Air yeezys on sale


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Air yeezys on sale

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  2. 2. Air Yeezy (Black-Orange) US$93.00 Air Yeezy (Bule-White) US$93.00 Air Yeezy ( Black-Red-Green) US$93.00 Air Yeezy (Yellow-White) US$93.00 Air Yeezy (Red-Black-White) US$93.00 Air Yeezy (Colors Of The Rainbow) US$93.00 Air Yeezy (Black-Pink) US$93.00 Air Yeezy (Black-White) US$93.00 Air Yeezy (Black-Red) US$93.00 Air Yeezy (White-White) US$93.00 Air Yeezy (Black-Green) US$95.00 Air Yeezy (Full Black- Noctilucence) US$95.00 Air Yeezy (Grey-Pink-Noctilucence) US$94.00
  3. 3. Why buy Christian Louboutin Shoes from us? KanyeKanyeKanyeKanye WestWestWestWest AirAirAirAir yeezyyeezyyeezyyeezy, which takes KanyeKanyeKanyeKanye WestWestWestWest's nickname Yeezy, draws upon the innovations from Nike's rich sporting history and fuses them with original lines, materials, and design elements that reflect West's unique style. The AirAirAirAir YeezyYeezyYeezyYeezy was developed from a strong relationship between West and Nike. Partnering with Nike Creative Director, Mark Smith, Kanye was taken through the product creation process, the same way athletes have with Nike Design for the past 37 years. From the start, West and Nike's shared vision was clear: to create a modern classic. An original Nike footwear style that reflects elements of Nike's sporting past, and remixes them with Nike innovation to deliver a unique shoes. The creative process of the Air Yeezy shoes began with the discussion around ideas and inspirations. The shoes began to take shape through a series of drawings and samples, each pulling inspiration and reference from some of Nike's iconic innovations and rich design history, across both Basketball and Sportswear styles. The Air Yeezys:Born from Kanye West's creative passion, built with Nike design and performance innovation, The Nike Yeezy was fine-tuned on stages around the globe, challenging convention by remixing the past to create something uniquely new, as only Nike Sportswear can. West is known for his non-stop energy both on the stage and off so the Air Yeezy shoes had to support and sustain West from start to finish. An almost obsessive focus was put on delivering supreme comfort throughout the development of the shoe. Emblazoned across the Air Yeezy is an exclusive "Y" repeat pattern, as either a debossed or lasered deta il, which takes inspiration from the Jordan brands iconic Elephant print material. This graphic treatment was developed by West and Smith to pay tribute not only to the name of the shoe and it's co-creator, but also to the various moments in history that spurred West's initial inspiration for the Nike Air Yeezy. The Nike Air Yeezy was released in Spring 2009. Three colorways will be available. The first in April 2009 will be the Zen Grey/LT Charcoal color way, followed this will be followed in May by a Black/ Pink version, and in
  4. 4. June with the final Net/Net color way. As part of this partnership, Nike will make a donation to the Kanye West Foundation. The marathon launch of Nike Air Yeezys in the middle of 2009 was probably the best thing ever happened to sneakerheads around the globe. For the lucky ones who got a pair, at least. For those who are not so lucky, well, there's still another chance to land an original Nike Air Yeezys without questioning whether it's a bootleg version or original, because our friends over at Karmaloop is holding an auction and the item up for bidding is a pair of original Net/Net Nike Air Yeezys with Kanye West's autograph on each shoe. That's ONE pair only and autographed by the man who designed the shoes himself! How rare can that be? Don't believe us? Check out the goodies. Love em? We do too, because 100% proceeds from this auction will benefit the Kanye West Foundation which partners with schools and community organizations to provide undeserved youth access to music production and academic support programs that will enable them to unleash their creative ability and reach their full potential. Sounds like a good cause? It is a great cause. To participate, look great AND get the shoes of your dreams, you gotta bid fast because right now the bid is at $1620 and you only have 3 days to bid. What are you waiting for? Go over to Karmaloop and get the autographed Nike Air Yeezys today! Partners:Partners:Partners:Partners: Christian LouboutinMBT Shoesair jordan Contact us | F.A.Q | Help Center | Air Yeezys | Privacy Policy | Return Policy | Affiliate Program | Nike Air Yeezy | Links | Kanye West Air Yeezy | Site Map
  5. 5. Product Tags: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0-9 WishList Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. only sell original NikeNikeNikeNike AirAirAirAir Yeezy,Yeezy,Yeezy,Yeezy, KanyeKanyeKanyeKanye WestWestWestWest LouisLouisLouisLouis Vuitton,Vuitton,Vuitton,Vuitton, KanyeKanyeKanyeKanye WestWestWestWest SneakersSneakersSneakersSneakers with 30%-70%off . We supply new style NikeNikeNikeNike AirAirAirAir Yeezy,Yeezy,Yeezy,Yeezy, KanyeKanyeKanyeKanye WestWestWestWest LouisLouisLouisLouis Vuitton,Vuitton,Vuitton,Vuitton, KanyeKanyeKanyeKanye WestWestWestWest SneakersSneakersSneakersSneakers for you.Welcome to your shopping!