Quang.Long.Tran Arch.Senior.Project


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Quang.Long.Tran Arch.Senior.Project

  1. 1. Epitome of ExcellenceLong Beach Volleyball Development Center Long Beach, CA 2009 - 2010 Senior Project California State Polytechnic University, Pomona College of Environmental Design Faculty Advisors: ARC 491 Luis Hoyos ARC 494 Kip Dickson ARC 495 Noberto Nardi Quang Long Tran qltran@gmail.com
  2. 2. Long Beach VolleyballPreface...Throughout my years of playing volleyball, therehave been two troublesome issues within the Various Patrons Servedsport, unique to the United States, that puzzledme most. The more I speculated about theseissues, the more they seemed to be connected, Elite Level Athletesand that each issue will be the key to the other’s The LBVDC will be able to serve athletes trying toresolution. The first issue is – Is there a better way reach teh pinnacle of their game. These include,to operate a volleyball club? The second issue is domestic and international athletes and college level athletes training for professional status Volleyball Patrons– Why are there no professional indoor volleyballleagues for men and women in the United States? Adult LeaguesIndeed, these issues seem negligible in This group consists of adults of all ages and skillcomparison to global issues – poverty, hunger, level. They are seeking playtime in adult leagues.disease, war, ecological preservation, etc. But, to Or seeking additional playtime in open gym time throughout the week.a small niche of the population, these two issuesprove to be most concerning. Youth AthletesThe Long Beach Volleyball Development Center This age consists of youths from the 8 to 18. Theywas thought up to help resolve these issues. Its consist of scholastic athletes seeking additionalimplementation will not occur like a medicine practice time, youth club athletes, and recreational classes to attract youngsters. The LBVDC willand offer instant relief. Instead, changes will also be able to cater tournaments for clubs andoccur gradually overtime, more like a medical schools on the weekends.treatment. The LBVDC will set the precedencefor a volleyball facility that is capable of operating Wellness and Recovery Centerduring regular business hours with office space Non-Volleyball Patronsfor administrators of volleyball training and The Wellness Center provides fitness training facilities to its members. Membership is open topromotion. The LBVDC will also collaborate adults and minors if accompanied by a guardian.with local clubs, high schools, colleges and The Recovery Center caters to athletes seekinguniversities, and organizations to help promote therapy after an injury.the sport. Volleyball EnthusiastsMost importantly, the LBVDC is evidence The LBVDC will be able to accomodate spectatorsthat there are enthusiastic and optimistic and chaperones with seating areas, television, andminds ready to participate in the effort to snacks and drinks at the cafe.bring volleyball up into sports entertainmentprominence in the United States. Pedestrians and Public The LBDVC will seek to attract and be able to accomodate the public dropping to look around. avp
  3. 3. Development CenterThe need for a...There is a need for a volleyball development the LBVDC is not focused solely on athleticcenter that can consolidate in one place all training. It seeks to tackle all issues of volleyballnecessary functions for the development of development, including promotion, with avolleyball in the United States: growing the centralized and streamlined approach. Thisgrassroots communities, strengthening the will only be possible by locating all athletes andpipeline of amateur to professional athletes, the administrators into one place – making it thetraining of elite athletes, and the advancement of first necessary step to affecting a change in thea large and diverse fan base. status of volleyball in the United States. Through collaboration and event planning with otherThe existence of current of facilities provided organizations, the LBVDC will seek to reach outfor volleyball training by the USOC makes the to all corners of the country to find and attractcreation of the LBVDC seem negligible. But, volleyball fans and talent. LBVDC Gymnasium Calendar Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 6:00 am Open Courts 7:00 am Courts open for open play. Classes also available for senior athletes. Private lessons available for interested athletes. 