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Applause crowd testing meetup march 2015


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CrowdTesting @ Applause

Published in: Software
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Applause crowd testing meetup march 2015

  1. 1. | INTRO TO CROWDTESTING C O M B I N I N G ‘ I N - T H E - L A B ’ & ‘ I N - T H E - W I L D ’ A P P R O A C H E S Peter Shih | VP of Channel Development |
  2. 2. | • Formerly known as uTest, the leader of in-the-wild software testing – Founded by pair of Israeli entrepreneurs – Founded in 2007; GA Launch in 2008 • Offices around the globe – Boston, San Francisco, NYC, Seattle, Tel Aviv, Berlin & Warsaw • World’s largest & most mature crowdtesting company – Raised 5 rounds of VC funding, totaling $80 million - Latest round led by Goldman Sachs in 2014 – Larger than all other crowdtesting companies combined 2 A L I T T L E A B O U T T H E C O M P A N Y
  3. 3. | 3,000+ CUSTOMERS 3 B Y T H E N U M B E R S 70,000+ B U I L D S T E S T E D 175,000+ P R O F E S S I O N A L T E S T E R S 500 Million+ A P P S T O R E R E V I E W S A N A LY Z E D OVER 1 MILLION I N - T H E - W I L D I S S U E S R E P O RT E D
  4. 4. | 4 C O M P A N I E S T H A T U S E C R O W D T E S T I N G Retail Travel SocialMedia
  5. 5. | 5 C O M P A N I E S T H A T U S E C R O W D T E S T I N G Health/FitnessFinancialSoftware Telco
  6. 6. | The Challenge PROBLEM WITH THE STATUS QUO •••
  7. 7. | Test Labs Are Here Users Are Here Modern apps & sites require real-world testing that mirrors the many different combinations of devices, use cases and locations of users 7 T H E P R O B L E M W I T H T H E S T A T U S Q U O
  8. 8. | • ‘Inside-out’ approach is still valuable, but it’s merely the starting point • 360 ₒ app quality requires an ‘outside-in’ view, which comes in many forms – Functional defect reports – Crash reports – Security vulnerabilities – Load and performance issues – Localization issues – Usability feedback – User sentiment analytics • And across all phases of the SDLC – Research – Pre-launch – Post-launch 8 D E T A I L S O F ‘ O U T S I D E - I N ’ A P P R O A C H
  10. 10. | DESIGN & DEVELOP 1 TEST & RELEASE 2 LISTEN & LEARN 3 ANALYZE & PLAN 4 360º APPQUALITY 5 EG: IBM EG: JIRA EG: CRITTERCISM EG: FLURRY 10 “Should I launch?” “What should I do next?” S O L V I N G T W O M A S S I V E C I O P R O B L E M S
  11. 11. | • Modern apps have different recipe for success – Infinitely more variables make up the test coverage matrix - Devices, OSes, browsers, carriers, locations, use cases – Traditional test playbooks & methodologies are merely starting point • Crowdtesting augments traditional QA efforts – True for web, but even more so for mobile and smart TVs/cars/watches – Move beyond the QA lab, closer to where users work, live & play – Close the loop between user POV and internal definition of quality • 360°app quality isn’t just about testing or dev ops – Requires modern tools and analytics that focus on users-centric quality – Necessity due to outsized user expectations + voice in app stores 3 K E Y T A K E A W A Y S 11
  12. 12. | The Challenge A 360 ₒ APPROACH TO APP QUALITY •••
  13. 13. | I N - T H E - W I L D T E S T I N G S E R V I C E S FU N C TION A L TESTIN G U SA B ILITY TESTING LOC A LIZATION TESTIN G LOA D TESTIN G SEC U R ITY TESTIN G Do your apps function flawlessly in the hands of your users? Are your apps as intuitive and easy-to-use as you think? Are your apps primed to thrive in different markets & cultures? Can your apps handle the peaks & pressures of the real world? Are your apps protecting your users data & privacy?
  14. 14. | • Real-world functional testing solutions – Ensuring apps work well in the hands of users • Compliments in-house testing – Team of testers provide you with scale, coverage & expertise • Testing on real devices, in real locations – Across OS versions, mobile browsers, wireless carriers – Exploratory testing & test case execution – Test around the clock or after major releases • Integrates with your bug tracking systems – JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantis, Pivotal, IBM Rational, Microsoft TFS and more • Fully-managed service to reduce your overhead – Integrated with your test services from QualiTest – Handle all tester communications and bug triaging – Professional testers from any region, on any device or OS – Integrated with your internal team, processes and systems F U N C T I O N A L T E S T I N G A P P R O A C H 14
  15. 15. | 15 I N - T H E - W I L D F U N C T I O N A L D E F E C T Learn About The Tester Tiered Approval Chat Directly With The Tester Reproducible Action Steps U I N OT R EN D ER IN G PR OPER LY
  16. 16. | • Real-world usability testing solutions – Ensuring your apps are designed intuitively for intended audience • Expert-led usability studies – Remote unmoderated testing performed by industry experts with an average of 12 years of expert usability experience • Audience matching – Survey 25+ respondents that match the demographics of your users • Video and audio experience captured – Watch and analyze your respondents use your app for the first time • Comprehensive report & consulting – Receive a complete report with findings, benchmarks and recommendations on how to improve user experience – Leverage your usability expert for advice on how to minimize potential confusion & frustration for first-time users U S A B I L I T Y T E S T I N G A P P R O A C H 16
  17. 17. | • Real-world localization testing solutions – Validate content and app localizations to ensure correct context across languages and cultures • Go beyond content – In addition to translations, verify formatting, currency conversions, taxes, shipping options and more • In-market localization testers – Understand the true implications of your localization choices by leveraging cultural natives • Double verification – All issues and recommendations are verified by an additional cultural native • Available string reporting – Output a string document to facilitate easier updating of your apps 17 L O C A L I Z A T I O N T E S T I N G A P P R O A C H
  18. 18. | • Real-world security testing solutions – Protect your users privacy and data • Expert-led and managed security testing – A white hat security expert will work with you to develop a comprehensive test plan • White hat security testers – Trusted team of security testers will attack your site through a combination of manual penetration and automated tools, looking for common vulnerabilities and creative new attacks • Comprehensive report – Receive a complete report with findings and recommendations on how to improve your site security • Remediation consulting – Leverage your security expert for advice on how to fix specific vulnerabilities and mitigate different types of risks S E C U R I T Y T E S T I N G A P P R O A C H 18
  19. 19. | • Real-world load testing solutions – Understand how your app performs under real world pressures • Expert-led and managed load testing – A Performance Engineer will assess current infrastructure, develop JMeter scripts, execute and analyze tests • Scalable and flexible load scenarios – A range of options to test your apps and sites and APIs - Large number of concurrent users - Varying amount of time on the app or site - With various bandwidth constraints to mirror real-world conditions • Comprehensive report – Receive a complete report with findings and recommendations on how to improve your apps’ performance 19 L O A D T E S T I N G A P P R O A C H
  20. 20. | 20 A P P Q U A L I T Y T O O L S APPLAUSE SD K Discover crashes in real time and distribute builds A PPLA U SE A N A LYTIC S Listen to what your users are saying in the app stores 3 6 0 ° A PP QU A LITY D A SH B OA R D Access all of your app quality results in a single place MOB ILE B ETA MA N A GEMEN T Run & manage beta programs at a global scale
  21. 21. | 3 6 0 ° A P P Q U A L I T Y D A S H B O A R D
  22. 22. | M O B I L E S D K ( I N C L U D E D I N F U N C T I O N A L )
  23. 23. | 23 U S E R S E N T I M E N T A N A L Y T I C S
  24. 24. | 24 U S E R S E N T I M E N T A N A L Y T I C S
  25. 25. | 25 C O M P E T I T I V E A N A L Y S I S
  26. 26. | 26 U S E R R E V I E W S E N T I M E N T
  27. 27. | The Challenge MATURING THE CROWDTESTING MODEL •••
  28. 28. | • Anyone can join, but many do not qualify for paid projects – ‘Test the Tester’ – initial round of validations - Hard skill vetting: technical testing skills; device knowledge; OS expertise - Soft skill betting: following policies and processes, communication skills – Ongoing validations from every project: - Tester Ratings, based on the quality of reports and impact of defects found › Value determines how much tester gets paid for their work › Quality affects tester’s performance ratings › Judged by customers, project managers, and team leads - Training and Mentoring programs to sharpen tester skills › Crowd  Teams  Community of Experts • Protecting customer IP – NDA in our standard Terms of Use for every tester – Custom NDA supported for each customer – Proof: 70,000+ test cycles with zero breaches of IP Q U A L I T Y Q U A L I T Y Q U A L I T Y 28
  29. 29. | • Project Managers are highly aligned with internal Dev & QA teams – Support your expectations, timelines, and priorities – Team Leads in various time zones to provide around-the-clock coverage – Recommend new ideas based on experience with many international companies • Integration with your systems and test methodologies – Bug Tracking Systems: JIRA, HP Quality Center, IBM Rational, Microsoft TFS, Github, Bugzilla, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, Mantis, FogBugz, Rally, and more – Methodologies such as continuous integration, test-driven development, agile, waterfall, lean software development, behavior driven development, etc. • Continuous improvement and optimization – Assess results from every project and deliver monthly management reports – Identify favorite testers and invite new members to optimize team performance F U L L Y - M A N A G E D S E R V I C E 29
  30. 30. | The Challenge FINAL POINTS •••
  31. 31. | • App quality was traditionally conveyed by companies to end users – Testing in the lab was sufficient due to smaller coverage/environments • App quality is increasingly being overruled by end users – Through app store ratings & reviews, social media, blogs, and more – Across multiple dimensions: usability, security, interoperability, etc. – And most importantly, the cost and publicity of failure is higher than ever • Applause delivers tools & services that address both views – ‘Inside-out’ point of view - Collaborating with internal development & QA on strategy and methodology – ‘Outside-in’ point of view - Complementary ‘in-the-wild’ testing on real devices across location & OS - Reveal important feedback from end users before launch 31 K E Y T A K E A W A Y S
  32. 32. | The Challenge Q&A •••