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Final madness


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Final madness

  1. 1. Final Madness – Staying Well TIPS
  2. 2. Final Madness – Staying Well“Eat healthy food. Protein-rich foods can help you sustainyour energy and your focus. Sugary foods can give you animmediate energy rush, but youll crash later. Fresh fruitand vegetables will give you reserves of energy andincrease your ability to concentrate.” TIP #1Source: College Success Simplified by Enid Leonard
  3. 3. Final Madness – Staying Well“Get adequate sleep. It will help you work moreefficiently, learn and retain information better, and dobetter on your exams. (All-nighters are a bad idea for yourhealth AND your grades!) .” TIP #2Source: Dartmouth University Academic Skills Center
  4. 4. Final Madness – Staying Well“Eat breakfast the day of the exam. Your brain willfunction at a more efficient level with a power-packedmeal first thing in the morning.” TIP #3Source: Your College Experience:Strategies for Success by John N. Gardner et al.
  5. 5. Final Madness – Staying Well“Watch your caffeine intake. Coffee may make you moreawake for one part of the day, but it may reduce yourconcentration, cause nervousness and make you irritable ifyou take more than you usually do.” TIP #4Source: Your College Experience:Strategies for Success by John N. Gardner et al.
  6. 6. Final Madness – Staying Well“Exercise will keep your mind active, and is a great way tohave a break. Take a walk outside, go up and down thestairs a few times, dance a few minutes, stretch, or doyoga.” TIP #5The everything guide to study skillsSource: The everything guide to study skills by Cynthia Muchnick
  7. 7. Final Madness – Staying Well“Do some stretch exercises before you go into your testroom, stretch your muscles just as you would whenpreparing to exercise. It will help you release test anxiety.” TIP #6Source: Suggestions for Reducing Stress
  8. 8. Final Madness – Staying Well“Let your eyes rest. Give your eyes periodic breaks whileyoure studying. Look out the window at something faraway and focus on it for 15 seconds before returning toyour computer screen or textbook.” TIP #7Source: Dartmouth University Academic Skills Center
  9. 9. Final Madness – Staying Well“Take a long, deep breath and slowly exhale to restoreyour breathing to a normal level. This is the quickest andeasiest relaxation device, and no one needs to know thatyou are doing it!” TIP #8Source: LiveWell-UC San Diego
  10. 10. Final Madness – Staying Well“Be positive. Take one step at a time, focus on dealing withit. Dont think about fear; just think about what you haveto do. If you‘ve studied all you can, get up yourconfidence!.” TIP #9Source: University at Buffalo Counseling Service
  11. 11. Final Madness – Staying Well“Keep laughing. Laughter can reduce stress and improveyour mood, so watch, read, or listen to something funnyas a study break.” TIP #10Source: Dartmouth University Academic Skills Center
  12. 12. Final Madness – Staying Well“Keep everything in perspective. Excess stress will hurtyour performance on tests, so try to relax as much as youcan. They are just exams. You know you’re smart, and thatyou can handle them.” TIP #11Source: Final Survival
  13. 13. Final Madness – Staying Well“Take a walk outside, especially in nature. It will clear yourhead, get you moving, and can help improve yourmemory.” TIP #12Source: Dartmouth University Academic Skills Center
  14. 14. Final Madness – Staying Well“Use positive self-affirmations. Give positive messages toyour subconscious mind, such as: “I am rememberingeverything I have studied, I am focused and relaxed”, or “Iam answering all of the questions with ease.” TIP #13Source: College Success Simplified by Enid Leonard
  15. 15. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate TIPS
  16. 16. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate“Find the right atmosphere for studying andremembering. Select the location that works best foryou – the library, at home, in a group study room,etc.” TIP #1Source: Your College Experience:Strategies for Success by John N. Gardner et al.
