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Student service jan. message


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Student service jan. message

  1. 1. Superintendent of Student Services Message Jan. 10th , 2012Student Services Handbook Superintendent of Student Services Personal Beliefs:  Connect with peers with intent and purpose  Will not be available in print  Capacity building and support rather than judgementalism format this year  Transparency in all that I do  Can be found at the  Trust and support those I work with following address: Superintendent of Student Services Personal Vision: services/  A link also appears on the  Capacity Building GSSD website and Admin.  Collaboration NING  Communication
  2. 2. Student Services Vision: TheGood Spirit School Division Student Services For Information & Review:team believes, supports, and promotes the Important Dates for Administrators, Student Services Teachers & Professional Servicevision for supporting student diversity that hasbeen defined by Saskatchewan Ministry of Providers (Entire Year Calendar located in the Administrator Handbook)Education and that is based on exemplarypractices as outlined in the current literature. January:All Children… Projected school enrolment numbers and staffing requests • are acknowledged as having unique abilities and needs; and End of semester exam schedule Submit final marks to SDS (credit subjects) • are provided with the opportunity Submit marks for semester end report cards, student final exams to be kept for 1 year to develop to their maximum Grade 12 applications for post secondary potential and become lifelong Selective Parent Teacher Interviews learners; Ensure the EA staff participate in winter PD opportunity Selected schools will be invited to participate the Ministry/GSSD Student ServicesLearning Communities… Review • are caring and inclusive; PSP Therapy Blocks will begin in January Specific dates to remember: January 10 – GSSD Admin. Meeting, January 30 – GSSD • focus on the development of the whole child with a focus on social, Division Wide In-service Day , Jan. 18 – Autism Pro Circle of Care In-service, Jan. 20 - emotional, intellectual, cultural, ePPP Review Day spiritual and physical attributes; February: and School maintenance /accessibility requests for students with intensive needs need to be submitted to the SSC • are centres of excellence in which Inform transportation and SSC of potential bussing issues as they related to students with qualified personnel provide intensive needs for upcoming year (ie. wheelchair accessible bus, etc...) responsive, comprehensive programs based on Core Teacher-staff appreciation week Curriculum, instructional diversity Reflect on school goals and student progress and effective practices; Professional Staffing Survey will be emailed by HR Participate in school reviews with the SSC and selected schoolsServices and Supports… Grade 12 application to post secondary • are available to all students; Specific dates to remember: February 1, GSSD Student Services Ministry Review, February 7 – CLASS Act #4, February 14 – ISC Meeting, February 17 – PSP Therapy • are comprehensive, integrated and Block ends, Feb. 28 – PSP PLC Meeting and Maplewood/TPM Intro. And role out for address the needs of the whole Central Cluster Schools child; March: • are age and developmentally Staffing for fall (teachers) appropriate; and Inter. Disciplinary Team Meetings with PSPs Transition meeting should be scheduled for intensive needs students leaving the school and • focus on prevention, early those entering the school. Special consideration should be given to students with intensive intervention and effective needs entering school for the first time and have been receiving therapy from the health transitions; region Spring field trip planning and approvalRelationship and Partnerships… • are based on mutual respect, Parent Teacher Interviews and report card distribution collaborative processes and shared Education leave requests responsibility for the education and Prepare for Kdn. Registration well-being of children and youth; Participate in Student Services School Review Process using the Ministry Rubric Specific dates to remember: March 13 – RAD Assessment training, March 20 – GSSD • engage and support students, Admin. Meeting families and community members in planning, implementation, I. GSSD Student Services Areas of Focus for 2011/12 School Year: evaluation and continuing  Maplewood/TPM Project – The vision of the project involves enhancing development; and communication between the service providers, schools, etc… using the Maplewood Data Management system and TPM software. We will begin with the referral form • clearly articulate roles and used by Student Services, ePPP/ Impact Assessment, and the Counsellor Tracking responsibilities; Document. PSPs and Central Cluster SST will be trained on this software on Feb. 28th.Continuous Improvement…  Autism Pro & Circle of Care – The vision of the project involves enhancing the communication, collaboration & capacity of the three schools being piloted (one per