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Qrops Gurnsey


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If you have ever worked in the UK and have a pension pot then you may be at risk in losing thousands in tax.
Speak to a QROPS specialist today to discuss your pension options for a brighter retirement.

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Qrops Gurnsey

  1. 1. Qrops-Advice.netGuiding you through the maze of offshore and expat pensions
  2. 2. Contents Introduction What are QROP’s Who should consider QROP’s Benefits Who to entrust for the right advice Speak to an Adviser today at
  3. 3. Introduction and Alexander Peter Wealth Management are part of the Inter Alliance World Net Group. We operate in 43 countries and have in excess of $6.0 billion of client money under management. QROP’s- Advice established as the brand to bring quality, qualified QROP’s advice. Helping expats globally pay less tax and maximise their pension returns. Speak to an Adviser today at
  4. 4. What are QROP’s? Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROP’s) Recognised by HMRC Came into affect with the Pension Simplification rules on the 6th April 2006 to enable pension holders to transfer their funds to another country when they retire to another jurisdiction. Speak to an Adviser today at
  5. 5. Who should consider QROP’s? Anyone with a UK pension who is planning to move from the UK Anyone with a UK pension fund who has moved from the UK Globally mobile expat professionals who have built up UK pension benefits even if not a UK national. Speak to an Adviser today at
  6. 6. Benefits Pension paid in the same currency as the country you are living in Avoid UK income tax on pension income Never forced to purchase an annuity as in the UK Pass remaining pension fund to who you like on death without a 55% tax charge as in the UK Greater investment choice Speak to an Adviser today at
  7. 7. Who should you entrust for theright advice? Ensure you use a company with experience in this market Adviser should complete a full transfer value analysis report, considering costs, jurisdictions and tax considerations Ensure fully qualified to new UK industry standard of QCF level 4 (to become mandatory in the UK from 01/01/13) Speak to an Adviser today at
  8. 8. Speak to an adviser today.Visit our website at