Totally lemon tea group business plan


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Totally lemon tea group business plan

  1. 1. BUSINESS PLANIMPROVE THE BUSINESS OF ALEMON TEA SHOP"TOTALLY LEMON TEA” GROUPVietnam youth to business forumOnline competition
  2. 2. 1I. Idea descriptionThe fake lemon tea problems have made many lemon tea shops cameunder suspicion. By conducting survey and personal experiences, we havemade a course of action to solve this problem. It is not only about theimprovement in tea quality but also in othercomplements like serving methods, appearance etc…in order to reach the ultimate goal of fulfilling everysingle need of customer beside the demand ofdrinking a fresh tea.II. The basis of the idea1. How it’s made?An online survey was spread to nearly 200 students from 16-22 ofages in the basis of the fact that lemon tea is more and more popular tothe youngsters. Here are the results:The basisThe basisTheDescription
  3. 3. 2The questions Yes No“Do you usually spendyour free time at a lemontea shop?”86 110The people answered “No” continued with the following question:The questions Yes No/Maybe“If your friend want tohave lemon tea, will yougo with them?”85 25It can be seen that lemon tea shop is anattractive place for people, and most of them go therewith their friends.For the following multiple choices questions:“What do you concern about a lemon tea shop?”, thetop answers were:Factors VoteFriends to talk with 114Hygiene status 102Good views 85Space for teamwork 85Nice taste 78Secure parking area 72Some conclusions are figured out from the table above: It is believed that lemon tea is the onlyfactor of a tea shop. But the truth is ourcustomers don’t concern much about thetea. The purpose of going to a lemon teashop is not primarily for drinking tea butactually for enjoying shops’ atmosphere,relaxing and chatting with friends.
  4. 4. 3 As many of them go to a tea shop justbecause most of their friends go to thatshop. It becomes a new trend which isfashionable for trying. In simply words, itis called “the crowd effect” “Hygiene problems” is the second popular.Actually, it is found out that thiskind of problem includes shop hygiene, neighbor hygiene anddrink hygiene. An individual improvement on drink hygienecannot make any significant impact on people’s belief. From the survey result, it can be recognized that notonly tea quality but also many other factors affect significantly tothe shops revenue. Hence it is recommended that moreimprovements should be made on them revenue of our tea shop.Among these factors, the shop’s appearanceis the most easily one to be judged at the very firstsight. In addition, more than a half of theparticipants agreed that a nice shop gives them ahigher level of belief in quality of tea even thoughthey have never tried it before. So, our ideas of creating a comfortable place for friends, groups orclubs to meet or chat are developed. However, rumorsabout lemon tea quality is still a major problem.There were 172 people know that lemon tea can be faked and hereare their replies:The answer The VoteLess visit the shop 79Still visit normally/ Don’t reallycare52Don’t come anymore 40Obviously, although their main purpose of going to a lemon tea shopmay not be to drinking tea, the fake tea problems still make lots of
  5. 5. 4damages to our business. 23% people won’t come anymore and 46%people will reduce their lemon tea drink.We suggested the following solutions: achievea certificate of hygiene, make the guests close tothe making progress and material, or even let themdo it by themselves. These solutions would improvepeople believes in the quality, as all of them havegot more than 65% of the vote.2. How we do it:We would make a course of actions which would affect the businessdirectly and indirectly. Whereas belief-improving solutions can bring back doubtfulcustomers and establish a good hygienestandard, the shop-improving solutions canattract new visitors, expand the business andalso, indirectly reduce the fake tea problems.They are demonstrated in the two charts below.We also estimated the percentage of customerswho would agree with the solutions.
  6. 6. 5
  7. 7. 6III. Future costs and profits1. These suggested solutions would create the following costs: Rearrangement costs; which is spent for rearranging the currentpreparing area and material display counter in order to make itvisible to all customers. Purchasing stationery and equipment. Decorating costs. Security costs. We can deal with local parks forless costs. Costs to maintain a clear hygiene and to getthe certificate.2. However, these actions will improve the revenue because of thefollowing reasons: According to the survey, more than 40% people agreed a high costwith high services. About 50% would pay a reasonable price for aclean seat in tea shop. It means we can increase the price to reducethe cost pressure. In addition, there is an increase in the demand for places forinformal meetings among friends and formal meetings among clubsor student organizations from both high school and universities. A place with good conditions and a reasonable price is all theyneed. Youngsters are affected by “Crowd effect”. Once the group strategyshow good results, more people will come to us, profit wouldincrease and the rumors will be removed. Attractive activities, views and style: the countryside view, funnygames, personal stickers and photos area.
  8. 8. 7References All of the icons in this text are collected from the internet. We donot own any one of them. The two mind maps are made by Mindjet MindManager 2012. Icon sources:The survey icon: magnet icon: box icon: crowd icon: clean icon: paint icon: question icon: certificate icon: action icon: money icon: is the end of the idea briefThanks for reading