Machu Picchu Travel and Inca Trail to Machu Picchu


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Machu Picchu Travel and Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 Days

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  • Visit to Machu Picchu and travel in Peru
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Machu Picchu Travel and Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

  1. 1. MACHU PICCHU TRAVELQORIANKA TOURS SRL. Is a business in Cusco, Peru, with legal personality, incorporated under Law No.26887General Corporation Law of Peru. Is a serious and formal entity, comply with all administrative, legal andtax of our country.We have the relevant authorization from the governing bodies of the tourism sector in the city of Cusco, as theDireccionReginal de Comercio y Turismo" Dircetur - Cusco ".The National Service of Protected Natural Areas "SERNANP-CUSCO", We Have the provisions of the NationalSuperintendency of Tax Administration "Sunat – Cusco", in conclusion, We are a recognized entity andguaranteed by the Peruvian State, worthy of all credit.QORIANKA TOURS.we specialize in tours peru, Salkantay trek, inca trail, traditional tours in Cusco, MachuPicchu, trek, etc.Welcome to the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru. Prepare yourself as you are about to embark on avirtual tour exploring one of the most intriguing destinations on the planet. Don’t worry ... you won’tneed heavy hiking gear or an experienced guide to tour the spectacular views and scenery themagnificent complex has to offer.MACHU PICCHU TRAVELITINERARYDay 01.Cusco - AguasCalientes.- Early in the morning we will pick you up from your hotel to go to the train station, there we will board the trainthat will take us to the village of AguasCalientes.Arriving at the town of Aguascalientes we will go to the hotel, there we can relax and have all the day free toknow the town, we suggest you visit the thermal baths of Aguascalientes, explore the waterfalls of Mandor,knowing the site museum or simply rest in the hotel.Day 02.Machu Picchu - Huayna Picchu – Cusco.- Early in the morning after having breakfast at the hotel, we will take the bus that will lead us to the great city ofthe Incas, in the top we will see the dawn.Then make our walk in ascending to the mountain of "Huayna Picchu" from where you can see the majestic Incacity Machu Picchu, after the visit and a guided tour of two hours, you will have time to visit freely the mountainand take all the pictures you want then take the bus back to the village of AguasCalientes, where we will havelunch. In the afternoon we will board the train of return to the city of Cusco.Machu PicchuINCLUDED Transfer hotel railway station / train station Hotel Cusco
  2. 2. Train tickets Bus Aguas calientes / Machupicchu (ascent and descent) Professional Guide -Lunch (optional) Entrance to Machu Picchu Traveland Huayna Picchu. Accommodation at the Hotel in Aguascalientes.RECOMMEND TO BRING A small backpack with basic things. A bottle of water. A jacketfor rain. Insectrepellent, Sunblocker. Comfortablelongwalkshoes. Camera. Extra money.Inca Trailto Machu PicchuSalkantayTrekQorianka Tours
  3. 3. CLASSIC INCA TRAIL TO MACHU PICCHU 4DAYSThe Inca Trail is by far the most famous trek in South America and is rated by many to be in the top 5 treks in theworld. In just 26 miles (43km) it manages to combine beautiful mountain scenery, lush cloud-forest, subtropicaljungle and, of course, a stunning mix of Inca paving stones, ruins and tunnels. The final destination of the trailjust cannot be beaten: Machu Picchu, the mysterious "Lost City of the Incas" is an independent guide to the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu aimed at helping visitors todecide whether the Inca Trail is the trek for them. Although there are literally thousands of kilometres of "IncaTrails" throughout Peru this website concentrates on the Classic 4-day Inca Trail trek that starts at km82 (82kilometres along the railway from Cusco to AguasCalientes) and treks high up into the mountains passing theInca ruins of Llactapata, Runkurakay, Sayacmarca, Phuyupatamarca and WiñayWayna before finally arriving atMachu Picchu for sunrise on the 4th day of the trek. We have include information about when is the best timeto do the trek, how best to prepare for it, and advice on how to choose a tour operator best suited to yourinterests and budget. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu really is an beautiful trek and we hope that with a littleadvice and planning it turns out to be an incredible and unforgettable experience. Good luck and happytrekking!Inca Trail to Machu PicchuITINERARYDay 01 Cusco – Huayllabamba.-Early in the morning we will go to the community of Piscaycucho, also known as the Kilometer 82, located at2.700 meters above sea level. (8.856 Ft.), here we will meet the whole team that will be with during the trek,porters, cooks, assistants, etc. Begin our adventure by this important Inca road. The first journey is not verydifficult since we will walk by a flat ground near the Urubamba river with beautiful panoramic views as is theNevado Veronica and the colorful Andean landscape of the area, after a period of walking we will arrive at thefirst archaeological site known as Chilca where we will have lunch. After a short break we will continue our trekuntil arrive to Huayllabamba located at 3.000 meters above sea level. (9.840 Ft.), place whereitwill be ourfirstcamp. Approximatewalk time: 5-6 hours Traveldistance: 12 km (7.5 miles) Meals included: Lunch, dinner, coca tea.Day 02 Huayllabamba – Pacaymayo.-After an energetic breakfast, very early, we continue with our second day trek, this journey can be considered asone of the most difficult of the Inca Trail, since we have to walk in ascending order by the mountain until reachthe open AbraWarmihuañusca, at an altitude of 4.200 m.a.s.l. (1.377 Ft.), we will appreciate the variety of wildplants and beautiful flowers. Once arriving to the top we can admire the impressive panoramic view of "La
  4. 4. Cordillera de los Andes" and we will have lunch. After a short break begins our descent to the Pacaymayo valleywhere we will have our second camp. Approximatewalk time: 6-7 hours Traveldistance: 11 km (6.8 miles) Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, dinner, coca tea.Day 03 Pacaymayo - Wiñayhuayna.-Early in the morning after breakfast, we will continue our trek to get up to the archaeological site of Runcaracay,the way is totally paved, we can appreciate the beautiful harmony that exists between the Inca constructionsand nature. Our next visit will be Sayacmarka, beautiful archaeological complex that shows the impressivequality of Inca architecture, and then we will go to the archaeological site at Phuyupatamarka.We will continue our trek, by beautiful landscapes in the midst of abundant vegetation until arrive toWiñayhuayna, place of our third camp. Approximatewalk time: 7-8 hours Traveldistance: 16 km (10 miles) Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, dinner, coca tea.Day 04 Wiñayhuayna – Machu Picchu - Cusco.- Very early in the morning we can appreciate the Sun output at IntiPunku (sun gate), the place from where wecan see the enigmatic Inca city of Machu Picchu. We will begin our descent to the Inca City. . Here we will have aguided tour of the most important areas of this great Inca city, such as the urban area and agricultural as well asthe turrets, ceremonial plazas, sacred source, the Intihuatana or solar clock and terraces from where we cancontemplate the domains of the Inca.After a guided tour of two hours, you will have time to visit freely Machu Picchu and take all the pictures youwant. At the time indicated by our guide we will descend toward the village of AguasCalientes in order to havelunch. In the afternoon we will board the train of return to the city of Cusco. Approximate walk time until to IntiPunku: 2 hours Traveldistance: 4 km (2.5 miles) Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch (optional)INCLUDED Private transportation: Cusco – Inca trail . Entrance fee: Inca trail and Machu Picchu. Camping Equipment: dining tent, shops double, dining room (chairs, tables) shop kitchen Mealsduringthetrek. Mule and Muleteers to move camping equipment, food and the luggage of the passenger. First aid kit and oxygen. Professional Guide. Train ticket: AguasCalientes - Cusco. Transfer trainstation - hotel CuscoNOT INCLUDED
  5. 5. Sleeping bag.WHAT TO BRING: Backpacks for personal things Personal documents (passport). Flashlight. Insect repellent. Sunscreen. Toilet paper. Bottle and tablets to purify water. Waterproof clothing. long pants. trekking shoes Short pants. Rain clothing. Slippers or sandals to relax the feet in the camp. A cap or hat. Personal medications