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Qr codes for music business


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QR codes are great marketing tools for the music industry and can add extra value and user experience. There a multiple ways to use QR codes for expanding your (entertainment) business

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Qr codes for music business

  1. 1. What is a QR Code?QR or Quick Response Codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read by usingsmartphones. These codes, once scanned by your phone, can provide you with information, suchas a URL, contact information, SMS, or similar links to information right on your phone. You canfind these codes everywhere. For example on clothes, buildings, bus stops, business cards, cars,there is no limit! In order to read a QR code, you need free QR app.
  2. 2. Power Marketing Tool For The Music Biz!QR codes are great marketing tools for the music industry and can add extra value and userexperience. There a multiple ways to use QR codes for expanding your (entertainment)business:Promotion for concerts and artistsQR codes on; flyers, posters, cd covers, tour busses, banners and screens, offline and online ads.These ads can lead to text and graphics and / or audio commercials to market your event.Music downloadsQR codes can be great and easy for fans to download music straight from a QR code. Forexample: An iTunes link is often a long link and searching for the right song/album can takesome time. In addition, QR codes can play right into your demographic; 13 and up, who enjoyentertainment and electronics.Clothes/wear/fashion/merchandizingQR codes can be used on clothes, for example on the sleeves or as a big print, this way clothesbecome interactive wear and LOOK good too! A customized QR Code look great and can beintegrated with logo art to build a nice emblem for your product line. And by implementing a QRcode for a free music download on merchandizing such as t-shirts you can attract more potentialbuyers due to the added value offered by the QR code.Social Media.QR codes can be used as part of your arsenal to go viral or build your social media. By using QRcodes for social media such as Twitter and Facebook, you could use these codes for facebooklikes and retweets by offering special songs, free mixtapes or discounts.Optin emails.A customer base is important for any business! QR codes could help you or your organization tobuild a larger customers base by using these codes for email subscriptions and newsletters.Choose to use an subscription based e-mail method for your QR coding, and quickly build yourmarketing database with those addresses.
  3. 3. Sample: how to promote music or concerts A Teaser video. Use a QR code to direct people to a teaser video of the event. If it’s a musicconcert, then perhaps you could have a short clip showing the artists or performers. Or it can bea music video. If it’s a corporate event or congress, you can produce a short video focusing on theevent’s central theme. There’s nothing that stimulates people and rouses their curiosity betterthan a video presentation. Social media. Use your QR code to connect people to your Facebook page – or a Facebook likepage created especially for the event – or to your Twitter account where they can learn up-to-the-minute updates about the event. This ensures a wider reach, meaning more people will getto know about the event and then share with or pass the info on to their friends. Contest. Use a QR code-based contest related to the event you are promoting. You candistribute flyers or posters with QR codes where scanners can join a contest and win a prize. Theeasiest form of contest is a trivia game. It can also be an electronic raffle contest where peopleare simply required to like your event’s Facebook page and get a chance to win. You can give outfree tickets to the event or some related freebies. Posters. Use QR codes on simple advertisement posters. Scanners will be directed to an onlineinformation page where they’d know about the event’s schedule, venue, participants, etc. Youcan also use the code to lead people to a location map, or perhaps to an online ticket reservation. These are but a few ideas. There are still many ways to use these two-dimensional bar codes topromote any kind of event. With more and more people using smartphones and using mobileinternet, QR codes are very effective and cost-efficient when it comes to advertising andpromotion or simply drawing in the crowd.
  4. 4. QR Code Scans Skyrocket in Q2 2012A recent mobile barcode trend report, released by ScanLife, showed huge growth in mobilebarcode scanning. The trend report for Q2 of 2012 showed a record breaking number with 5.3million scans in the month of June alone, the highest ever number of scans in a month.The number of scans per minute jumped from 24 in the second quarter of 2011 to 120 in 2012.The company also reported that 4 million new people scanned via ScanLife in second quarterof 2012.The largest campaign run in the second quarter of 2011 provided just over 30,000 scans whereas the top campaign from Q2 of 2012 resulted in over two million scans. Campaigns thatgarnered the highest number of scans contained contests or loyalty programs as the primarycontent. Other mentionable QR campaigns contained social media content, app downloadcontent, and video content.With the numbers increasing it is key for marketers to focus on the demographics of QRcode users.Males make up the majority of the scanning population at 69 percent. As far as mobile platforms,Android leads the way with 53 percent of barcode scans. Apple iOS is the other notable mobileplatform that accounted for 43 percent of scans.Over 75 percent of the QR Code scanning demographic is comprised of people 25 years andolder. Meanwhile, 60 percent of people scanned from home, according to comScore data cited inthe ScanLife report.
  5. 5. Why a custom QR code?QR codes show up everywhere now, a standard QR code just plain simple black and white. Theproblem is that they have a better chance not very attractive, in fact it’s ugly digital graffiti. Acustom QR code is far more appealing and to be scanned. A custom QR code automatically drawspeople focus this is one step ahead.We make sure to represent your brand, logo and corporate colours into the QR code. People willautomatically be able to associate your specific QR code with your business.Why choose from other tenders?Today, a QR code is an important marketing tool for any business. For this reason alone, a QRcode must project an image quality and professionalism from the very start.Consider the following points before spending your money and trust on a QR service.- When you place an order for your QR code, you will communicate directly with your owndedicated designer by phone, email, Skype and online chat.- You won’t be waiting weeks for us to design your QRcode. Typically, we deliver QRcodes within5 working days, and if you need it faster just let us know.- If you need any help or advice, our support team are always on hand. You can contact us byphone, chat online, or use our 24 hour online support desk. Together, our team offers over 60years of media and Internet experience.- While other companies charge a lot for consulting, we support our customers with free adviceand tips! Since we closely observe the QR marketing arena, we can be instrumental inmaximizing your marketing campaign.- We provide a fixed price, so no hidden fees or extra unexpected costs.Our ServiceWith a strong growing mobile market, eye catching, custom QR Codes are an essential additionto Mobile marketing campaigns. Custom QR codes catches peoples attention, and providesadditional incentive to scan them.Our services include, custom designed QR Codes and back end services (Internet Audioor Web page to link to) and QR / mobile marketing consultation. Customized QR Codes start aslow as $99.00. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
  6. 6. Samples of our workYou can visit our Portfolio here.* smartphones needs to have a QR reader, you can find and download them here for freeInfo en contact:QRcodings.comJames HaselhoefAddress: De Genestetstraat 282273 VW Voorburg, The NetherlandsPhone: +31 628174338