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http://www.tharjuma.comAbraham returned to Palestine where Hagar gave birth to Ishmael. Sarahbecame so jealous of Hagar th...
http://www.tharjuma.comAbraham asked her to tell Ishmael to keep his doorstep (i.e. to keep her as wife)and went back to P...
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Ar Raheeq


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history of prophet muhammed (pbuh),

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Ar Raheeq

  1. 1. Edition: 002,g;uh`pk; jhd; tpl;L te;j kidtp kw;Wk; kfid re;jpf;f egp,g;wh`Pk; (miy) mtu;fs; nrd;W te;jhu;fs;. nkhj;jk; vj;jidKiw re;jpf;fr; nrd;whu;fs; vd;gJ cWjpahf njhpatpy;iy.vdpDk; ehd;F Kiw nrd;wjw;fhd cWjpkpf;fr; rhd;Wfs; cs;;j ehd;F Kiwfs; tUkhW:1) ,ijg; gw;wp my;yh`; jd; jpUkiwapy; $wpapUf;fpd;whd;. egp,g;wh`Pk; (miy)> mtu;fs; jkJ kfdhu; ,];khaPy; (miy)mtu;fis mWj;J my;yh`;Tf;F jpahfk; nra;tJNghy; fdTxd;W fz;lhu;fs;. mf;fdit my;yh`;tpd; fl;lis vd;Wczu;e;J mij epiwNtw;w kf;fh te;jhu;fs;. ,J Fwpj;J gpd;tUk;Fu;Md; trdj;jpy; my;yh`; ,t;thW Fwpg;gpLfpwhd;.MfNt> mt;tpUtUk; (,iwtdpd; tpUg;gj;jpw;F) Kw;wpYk;topg;gl;L> (,g;wh`Pk; jd; kfd; ,];khaPiy mWj;Jg; gypapl)Kfq;Fg;Gwf; fplj;jpaNghJ ehk; ,g;wh`PNk!" vd ehk; mioj;Jcz;ikahfNt ePq;fs; cq;fSila fdit nka;ahf;fpitj;Jtpl;Bu;fs; vd;Wk;> ed;ik nra;gtUf;F ehk; ,t;thNw $ypnfhLg;Nghk;" vd;Wk; $wp> epr;rakhf ,J kfj;jhdnjhU ngUk;NrhjidahFk;" (vd;Wk; $wpNdhk;). MfNt> kfj;jhdnjhU gypiamtUf;F gfukhf;fpNdhk;. (my;Fu;Md; 37 : 103-107)2) ,];khaPy; (miy) mtu;fs; [{u;`{k; Nfhj;jpuj;jhhplk; mugpnkhopiaf; fw;whu;fs;. mtu;fspd; xOf;fk; kw;Wk; ew;gz;Gfis Page 1 of 5
  2. 2.[{u;`{k; Nfhj;jpuj;jhu; nghpJk; tpUk;gp jq;fs; ,dj;ijr; Nru;e;jxU ngz;iz ,];khaPYf;F kzKbj;J itj;jhu;fs;.,j;jpUkzj;jpw;F gpwNf md;id `h[u; mtu;fs; ,we;jhu;fs;.,g;wh`Pk; (miy) mtu;fs; kPz;Lk; kidtpiaAk; kfidAk;re;jpg;gjw;F kf;fh te;jNghJ kidtp ,we;j nra;jpiaj; njhpe;Jnfhz;lhu;fs;. ,];khaPy; (miy) mg;NghJ kf;fhtpy; ,y;iy.,];khaPy; (miy) mtu;fspd; kidtpaplk; jdJ kfidg; gw;wpAk;mt;tpUthpd; tho;f;if> Rfeyd;fs; gw;wpAk; tprhhpj;jhu;fs;.mg;ngz;Nzh jq;fsJ ,y;yw neUf;fbiaAk; tWikiaAk; gw;wpKiwapl;lhu;. mijf; Nfl;l egp ,g;wh`Pk; (miy) mtu;fs;,];khaPy; te;jhy;> jdJ tPl;L thry; epiyia khw;w Ntz;Lk;vd;W ehd; $wpajhf> mthplk; eP nrhy;!" vd;W nrhy;yptpl;Lnrd;whu;fs;. ,];khaPy; (miy) tPL jpUk;gpaTld; mg;ngz; ele;jepfo;r;rpia tptj;jhu;. jdJ je;ij $wpa fUj;jpd; Nehf;fj;ijg;Ghpe;J nfhz;L mg;ngz;iz ,];khaPy; (miy) kztpyf;Fnra;Jtpl;lhu;. mjw;Fg; gpwF [{u;`{k; Nfhj;jpuj;jhhpd; jiytu;~Kohj; ,g;D mk;u;| vd;gtd; kfisj; jpUkzk; nra;jhu;.3) ,];khaPy; (miy) mtu;fs; ,uz;lhtjhf jpUkzk; nra;Jnfhz;lgpd; egp ,g;wh`Pk; (miy) mtu;fs; kf;fh te;jhu;fs;.mg;NghJk; ,];khaPy; (miy) tPl;by; ,y;iy. egp ,g;wh`Pk;(miy) jdJ kUkfsplk; kfidg; gw;wpAk; FLk;g epiyiag;gw;wpAk; tprhhpj;jhu;fs;. mjw;F my;yh`;tpd; mUshy; ehq;fs;eyKld; ,Uf;fpNwhk;" vd;W mtu; gjpyspj;jhu;. mijf; Nfl;l egp,g;wh`Pk; (miy) mtu;fs; ,];khaPy; (miy) te;jhy; jdJ tPl;Lthrypd; epiyia jf;f itj;Jf; nfhs;sl;Lk; vd;W ehd; $wpajhf>,];khaPyplk; nrhy;!" vd;W nrhy;yptpl;L /gy];jPdk; nrd;whu;fs;.4) ehd;fhk; Kiw egp ,g;wh`Pk; (miy) kf;fh te;jNghJ jdJkfid re;jpj;jhu;fs;. ,];khaPy; (miy) [k;[k; fpzw;wUfpy; ,Ue;jxU kuj;jpd; epoypy; mku;e;J jdJ mk;igf; $u;ikgLj;jpf;nfhz;bUe;jhu;fs;. je;ijiag; ghu;j;jJk; vOe;J khpahij nra;Jjq;fsJ md;igg; ghpkhwpf; nfhz;lhu;fs;. ,g;gazj;jpy;jhd;,UtUk; ,ize;J fmgj;Jy;yh`;itf; fl;b> my;yh`;tpd;fl;lisf;fpzq;f kf;fis `[;[{f;F mioj;jhu;fs;. (]`P`{y;Gfhhp) Page 2 of 5