  17. 17. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate“Create a study area and use it for studying only. Ifyou make this a positive habit, when you go to yourstudy area your mind will know that it is time tostudy and concentration will be automatic.” TIP #2Source: College Success Simplified by Enid Leonard
  18. 18. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate“Three barriers to concentration: 1) hunger, 2) fatigueand 3) distractions.” Remember to eat and stayhydrated, get plenty of sleep, and avoid distractionswhile preparing for your midterm exams.” TIP #3Source: Utah State University Academic Resource Center
  19. 19. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate“To improve concentration, take breaks – a 10 minutebreak for every 50 minutes of study is a goodguideline.” TIP #4Source: Concentration Techniques
  20. 20. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate“Make sure that your study environment has all thestudy tools you will need available to you before youbegin.” TIP #5Source: Concentration – Not Just a Mind Game
  21. 21. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate“Work/Study at a time of the day when you know youare alert.” TIP #6Source: Concentration Tips
  22. 22. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate“Drink plenty of water during a studysession, especially when you feel sluggish. Caffeinemay help you to stay alert, but it can increaseanxiety – use it in moderation.” TIP #7Source: How to Study Effectively: 8 Concentration Tips
  23. 23. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate“…Once you meet your goal reward yourself with anactivity you enjoy such as watching TV, makingphone calls, exercising, etc.” TIP #8Source: Concentration
  24. 24. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate“Set a timer for an hour, don’t allow yourself to stopstudying until it goes off.” TIP #9Source: Concentration Techniques
  25. 25. Final Madness – It’s Time to Concentrate“Vary your study activities: alternate your reading withmore active learning activities.” TIP #10Source: Self-Help Information: How to Develop Better ConcentrationWhen Studying
  26. 26. Final Madness – Test Taking TIPS
  27. 27. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips“First, be sure youve studied properly. It sounds like ano-brainer, but if youre sure of the information, youllhave less reason to be worried. ” TIP #1Source: TeensHealth
  28. 28. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips REST - The Night Before“Cramming doesnt work. If youve followed a studyplan, the night before the test you should do a quickreview and get to bed early. Remember, your brain andbody need sleep to function well, so dont stay up late!. ” TIP #2 Read more on TeacherVision:
  29. 29. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips EAT - The Morning of the Test“Did you know that you think better when you have a fullstomach? So dont skip breakfast the morning of the test.Get to school early and do a ten-minute power study rightbefore the test, so your brain is turned on and tuned up.” TIP #3 Read more on TeacherVision:
  30. 30. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips“Bring everything you need to the exam. ”“Arrive early for tests. List what you need beforehand toavoid panic. Good preparation prepares you for the taskat hand..” TIP #4Source: North Carolina State University Study Guides and Strategies
  31. 31. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips Manage Your Time“Scan through the test quickly before starting. Answeringthe easy questions first can be a time saver and aconfidence builder. Plus, it saves more time in the endfor you to focus on the hard stuff. ” TIP #5Read more on TeacherVision:
  32. 32. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips“Read directions carefully! and avoid careless errors.Keep a positive attitude throughout the whole test andtry to stay relaxed. If you start to feel nervous take a fewdeep breaths to relax. ” TIP #6Source: Study Guides and Strategies
  33. 33. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips Answer questions in a strategic order:“Easy questions first to build confidence. Then those withthe most point value. ” “ Ask the instructor for clarification if you dontunderstand what they are asking for on the test.. ” TIP #7 Source: Study Guides and Strategies Source:
  34. 34. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips“If you dont know an answer, skip it. Go on with the restof the test and come back to it later. Other parts of thetest may have some information that will help you outwith that question. ” TIP #8 Source:
  35. 35. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips“Dont worry if others finish before you. Focus on the testin front of you.” TIP #9 Source:
  36. 36. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips“Review! if you have time. Resist the urge to leave whenyou complete the exam--check if you have answered allthe questions, not made any errors or mismarked anyanswers.” TIP #10 Source: Study Guides and Strategies
  37. 37. Final Madness – Test Taking Tips FEEL A SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT“And finally-one more important thing. Once the test isover, try not to think about it for a while. Instead ofworrying and fretting about what grade you mightget, reward yourself for making it through the test. ” TIP #11 Source: PBS Kids: It’s My Life