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Zune or i pod touch


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Zune and iPod Touch has their own advantages and disadvantages respectively. Here we list several features by comparing Zune vs iPod Touch.

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Zune or i pod touch

  1. 1. Zune or iPod Touch, which one is better?Zune or iPod Touch? Which is better? Are you confused ofchoosing iPod Touch or Zune? Here we list several features bycomparing Zune vs iPod Touch. Zune and iPod Touch has theirown advantages and disadvantages respectively. Read on toknow more.1. Zune vs iPod Touch on PriceThe two players only match up head-to-head in the 32GB size,where Apples iPod sells for $299 and the Zune HD sells for$290, and almost-negligible price difference for most folksdebating between the two. Apples top-shelf 64GB player sells Copyright by summy More info:
  2. 2. Zune or iPod Touch, which one is better?for $399, but Microsoft offers no comparable Zune HD in thatcapacity. Although Apple has the cheapest entry-level model, wehave to hand the price war victory to Microsoft, which hasmanaged to skim just enough off the price to make non-Apple-devotees look twice before leaping.Winner: Microsoft Zune.2. Zune vs iPod Touch on DisplayThe generous 3.5-inch screen on Apples iPod Touch has longmade it the de facto player of choice for on-the-go video, butMicrosoft set out to challenge that lead with the Zune HD. Notby offering a bigger screen, but a better one. Although the ZuneHD screen measures a slightly smaller 3.3 inches diagonally, itsuses cutting edge OLED technology, which delivers brightnessand contrast unlike anything you can find in a LCD.Winner: Microsoft Zune.3. Zune vs iPod Touch on Battery LifeNo matter how small or how capable, a personal media playerdoes no good if youre constantly running back to the wall tocharge it, making battery life one of the most important specs Copyright by summy More info:
  3. 3. Zune or iPod Touch, which one is better?that youll never truly appreciate until you take a device into thefield. In this department, Apple didnt have it half bad to beginwith, boasting 30 hours of music playback and six hours ofvideo playback for the iPod Touch. But Microsoft has one uppedApple here as well, claiming the Zune HD will deliver 33 hoursof music and 8.5 hours of video.Winner: Microsoft Zune.4. Zune vs iPod Touch on App SupportAs iPod Touch owners can attest, the diversity of offerings inApples App Store makes the device as much a portablecomputer as it is a personal media player. You can create andedit calendars on it, surf the Web, and even find nearby places toeat with Google Maps and its built-in GPS.If the App Store is leafy oak tree, full of 75,000 apps andcounting, Microsofts app offering is a seedling starving forwater. At launch, Microsoft offers only six apps, including a fewgames and some basic utilities like a weather app and calculator.Winner: Apple iPod Touch. Copyright by summy More info:
  4. 4. Zune or iPod Touch, which one is better?From comparison Zune vs iPod Touch, Apples iPod Touchremains the reigning champion of the touch screen. For someonewith no interesting in piddling around with apps, looking solelyfor the ultimate personal media player, the Zune HD truly makesa better buy. Copyright by summy More info: