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Digital Transformation for the Public Storage Network


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With each store needing its own configuration, unique bandwidth requirements, individual hardware, and yet, all managed in a central corporate location, it’s easy to see why the edge network is a nightmare. But, with QOS, we bring the edge to you, in a central portal to monitor report and understand your network performance and make intelligent decisions for it. Streamline your SD-WAN solution, routing and switching, compute and virtual machines, licensing, and more all in one place.

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Digital Transformation for the Public Storage Network

  1. 1. Intelligent Networks for Intelligent Enterprises
  2. 2. The SD-WAN Story of Public Storage
  3. 3. More locations = more network requirements More applications = need high performance MPLS < Acceptable Performance More end points = more security vulnerabilities More connections = more latency & stability issues More sites = needed fast deployment Their business case for needing a better edge ! ! ! ! ! !
  4. 4. QOS Solution QOS handled all 2,600 locations for deployment and implementation. Handled approx. 40-50 sites per day, with no business downtime impact Benefits VeloCloud would give them more flexibility and performance and could better utilize their connectivity budget. Identified SD-WAN Specifically Vmware’s NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud Considered MPLS Needed a solution to handle their network performance needs identified by the IT team and C-suite The Public Storage Chain of Events
  5. 5. Outcome Public Storage’s network became: • More flexible • Integrated with Zscaler security protecting outbound traffic for their 5500+ employees • QOS worked with their aggregator of choice • QOS implemented custom APIs for SolarWinds and ServiceNow • 100% uptime on the overlay network – virtually eliminating network outages • Voice quality issues were resolved • PS now has full visibility into their network performance, application performance, carrier SLA violations, and revenue recovery • IT became a revenue center instead of a cost center
  6. 6. Enterprise SD-WAN QOS designs and deploys solutions for complex SD-WAN environments all over the globe. SD-WAN provides the best performance for your business with no interruption. It’s application- defined, and can be fully virtualized for the optimal operational control. Managed and Professional Services QOS has established their managed services support tools to integrate with customer’s existing or new platforms such as ServiceNow or SolarWinds. We make it incredibly easy to tie in ticket management, reporting and monitoring, and site management from your central systems. Virtual Network Services QOS Networks helps to bring the insights of a customer’s hardware at the edge and provide business performance data in a single platform. Edge as a Service What We Do
  7. 7. Create a seamless network between the physical and digital experience with QOS Networks More at Or on social