Gssd strategy map may


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Gssd strategy map may

  1. 1. Our Customers: Students and Families Vision: Inspiring passion for learning…developing strong citizens and leaders for tomorrow. Mission: Providing quality learning to build strong foundations creating brighter future for our students and families. Values: Integrity, Empathy, Growth, Equity, Belonging 1. Student learning and wellbeingStrategic 2. Equitable Opportunities 3. Accountability of all 4. People Engagement 5. SustainablePriorities Infrastructure Strategic Objectives Achieve student & C1 Improve C2 Enhance C4 Improve C3 Strengthen student & family student leaning student student learning parent engagement outcomes outcomes wellbeing supports Excel at key I1 Strengthen I2 Enhance I3 Improve internal I4 Improve processes Instruction business and external effective change processes communication management Enable people P1 Improve our capacity to P2 Enhance P3 Strengthen staff P4 Increase capacity work with First Nations levels of qualified engagement & leadership people staff morale capacity Achieve S3 Enhance S1 Improve S2 Reduce risk to S4 Improve financial transparency of alignment of GSSD Infrastructure stewardship resource allocation resources GSSD Strategy Map-April 30, 2012