How to backup ipod music to mac


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How to backup ipod music to mac

  1. 1. How to Backup iPod Music to Mac iPod is getting more popular everyday and no matter in which part of the world you live, you know iPod is just wonderful. It is the most popular portable music device the world has ever seen! iPod sales are growing rapidly and with its increasing use, you should backup your iPod on Mac so that you can always revert back If needed. You love your music collection and you certainly don't want to lose it accidentally. There are many instances when you may end up erasing your content from iPod. Many of my friends ask me how they can recover songs from the iPod which they accidentally erased and I ask them If they have backup and the answer is no. So it is not possible to restore music to iPod without having a backup. If you use the ipod backup software for mac whenever you change the contents of iPod, the software keeps a full backup of your music and other stuff. You can backup all the music, videos, songs, photos, play lists, podcasts and almost everything from iPod to Mac. Not only you can backup your iPod but also you can transfer files from your Mac to your iPod. You can even create the playlists for your iPod with the software and the possibilities are endless. You can manage your iPod like an external hard drive with the software and manage multiple ipods at the same time. Now you can backup your music on Mac easy following the below steps Step 1: Download iPod to Mac on you Mac and run it . At this time, sync you ipod with Mac. Step 2: Export checked music to local a) Open the ipod music you want to export and check the ipod music in the file list; b) Click the "Export checked files to local" button to start exporting files: Step 3: Select a local folder and click the "Save" button to transfer the music from iPod to Mac local folder: If you fail to find the most appropriate output folder from the "Profile" list for your songs, you can customize a profile to put your songs. OK , through by this easy steps you can find out your ipod music on Mac now! Just share this with Copyright by summy
  2. 2. your friends. Copyright by summy