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Kindle vs i pad


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Kindle vs ipad

Published in: Technology, Education
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Kindle vs i pad

  1. 1. Will the Kindle e-book reader disappearedAmazon Kindle e-book reader is a specialized product, onlyallows the user to do an event: reading. To continue to survive,the reading must be a success, not only with other e-book readercompetition, and Apple iPad contend that multi-functiondevices. iPad can do thousands of things, if used to read anentire book, although it makes sense, but the performance not asgood as Kindle.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), said: "I think in thefuture there will be the tenth generation and the twenty-Generation Kindle." Bezos said the remarks if with a touchdefensive, then iPad is probably because the great success of Copyright by summy
  2. 2. Will the Kindle e-book reader disappearedmulti-function devices.Although the e-reader market competition, some people calledthe iPad Kindle killer, not knowing the functions and settings,the coexistence of these two devices can winKindle support customer service in any Internet resources to buye-books, and can then read these books on any hardware, suchas Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Amazons ownhardware. Amazons strategy with Apple different. ApplesiTunes Store service through the promotion of its hardwaresales. Kindle hardware and software are designed to promote thee-book sales. Amazon Kindle is significant because not only isthe consumer electronic facilities, but also the convenience ofthe Amazon. Amazon no longer need to store and post a lot ofbooks, through the multimedia device, these steps can be easilycompleted. Amazon e-books need to do is to ensure the qualityof higher than competitors, and lower prices.Today, Kindle a detailed comparison with the iPad, because bothare stylish electronic reader, Kindle, and expensive than smaller Copyright by summy
  3. 3. Will the Kindle e-book reader disappearediPad only 150 U.S. dollars, and the prices are pretty Kindle DX.Kindle 3 sells for $ 139, 3G version for $ 189. Kindle price isvery competitive, the real "Bookworm" can without hesitation tobuy a new Kindle, this book than to buy a paper and so on ismuch more cost-effective transport time of 3-7 days. Soon afterthe decision to buy Kindle or iPad will be made in the majorityof consumers. Amazon chose not to focus on selling largeamounts of the Kindle reader, but sell more books.Talk about the hardware, Apple will continue to be sold to thosewho want a lot of iPad set of books, games, movies, web pagesin one of the buyers; the Kindle buyers are those who lovereading. This is a great victory for the customer, because we canthus make their own decisions and people can stop comparingKindle and the iPad. You can give your sister to buy a love ofreading combined with an Amazon Kindle book card, instead of$ 499, then buy iPad.Basically, not everyone likes Apple or Amazon. Now and in theforeseeable future, the Amazon Kindle used in makingcomputers, mobile phones and other handheld devices has made Copyright by summy
  4. 4. Will the Kindle e-book reader disappearedremarkable achievements. Sales of its Kindle e-book availablefor sale after 3 years beyond the paper book sales.Related Topics: iPad 2 FaceTime, iPad 2 Features, iPad 2 VS Xoom Copyright by summy