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Nike id

  1. 1. Nike ID How to Design Your Shoes Tutorial Quade Riley
  2. 2. Create Your Design Click “create your own” in the bottom middle of the screen above “view this design”.
  3. 3. Start Blank First a Nike Id sneaker already designed by Another user will appear. To start fresh Click “start blank” to the left.
  4. 4. Blank Canvas This will give you a blank canvas on the Sneaker.
  5. 5. Color&Material A color pad will appear for each specific Material that is needed to be designed. Click design progress bar to Bring down color & material Content.
  6. 6. Overlay Choose your material metallic Patent or smooth anodized. Choose your color After material is chosen.
  7. 7. Accent Choose your accent color. Accent is the lower brim Of the sneaker second to The overlay.
  8. 8. Base Choose the color of the base. The base is the “face” of the Sneaker.
  9. 9. Swoosh Choose the color of your Swoosh which is your Nike logo And shoe lace loops.
  10. 10. Edge Content Edge content is the outline Stitching of the sneaker.
  11. 11. Lining Color lining is the adjustment of The color in the sole of the Sneaker.
  12. 12. Lace Choose lace color.
  13. 13. Plate Choose the color of the plate which is the outer Shield of the Shox.
  14. 14. Shox Decide color for Shox.
  15. 15. Your own ID Last, add your own name/ Signature to your finished Product. Then you have Created your very own Nike ID Shox NZ.