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Sqf the key to safe quality food programs


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With consumers becoming more aware of food safety and quality, more and more food suppliers are forced to conform to consumer expectations and raise the bar on food quality to maintain customer loyalty. In turn, food suppliers are placing higher standards on the manufacturers, growers and breeders of their food products. The end result is a higher standard of food quality, all across the food chain.

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Sqf the key to safe quality food programs

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Food suppliers need to conform to consumer expectations Food suppliers put higher standards: ◦ On the manufacturers ◦ On the growers ◦ On the breeders Result: high quality food
  3. 3.  Time and cost efficiency Quality verification processes Higher level of consistency Consumers buying confidence
  4. 4.  More businesses adopting SQF practices Education becomes essential Required for effective quality management system Key l K element: prevention t ti
  5. 5.  Testing at each stage of the food chain Highest level of safety and quality practices Examples: ◦ Cross-contamination prevention ◦ Proper heating or cooling ◦ Proper equipment sterilization
  6. 6.  Avoid contaminated food products Avoid below SQF standard products
  7. 7.  Rain water contaminated the finished product Building maintenance would have prevented thousands of illnesses Flickr/gahenty
  8. 8.  Mexico farm had contaminated irrigation water Swab testing would have indicated contamination
  9. 9.  Prevention is the key to implementing an effective Safe Quality Food management system
  10. 10.