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How to get mobile traffic


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How to get mobile traffic

  1. 1. ==== ====i pods for ====Moving pods ensure a stress-free move, and provide the mover with a means to an organized,accommodating moving experience. The process begins when an empty pod is dropped off andleft with the mover for up to one months time. The mover then, without urgency, packs allbelongings into the pod, using the extra time to organize the process. Upon completion, thecompany extracts the pod from the mover, hauling it to the company warehouse for safe-keeping.Once the date for delivery arrives, the company transports the moving pod to the desired address.There, the pod is left for as long as needed, allowing the mover to unpack belongings in a strategicmanner. When finished unpacking, the mover notifies the company, who then re-claims the pod,returning it to the warehouse.Different moves require different types of moving pods. Also, the amount of items to be shippeddetermines what the size of the pod should be. It is important to leave as little empty space aspossible in the pod, or boxes and items will jostle and slide around easily when transported. PODShas three different sized moving pods available to movers. They are:8x7x7 feet: ideal for holding one room of furniture8x8x12 feet: good for storing three rooms of furniture8x8x16 feet: able to hold 7,500 lbs., and can accommodate 5 rooms of furnitureU-Pack offers a similar service with the Relo-pack, a 28 ft. trailer delivered to the movers home.Like PODS, U-Pack allows the mover time to pack at leisure, and then delivers the trailer to thefinal destination. Both services are becoming quite popular due to so many relocating for better jobopportunities.All pods are constructed from steel and aluminum, with a durable top made of polymer, whichallows light to pass through the inside. This keeps the boxes, furniture and other items in the podmold and mildew free. The pods are waterproof, and are made to defy 110 mph winds. Relo-Packs are also made of aluminum, and are water and wind resistant. While PODS offers themover a key to the moving pod for security purposes, U-Pack requires the mover to supply apadlock.It is vital to know what size moving pod will be needed for the move, and figure in extra space forlast minute items or under-estimating. Also, if moving across the country, the 8x8x12 ft. pod is notavailable, so if moving a multi-person household, it is always best to go with the largest size. The8x7x7 ft. pod is best for movers living in a one bedroom apartment, studio apartment, or dormroom.The different types of moving pods ensure practicality for any size move, and to any location. Ifplanning a strategic move, knowing how much space will be needed is vital, and can save the
  2. 2. mover from any last minute problems. Plan ahead, play it safe, and rest assured there is a movingpod out there perfectly suited for any movers needs.For more information on moving pods, click on the following link: Source: ====i pods for ====