OGRE: Qt & OGRE for Multimedia Creation


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There are many benefits of leveraging open source components to accelerate development of innovative applications and frameworks. In this session, projects will be showcased which have used OGRE and Qt to build specialized tools for multimedia creation in industries such as marketing and animation.

Presentation by Steve Streeting held during Qt Developer Days 2009.


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OGRE: Qt & OGRE for Multimedia Creation

  1. 1. OGRE & Qt Case Studies Open Source in a Commercial Setting
  2. 2. What Is OGRE? • Real-time 3D Engine • Open source (MIT) • Started in 2001 • Cross-platform • Many uses – Games, training, industrial design, scientific & architectural visualisation... 2
  3. 3. Introductions Steve Streeting – OGRE founder & project lead – MD, Torus Knot Software Ltd My role: – Improving OGRE – Consulting for companies using it – Commercial add-ons (OgreSpeedTree) Qt is a popular choice with our users!
  4. 4. OGRE / Qt Examples • Zeany – Works Zebra (Japan) – Marketing production for Japanese automotive manufacturers – High-quality still and animated renders • Frapper – Institute of Animation, Filmakademie (Germany) – Tool framework for creating 3D content applications – Facial animation modelling, NPR
  5. 5. Zeany • WorksZebra needed a high-quality, portable UI • Key requirements: – Stability – Adaptability & customisation – Internationalisation
  6. 6. Zeany Demo
  7. 7. Zeany Summary • Top priorities for Works Zebra are – Empowering the artists – Highest possible quality results • Qt brings solid & powerful functionality OOTB • Frees WZ team to focus time on core innovation! http://www.workszebra.com
  8. 8. Frapper • Qt: UI editor framework – Flexibility and extensibility very important – Needed highly adaptable, user- configurable layouts – Specialised controls – Cross-platform
  9. 9. Frapper Demo
  10. 10. Frapper N N N N N N N N N 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … Frapper
  11. 11. Frapper Panel Type: Network View Graphical representation of nodes and connections using QGraphicsView, QGraphicsScene and QGraphicsItem Fast drawing routines (OpenGL) Can handle large number of graphic items (nodes, connections) Easy handling of mouse events
  12. 12. Applications Using Frapper 1/3 Agent Framework Create character centric real-time applications Facial animations using FACS system Dynamic character control using several input plugins (webcam, etc.) Field test at the University Medical Center of Freiburg: “Recognition of Dynamic Emotional Facial Expression”
  13. 13. Applications Using Frapper 2/3 Non-photorealistic render applications Goal: Establish frapper as research and production platform for NPR Implemetation of several NPR rendering algorithms as frapper nodes is in progress
  14. 14. Applications Using Frapper 3/3 Data Solver Motion capture retargeting Project mocap data to high-level animation system (e.g. Facial Animation Toolset) Goal: Establish a user friendly workflow in frapper
  15. 15. Frapper Summary • Filmakademie needed to build a flexible, extendable toolkit for future research • Qt perfect for extending (e.g Network panel) • Rich UI base that allows future expansion http://sourceforge.net/projects/frapper http://research.animationsinstitut.de
  16. 16. Summary OGRE & Qt work very well together! We're both: • Cross-platform • Highly flexible & extendable • Available under an open source license http://www.ogre3d.org