News about iphone 4 problem


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News about iphone 4 problem

  1. 1. Problems with Apple iPhone 4 Problems with Apple iPhone 4 The reports are out, there are a few problems with iPhone 4. Are these reports true or are they baseless rumors to lower the iPhone 4 craze? The following article will discuss some of the iPhone 4 problems, and let you decide whether or not you need to invest in this phone. The much awaited high end gadget of the season, the iPhone 4 was finally released by Steve Jobs. However, with the news of Apple iPhone 4 unveiled, came in hundreds of reports suggesting problems with new iPhone. Some people claim iPhone 3G was better than the iPhone 4 and few say Apple iPhone 4 is just another 3G gadget. What are these problems with iPhone 4 that are gathering negative publicity for the phone? The host of problems with iPhone 4 reported by users around the world are discussed below. Problems with New iPhone 4 There was a report published in a well known journal that iPhone 4 All right reserved by summy
  2. 2. Problems with Apple iPhone 4 could not find reception in exactly the same area, where Apple iPhone 3G had no issues finding one. It seems to be a substandard copy of it’s earlier and better version Apple 3GS. There are a few more iPhone 4 problems, let’s have a look at them. Color on the Display There are many users who complain of ‘yellow splotches’ on their iPhone 4 display screen. This yellow discoloration seems to appear on activation and soon becomes invisible when used throughout the day. The answer for this magical appearance and display of yellow colors given is that due to the demand for the new gadget, there was a rush shipment of cell phones sent over. The glue used to stick the display was not dried and thus appeared as blotches on the display. As the glue dries, the yellow discoloration disappears. Hello, Can You Hear Me Now? The above statement must have made you realized that the next Apple iPhone 4 problems is related to reception. The steel band antenna on the lower left side loses all reception the minute one touches the area. So, if you inadvertently have your hand over the area while using the phone, your phone may suffer from the irritating ‘call drop syndrome’. The solution provided by Steve Job All right reserved by summy
  3. 3. Problems with Apple iPhone 4 is not to hold the phone ‘that way’. This means you need to take care that your hand does not cover the antenna while talking. Better take classes to learn how to hold an Apple iPhone 4 before you take home one. Wi-Fi, Bye-Bye One of the many flaws and problems with iPhone 4 is WiFi connectivity. Even Steve Jobs had problems connecting his phone through WiFi on launch day. According to him, too many users were using WiFi in the Moscone conference room causing the delay of connectivity. The video calling program called FaceTime that Apple is banking on needs WiFi networks to function. This means until and unless you are on or absolutely closed to a hot bed for WiFi, this program will prove to be useless. One more thing, this video calling program can be used to call only other Apple iPhone 4 users. Where’s the Flash One of the problems with new iPhone 4 is that one cannot use Flash on the phone. This means some of the videos cannot be viewed on your Apple iPhone 4. Thus, no Adobe Flash is a disappointing feature of the new phone. This was some information related to problems with iPhone 4. There All right reserved by summy
  4. 4. Problems with Apple iPhone 4 are many other iPhone 4 problems like some users claiming switched functions of volume buttons. If a user presses ‘+’ button for volume increase, it may cause decrease of volume. Other issues like the plastic back that is easily scratched and even easy to break. Better wait and read all the reviews regarding the problems with new iPhone 4, before you get one for yourself. Think, analyze decide for yourself, whether problems with iPhone 4 are just rumors or hard facts. All right reserved by summy