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How to-play-movies-on-indash-car-dvd-gps-multifunctional-playere guides


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Qualir Automobile Electronics Co., LTD, founded in 1998, aims to create automobile owners's drive more quickly and cosily by providing automobile electronics of Good quality and Reliability. In May 1998, Qualir started to create and generate Car CD, VCD Players and property CD,DVD Players. In March 2003, Qualir began to develop and create Automobile Mp3 players,Car DVD Players,and effectively developed Auto DVD Players with Built-in GPS function in 2004. In June 2007, Qualir made the decision to create a platform for direct wholesale of Auto electronics. In September 2007, Qualir's wholesale Dept was successfully founded and our on the internet wholesale shop was lastly completed.

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How to-play-movies-on-indash-car-dvd-gps-multifunctional-playere guides

  1. 1. How To Play Movies On Indash Car DVD GPS Multifunctional Pla... by qualir - date:2011-10-26 How To Play Movies On Indash Car DVD GPS Multifunctional Player? 2011-07-28 07:40:49 By qualir Watching some Hollywood blockbusters in your car during a long journey is a joyful thing. Many motorists download some movies on their mobile HHD, but it’s difficult for them to play the movies on the indash car dvd player. they may have the format compatibility issue or some other question. For such kind of questions, I’d like to make the guide for you. First, you need to get the detailed information of the car dvd player. you should know the supported format of the car dvd player. different dvd players support different audio &video formats. For the audio plays, you could download the WMA or MP3 files and save them in your MP3 player device or your SD card. And then you could connect the device to your car DVD player. Second, for most of the dvd gps players, you need to burn the movies to the DVD discs before you watch these movies. There may be some problems if you just copy the movies to DVD disc simply. So you need to convert movies to VOB format or others. But for some kind of dvd player, which could connect with mobile HHD, you could watch the film directly by your indash car dvd player, but the movie format could be supported by dvd player first. Most of the indash dvd playe could not be connected with mobile HHD, I only find one series have this feature. (QL-TYT965). Third, to set the burning parameters, you could click “add files” button to add the videos that you want to burn. You could choose “target disc size” in the “settings” option. You could make more advanced settings with “advanced” option. Then you could “click menu” option to add movie menus. Forth, you could trim the movies if needed. Just choose the movie and click “edit—trim”. Then you drag the left triangle to a position that you want it be the start of the of the video, the right triangle to a position you want it be the end of the video. Fifth, you could burn the movies to DVD discos. Sixth, copy the burnt DVD folder to your DVD disc. And then you could enjoy blockbusters with this car DVD player. Original article page link: page 1 / 1Powered by TCPDF (