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How to create a quality management plan


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In today’s competitive global marketplace, a company’s quality management plan can help identify gaps in customer expectations, determine where corrective action is necessary and provide a system for continuous improvement. While some departments, such as operations or production may have strict controls and inspections, others may operate “on the fly” without any documented procedures or work instructions. An integrated total management system brings all departments under the same total quality management (TQM) umbrella.

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How to create a quality management plan

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Quality management plan can help: ◦ Identify gaps in customer expectations ◦ Determine where corrective action is necessary ◦ Provide a system for continuous improvement
  3. 3.  Involve everyone in the organization Begin with the senior management team The management team are: ◦ The driving force ◦ Providing resources ◦ Providing support and motivation
  4. 4.  Collect and gather all: ◦ Policy and procedures manuals ◦ Any quality data reports ◦ Information on returns rework, etc. ◦ Information on lost productivity
  5. 5.  Examine: ◦ Customer feedback ◦ Surveys ◦ Emails ◦ Social network posts p Look at: ◦ Previous audit reports p ◦ Frequency and extent of warranty work ◦ Corrective actions
  6. 6.  What Your Customers Want: ◦ What they like ◦ Why do they buy your products or services ◦ Feedback on current product or service quality Do some benchmarking with competitors
  7. 7.  Compare baseline information to customers’ customers needs Identify the gap Create a quality team Understand h U d t d where quality needs i lit d improvement t
  8. 8.  Gather your data and information Identify the weaknesses in current QMS Compare to an established system such as system, ISO 9001
  9. 9.  Based on the gap analysis findings findings, brainstorm ideas for quality improvements The findings and recommendations become the quality management plan Report to senior management for implementation
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