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Visual Resume of Marc Campman


Published on - Short presentation of Marc Campman's CV. Marc is a social media playmaker. Presentation is peppered with a selection of the Yahoo top 25 viral photos of 2011.

Published in: Career, Business
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Visual Resume of Marc Campman

  1. 1. My Visual Resume
  2. 2. 25 years of International Marketing Experience
  3. 3. Working for businesses across the globe
  4. 4. Like IBM, Unisys, Logica, Aristocrat Gaming
  5. 5. As well as start-ups in Gaming and in Telecoms
  6. 6. Today I am a Social Media Playmaker
  7. 7. and share my passion about Social Media
  8. 8. I present at conferences and lecture at universities
  9. 9. I make websites come to life
  10. 10. And help change the way companies do business
  11. 11. Creating tangible results
  12. 12. And passionate communities
  13. 13. For Moreinformation…..
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Most of the photos in this presentation were inthe Yahoo top 25 list of most viral photos on the Internet in 2011