8:00 am Youth Club Youth Club 9:00 am Tournaments Tournaments 10:00 am Elite Level Training Indoor and Indoor and 11:00 am outdoor Indoor and outdoor courts reserved for elite level training, including outdoor courts practice times for all national teams courts 12:00 pm reserved reserved youth youth 1:00 pm tournaments. tournaments. Open play Open play 2:00 pm volleyball will volleyball will be be 3:00 pm scheduled Afterschool Mentorship Programs scheduled when youth Afterschool programs available to elementary, junior high, high school students. when youth 4:00 pm clubs are out Kids will participate in various interactive group activities. clubs are out of season of season 5:00 pm Youth Youth Youth Youth Youth Club Rec. Club Rec. Club 6:00 pm Practice Classes Practice Classes Practice 7:00 pm Adult Adult 8:00 pm Co-Ed Co-Ed Open Open Open 9:00 pm League League Play Play Play 10:00 pm Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball 11:00 pm Recovery Center Hours Wellness Center Hours Cafe Hours Sun. by appt. only Sun. 10 am - 6 pm Sun. 10 am - 6 pm Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm Mon. - Fri. 6 am - 11 pm Mon. - Fri. 6 am - 11 pm Sat 10 am - 5 pm Sat. 6 am - 6 pm Sat. 6 am - 6 pm * We observe all national holidays. 3
  4. 4. Long Beach VolleyballWh t is the...What i thThe Long Beach Volleyball Development Center • (4) outdoor sand courts capable of convertingwill be a privately owned institution dedicated to (1) exhibition courtto the development of volleyball. Its immediate • Premium free weights, circuit training, andfunction will be that of a traditional volleyball cardio areaclub, providing gym time and space for youth • Heated lap pool, whirlpool spa, and dry andathletes. It will seek to broaden its clientele by steam saunasopening its facilities to club members from the • Cushioned indoor running trackpublic. It will provide office space for USAV and • Recovery center with certified medical staffthe national team coaching staff. Other interested • Full locker facilitiesorganizations will also be accommodated. For Wellness Center PatronsThe key to the LBVDC’s success will be it timemanagement. The list below along with the • Premium free weights, circuit training, andlegend and timetable shows how various user cardio areagroups will use the same facilities throughout the • Heated lap pool, whirlpool spa, and dry andday. steam saunas • Cushioned indoor running trackFor Volleyball Patrons • Recovery center with certified medical staff • (4) indoor and (4)outdoor volleyball courts,• (4) indoor practice courts capable of scheduled for youth club, adult leagues and converting to (1) exhibition court open play • Full locker facilities 1. SAND COURTS 2. RETAIL/CAFE 3. PUBLIC LOBBY 4. INDOOR COURTS E. 3rd St. 5. PRIVATE ENTRANCE 6. OFFICES 2 3 4 Long Beach Blvd. 1 6 5 0’ 100’Ground Floor Plan
  5. 5. Development Center Formula for success for the... There are other amenities at the LBVDC that The LBVDC must be able to consistently attract allow it to attract patronage besides the athletic patronage and extend its reach into all potential and physically training possible in its facilities. demographics in order to maintain a steady stable This allows it serve people who walk by and stream of revenue. The center currently can unexpectedly become interested in the center, its service varied users groups in numerous ways. operations, and volleyball. But there are other methods the facilities can be used to attract and interest clientele. • Public park with shading trees and rolling slopes facing downward and inward towards • Providing afterschool and weekend programs the sand courts that mentors and supervises children. • Café serving juices, smoothies, coffee, and Children can be enrolled in various programs snacks that teaches them other skills besides • Retail area with gift shop, supplying volleyball volleyball extending the center’s reach into the equipment, gear, and memorabilia community – swimming, dancing, martial’s • Billboards on key areas in building façade to arts, etc. maximize visibility to pedestrians, drivers, and • The nearly enclosed courtyard could cater commuters special events in a secure setting that could • Indoor courts with street frontage and easily be fenced off and monitored. overhang above, allowing pedestrians a • Billboards could be used to announce up shaded view into the activities within and coming events taking place at the center, providing it with an inexpensive method of Potential for growth making announcements to the local community. 1. PUBLIC PARK 2. TRANSIT STATION 3. PEDESTRIAN STREET E. 3rd St. 1 Long Beach Blvd. 2 E. Broadway 3Site Plan 5
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