  3. 3.,uz;lhtJ kidtpapd; %yk; egp ,];khaPy; (miy)mtu;fSf;Fg; gd;dpuz;L Mz; gps;isfis my;yh`;toq;fpdhd;. mtu;fspd; ngau;fs; gpd;tUkhW:1) ehgpj; (eghA+j;)> 2) ifjhu;> 3) mj;gh<y; 4) kpGhk;> 4) kp;kh/>6) J}kh> 7) kPh> 8) `{jj; 9) jPkh> 10) aJ}u;> 11) e/gP];> 12)ifJkhd;.gpw;fhyj;jpy; ,e;j gd;dpuz;L gps;isfs; topahfj;jhd;gd;dpuz;L Nfhj;jpuq;fs; cUthfpd. ,tu;fs; midtUk; gyfhyq;fs; kf;fhtpy; trpj;jdu;. akd;> rphpah> kp];u; MfpaehLfSf;F nrd;W tpahghuk; nra;J tho;f;if elj;jpdu;. rpyfhyq;fs; fopj;J ,tu;fspy; gyu; mugpa jPgfw;gj;jpd; kw;wgFjpfspYk; mjd; ntspapYk; FbNawpdu;. ehsiltpy; ehgpj;>ifjhu; FLk;gq;fisj; jtpu kw;wtu;fisg; gw;wpa tuyhw;Wf;Fwpg;GfNs ,y;yhky; Ngha;tpl;lJ.,f;Nfhj;jpuq;fisg; gw;wpAs;s tptuq;fspd; tiuglj;ij mLj;jgf;fj;jpy; ghu;f;fTk;.egp (]y;) mtu;fs; $wpdhu;fs;: epr;rakhf my;yh`;,g;wh`PKila gps;isfspy; ,];khaPiyj; Nju;T nra;jhd;.,];khaPYila gps;isfspy; ~fpdhdh| FLk;gj;ijj; Nju;Tnra;jhd;. fpdhdh FLk;gj;jpy; Fiwpau;fisj; Nju;T nra;jhd;.Fiwpau;fspy; `hpk; FLk;gj;ijj; Nju;T nra;jhd;. (]`P`;K];ypk;)egp (]y;) mtu;fs; $wpdhu;fs;: gilg;gpdq;fspy; (kdpjd;> [pd;vd;w ,U gphptpy;) kpfr; rpwe;j gphptpy; vd;idg; gilj;J mjpy;(K];ypk;> fh/gpu;fnsd;W) ,U gphpTfspy; rpwe;j gphptpy; vd;idMf;fpdhd;. gpwF Nfhj;jpuq;fisj; Nju;Tnra;J mjpy; rpwe;jNfhj;jpuj;jpy; vd;idg; gilj;jhd;. gpwF FLk;gq;fisj;Nju;Tnra;J> mjpy; kpfr; rpwe;j FLk;gj;jpy; vd;id Mf;fpdhd;.ehd; mtu;fspy; Md;khthYk; kpfr; rpwe;jtd;. FLk;gj;jhYk; kpfr;rpwe;jtd;. (]`P`; K];ypk;) Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. http://www.tharjuma.comAbraham returned to Palestine where Hagar gave birth to Ishmael. Sarahbecame so jealous of Hagar that she forced Abraham to send Hagar and herbaby away to a plantless valley on a small hill in Hijaz, by the Sacred House,exposed to the wearing of floods coming right and left. He chose for them aplace under a lofty tree above Zamzam near the upper side of the Mosque inMakkah where neither people nor water was available, and went back toPalestine leaving with his wife and baby a leather case with some dates and apot of water. Not before long, they ran out of both food and water, but thanks toAllâh’s favour water gushed forth to sustain them for sometime. The whole storyof Zamzam spring is already known to everybody. [Bukhari 1/475]Another Yemeni tribe – Jurhum the Second – came and lived in Makkah uponHagar’s permission, after being said to have lived in the valleys around Makkah.It is mentioned in the Sahih Al-Bukhari that this tribe came to Makkah beforeIshmael was a young man while they had passed through that valley long beforethis event.Abraham used to go to Makkah every now and then to see his wife and son. Thenumber of these journeys is still unknown, but authentic historical resources spokeof four ones.Allâh, the