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Health insurance coverage suggestions for small business owners


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Obama governement has made it compulsory to have healthcare plans for all. The last date for getting this insurance is somwehere in 2014. Every American citizen will be affected by this. Be it individuals, employees or business persons.

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Health insurance coverage suggestions for small business owners

  1. 1. QQBENEFITS Health Insurance coverage suggestions for small Business owners Mark Anderson
  2. 2. Health Insurance coverage suggestions for small Business owners Right now the health insurance coverage industry is really vibrant. This is confusing for an average American. That’s why it is really important right now to get relevant information about the most appropriate health insurance coverage for you; and for everyone this is different, unique. We are here to help you in choosing the best insurance coverage plan. We'll be discussing about small business owner's insurance coverage needs. If you want more details or information, do visit our website. Health Insurance
  3. 3. Small Business What is small business? "It is the business where number of employed persons is less than 50." Note that this definition is used here for the purpose of health insurance coverage only. So the legal definition might be different. Types of plans available Two types of plans are available for small businesses a. Individual & Family Health Insurance b. Group Health Plan Let's discuss Individual & family health insurance coverage first - This is coverage for ten owner & his or her family members. So as an individual, the business owner can apply for this plan. This is a proper plan - for an individual. But as a business owner this may not be the best strategy, because your employees are not covered under this. In such cases next option may be the better one. Group Coverage Plan - Such plans are sponsored by employers. Both - employee & employer - are benefitted with this plan under the coverage. Most of the time, the family members are also included in the coverage. Some lucrative tax benefits can be enjoyed with these plans. Health Insurance
  4. 4. The critical factors These factors are really crucial while choosing your health coverage plan. Among these various factors are - Health insurance amount in the plan - How convenient it is to buy - Any specific preferences for treatment providers - The cost of the premium Give proper thoughts to these factors. Health Insurance
  5. 5. Popular plans among Business Owners There are many options when it comes to choosing a coverage plan that is appropriate to your situation. Let's see which are the most popular or top coverage plans available. 1. HMO Health insurance Plans The health services & treatments required are provided by the HMO network of providers. Normally the services obtained outside of network providers, are not covered. 2. PPO Plans Some doctors and hospitals are on each insurance coverage companies' list. These are their preferred providers. Under this plan, one must go to the provider listed for services. If one goes to other doctors or hospitals, then he or she may not get full reimbursement of the treatment fees. 3. Indemnity Coverage Plans If you are looking for more freedom, this is the plan for you. The doctors and/or hospitals can be chosen by you under this plan. It is not uncommon with these plans that you pay upfront for the services. Later, the insurance coverage company gives you reimbursement. Health Insurance
  6. 6. So these are some of the most popular plan types available for a small business owner. Want more details? Visit our site & you will get much detailed info there. To get your Free, Instant Health Insurance Quote, pl go to Health Insurance