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The history of quality management


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The history of quality management can be traced all the way back to The Middle Ages. Work completed by journeymen and apprentices were evaluated and inspected by the skilled worker to ensure that quality standards were met in all aspects of the finished product, ensuring satisfaction of the buyer. And while the history of quality management has gone through a number of changes since that time, the end goal is still the same.

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The history of quality management

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Started in The Middle Ages Work completed were inspected by the skilled worker To ensure the quality standards To T ensure b buyer satisfaction ti f ti
  3. 3.  Started to surface during the 1920 s 1920s Focus was still on the end product Statistical theory was applied to product quality control
  4. 4.  Determined through inspections Involved: ◦ Measuring ◦ Examining and testing the products ◦ Processes and services against specific requirements
  5. 5.  Brought forth during the 1940 s 1940’s By industry experts like Deming, Dodge, Juran and Roming The beginning of Total Quality Management
  6. 6.  Carried out by production personnel Responsible for inspections during production intervals Change the focus from end product to preventing problems Early detection on the production line
  7. 7.  Also during the 1940 s 1940’s Japan employed assistance of Deming and Juran Japan soon set new standards in TQM
  8. 8.  The phrase introduced by Feigenbaum in 1969 Ishikawa: TQM apply from workers to top management Western catch up by 1980 s 1980s
  9. 9.  Attempts for making guidelines and standards US government develop Malcolm Baldrige Award Could be won by quality management excellence
  10. 10.  Europe develop similar award Today there are the hundreds of Excellence Awards Same purpose: excellent, quality product
  11. 11.