Sublime, stated in the Noble Qur’ân that He had Abraham see, in hisdream, that he slaughtered his son Ishmael, and therefore Abraham stood up tofulfill His Order:"Then, when they had both submitted themselves (to the Will of Allâh), and hehad laid him prostrate on his forehead (or on the side of his forehead forslaughtering); and We called out to him: "O Abraham! You have fulfilled thedream (vision)!" Verily! Thus do we reward the Muhsinûn (good-doers, whoperform good deeds totally for Allâh’s sake only, without any show off or to gainpraise or fame, etc. and do them in accordance to Allâh’s Orders). Verily, thatindeed was a manifest trial — and We ransomed him with a great sacrifice (i.e. aram)" [37:103-107]When Ishmael became a young man, he learned Arabic at the hand of the tribeof Jurhum, who loved him with great admiration and gave him one of theirwomen as a wife, soon after his mother died. Having wanted to see his wife andson again, Abraham came to Makkah, after Ishmael’s marriage, but he didn’tfind him at home. He asked Ishmael’s wife about her husband and how theywere doing. She complained of poverty, so he asked her to tell Ishmael tochange his doorstep. Ishmael understood the message, divorced his wife andgot married to the daughter of Mudad bin ‘Amr, chief of the tribe of Jurhum.[Qalb Jazeerat Al-Arab, p 230]Once more, Abraham came to see his son, but again didn’t find him at home.He asked his new wife the same previous question, to which she thanked Allâh. Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. http://www.tharjuma.comAbraham asked her to tell Ishmael to keep his doorstep (i.e. to keep her as wife)and went back to Palestine.A third time, Abraham came to Makkah to find Ishmael sharpening an arrowunder a lofty tree near Zamzam. The meeting, after a very long journey ofseparation, was very touching for a father so affectionate and a so dutiful andrighteous son. This time, father and son built Al-Ka‘bah and raised its pillars, andAbraham, in compliance with Allâh’s Commandment, called unto people tomake pilgrimage to it.By the grace of Allâh, Ishmael had twelve sons from the daughter of Mudad,whose names were Nabet, Qidar, Edbael, Mebsham, Mishma’, Duma, Micha,Hudud, Yetma, Yetour, Nafis and Qidman, and who ultimately formed twelvetribes inhabiting Makkah and trading between Yemen, geographical Syria andEgypt. Later on, these tribes spread all over, and even outside, the peninsula. Alltheir tidings went into oblivion except for the descendants of Nabet and Qidar.Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] said:"Allâh selected Ishmael from the sons of Abraham, Kinana from the sons ofIshmael, Quraish from the sons of Kinana, Hashim from the sons of Quraish andHe selected me from the sons of Hashim." [Muslim 2/245; Tirmidhi 2/201]Al-‘Abbas bin ‘Abdul-Muttalib quoted the Messenger of Allâh [pbuh] as saying:"Allâh created mankind and chose me from the best whereof, He chose thetribes and selected me from the best whereof; and He chose families andselected me from the best whereof. I am the very best in person and family."[Tirmidhi 2/201] Page 5 of 5