger lists, notsupport Blackberry platform• The need for Webkit based browsers to view apps inyour browser
  7. 7. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 7jQuery Mobile• jQuery Mobile is a JavaScript mobile webdevelopment frameworks• Across all popular mobile deviceplatforms, built on the jQuery and jQueryUI foundation
  8. 8. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 8jQuery Mobile• Features:• Compatible with all major mobile platforms• Lightweight size and minimal image• Built on jQuery core• Powerful Ajax-powered navigation system• New plugins enhance native controls with touch-optimized, themable controls
  9. 9. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 9jQuery Mobile• Advantages• Full control of your application• Easier to find errors• Lightweight• Supports all major browsers and platforms• Disadvantages• No given code structure (MVC)• Some problems in older iOS versions
  10. 10. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 10The difference between Sencha Touchand jQuery Mobile• jQuery Mobile supports more number of mobile platformas compare to Sencha Touch. Sencha touch onlysupports iOS, Android and recently Blackberry• jQuery Mobile and Sencha touch both provides great UIfeatures with lots of control but Sencha touch wins here• jQuery Mobile is easy to learn but for Sencha touch oneneed to put extra effort to learn it• jQuery mobile is light weight compare to Sencha touch.
  11. 11. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 11The difference between Sencha Touchand jQuery Mobile• Sencha Touch supports a more MVC style applicationdesign• jQuery mobile will simply be a load of markup and a loadof jQuery script• jQuery Mobile Framework is easy to integrate with othertechnologies
  12. 12. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 12Conclusion• When to use Sencha Touch and when touse jQuery Mobile?• USE Sencha Touch if you are used to Java/C# andonly want to support iPhone and Android• USE jQuery Mobile if you are a webdeveloper, usedto jQuery and HTML and want to support all kinds ofdevices and browsers
  13. 13. Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 13