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Bangla Text To Speech Conversion in Android


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Design and make an android application for Bangla Text to Speech (TTS). A simple methodology can be described into the presentation. Presented in EATL app contest, 2012.

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Bangla Text To Speech Conversion in Android

  1. 1. Bangla Text To Speech Conversion in Android Group Name: KUET_DREAMERS Member`s Name: Muhammad Hozaifa Sanjoy Dutta
  2. 2. Background • As Bangla is a popular and one of the largest community language, most people need a speech converter to read any text. • Students, teachers, journalists, job holders and people of different sectors need text reader to read text. • And A text reader can help in different ways. • Consider this we have come up to make with the idea of the application named “Mithu”. • Objectives are to provide a bigger help to students, teachers, journalist and people of all sectors with working on Bangla language.
  3. 3. Idea- Mithu • Read a Bangla text from any file or manually input; • Try to teach Bangla as fast as possible; • Try to make Bangla language easy & comfortable; • Try to develop a Bangla TTS Library; Freatures & survices: • Read a Bangla Text from any file or manually input. ▫ User can read any Bangla text which is inputted into the app. ▫ It can be a paragraph of Bangla.
  4. 4. Idea- Mithu (cont.) • Try to teach Bangla as fast as possible; ▫ It can be used as a Bangla Learning app to teach Bangla language. ▫ Used who are not capable to read any book, it can be used as a reader for them. • Try to make Bangla language easy & comfortable; ▫ Used can input any Bangla text to listen the speech. ▫ It can used as newspaper reader, PDF reader and so on as a file reader of Bangla text . • Try to develop a Bangla TTS Library; ▫ It can be used as a Bangla TTS library. ▫ It can be used as a root app of all reader file.
  5. 5. Number of people to be benefitted • Size of target group: ▫ Huge number of people around the world including Teachers, Students, Journalists and general people who use smart phones and internet. • Internet usage of behavior of target group: ▫ Maximum students, journalists, teachers, government agricultural workers and so many general people are using internet now a days. So they need to learn a lot of knowledge from internet and resources as like book, PDF etc.
  6. 6. Service Modality • Step 1: Subscriber sends request to download the application • Step 2: System checks handset supportive or not • Step 3: Charges subscriber for the application fee • Step 4: Download the application in user’s mobile • Step 5: Start the app • Step 6: Input any text which want to listen • Step 7: Process the text into speech • Step 8: Make a speech for the text
  7. 7. Service Modality (contd..) Fig: Working procedure to generate speech from text
  8. 8. Service Modality (contd..) • Sample Input testing: আমার নাম মমঠু It works like this, আ + আম + আর + + না + আম + + মম + ঠু
  9. 9. Technical Feasibility 1. Input a Bangla text from keyboard: Details: As this app is based on Bangla speech converter, User have to input any text of Bangla. Feasibility: A Bangla keyboard will need to input any text. Already there are some smart Bangla keyboard have been launched in Google market. 2. Operating System: Details: To run this specific application it needs to support operating system of the handset. Feasibility: Android. 3. As this app is developing on Android mobile, so user need a android based phone.
  10. 10. Commercial Feasibility 1. Development Cost 2. Noise Free Sound Cost From where app will get money: 1. If Government take this app for Agriculture, Education sectors or any sectors. 2. Providing this app to the uneducated people. 3. Blind people can use this app for personal & commercial purpose. 4. If any university wants to take this app for their educational purpose. 5. For foreign users it may be sold in app markets for some demo version. 6. If it is used as a root app or a demo TTS library. and so on.
  11. 11. Additional Points • Education: * If school/college/university class lectures are listened by any audio player that will beneficial for them. * If this app is embedded with other software like as PDF, MS DOC or reader file, this will be beneficial for all. • Agriculture: * If this specific app is used as TTS engine for other language converter software , then farmers will take advantage from internet based help. They can use their knowledge • Commercial: * It will be beneficial for commercial purpose. • Entertainment: * It will serve entertaining purposes and so on.
  12. 12. Limitations • Development on pronouncing of combined letters is still on process. So this features is not available in this app. Like as, কষ্ট= ক + ষ + ্ + ট • Need to work on accuracy development on sound for pronunciation. • Need to develop to pronounce some words accurately like as গাছ । ভাল গাছ = গা + ছ ভাল= ভা + ললা
  13. 13. Conclusion • Education, Agriculture, Commercial and many sectors will be helped by this app. • This app will be a really good source of entertainment and so on.