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Vison Presentation - Q. McDowell


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School Vision Presentation for EDUC 6234

Published in: Education
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Vison Presentation - Q. McDowell

  1. 1. Mercersburg Academy Established 1893Quentin McDowellGWID: 35555244EDUC 6234: Site Based Leadership: K-12Sustained Internship #2 – Vision PowerPoint
  2. 2. School Mission Mercersburg Academy prepares young men and women from diverse backgrounds for college and for life in a global community. Students at Mercersburg pursue a rigorous and dynamic curriculum while learning to live together harmoniously in a supportive residential environment.Mercersburg’s talented faculty instills in students the value of hard work and the importance of character community. These talented instructors teach students to think for themselves, to approach life thoughtfully and creatively, to thrive physically, to act morally, to value the spiritual dimension of human existence, and to serve others.
  3. 3. School Vision Core Elements1. Authenticity  The school must always conduct itself in a fashion that is true to its personality, spirit and character.2. Relevance  The school will strive to ensure all endeavors have social, cultural or intellectual relevance.3. Distinction  The school will set itself apart from peer institutions by providing a unique, supportive and challenging learning environment.4. Student Centered  The school will always take a student-centered approach .
  4. 4. School Vision Strategic StatementsMercersburg believes1…1. it is important to “meet students where they are” when they arrive to most effectively and efficiently help them develop skills they have and acquire skills they need.2. all planning and implementation of programs should take into deliberate consideration the developmental stages of adolescence.3. in a dynamic curriculum that responds intelligently and creatively to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.4. in the inherent educational value of an interdisciplinary project-based experience.5. technology skills should be integrated throughout the curriculum to foster student-centered learning and enhance communication, collaboration, organization, and production in all classes.6. in field study and experiential opportunities that include integrated local, regional, national and international experiences.7. adequate time in the schedule for faculty to plan, collaborate, and reflect.8. in the importance of inspiring students, faculty and staff to be involved and invested in the school community.9. that a relationship with parents that maximizes and emphasizes a sense of partnership with the school.
  5. 5. School Vision Diversity• A continued focus on diversity is one way the school can remain relevant, authentic and distinguish itself. – Diversity of Origins – Approx. 430 students each year » 22% international students » 30 states and 34 countries represented – Diversity of Race/Ethnicity/Gender – 18% students of color – 50% female/50% male (approx.) – Diversity of Interests – 167 course offerings – 24 varsity level sports – 4 vocal ensembles – 3 instrumental groups – Theatre company – Dance company – Outdoor Education
  6. 6. School Vision Academics• Academics must remain and the forefront of the school and must be distinct and relevant. – 167 academic courses – 40+ AP and Advanced level courses• Student to faculty ratio of 5:1• Average class size of 12 students• 71% of 101 faculty hold advanced degrees
  7. 7. Unique Academic Offerings• Robotics I, II & III• Applied Human Anatomy & Physiology• Introduction to Film Studies• Introduction to Journalism• History of the Modern Middle East• Buddhism• The History of Music• Evolution of Vertebrates• Physics of Theater• Astronomy• The Nature and Meaning of the Universe• Digital Video Art• Sculpture• Mandarin Chinese
  8. 8. School VisionExtracurricular Activities “To provide the student body with a balanced program and activities forrelaxation, age and high school appropriate entertainment, and education. That needs to include intellectually, spiritually, artistically, athletically stimulating activities and performances. The main objective should be to add and provide balance to our rigorous and challenging academic curriculum and residential life.2”
  9. 9. School Vision Extracurricular – Fine Arts• Fine arts (performance and visual) have broad benefits to students and students at Mercersburg should be provided with ample opportunities to explore the arts. • Fine arts should be required for a minimum of 2 terms in the 9th and 10th grades • Course offerings currently include drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, computer graphics, digital video, acting, speech, etc. • Performance groups must be widely varied in nature and opportunity • Currently there are 7 musical performance groups (instrumental and choral), dance and the Stony Batter Troupe (est. 1894) • Opportunities must exist for students to share and observe peer work • Annual Student Film Festival • Student Art Exhibits • Modern Dance and Ballet Performances • The school needs to arrange for private music instruction for students that request it
  10. 10. School Vision Extracurricular – AthleticsStudents at Mercersburg should engage in some form of athletic endeavor during their tenure at the school. Athletics can offer students a physical outlet (allowing for positive releases of energy), they provide opportunities for socialization and they promote a healthy mind, body and spirit. In addition, athletics can teach students the value of hard work, preparation, commitment, dedication, integrity, success and failure.
  11. 11. School Vision Residential LifeResidential life is an essential component of boarding school life.At Mercersburg, students will…1. board for at least one year.2. have advisors that work in their residence hall.3. live with students of a similar age, grade and developmental level.4. learn to take on leadership roles.5. acquire life skills in formal and informal settings.6. learn to live in community with others.7. Discover appropriate an inappropriate social interaction.8. Learn to make healthy decisions.
  12. 12. School Vision International Programs• Students at Mercersburg will be required to travel internationally at least once while at Mercersburg. • Students will… • Receive guidance in the importance of inter-cultural competence. • Prepare appropriately, journal during and debrief following any international experience. • Mercersburg will… • Continue to offer a diverse slate of programs for faculty and students to attend. • Be provided with the financial support necessary to attend one of many language or culture based programs.
  13. 13. School Vision Finance & OperationsMercersburg Academy currently has a $193 million endowment. This endowment, along with substantial giving (approx. $7.5 million for the 2010-2011 year) allow for great stability for the school. In order to maintain that stability, Mercersburg will… 1. Continue to make efforts to grow the endowment and increase the annual fund giving through active cultivation of relationships with an alumni base of nearly 9,000 worldwide. 2. Make cautious, yet proactive decisions regarding investments, construction and programming. 3. Recruit and retain highly talented faculty, or staff, in the Business Office, Alumni & Development, the Admission Office and other key positions (e.g. Head of School).
  14. 14. School Vision Campus Mercersburg will continue to maintain and improve its campus in order to provide students with state of the art physical spaces for students and teachers to learn/live in. • Over 300 acre campus• $26 million Burgin Center for the Arts, $9 million renovations to Nolde Gymnasium • 50,000 volume Lenfest Library • 47 classrooms and labs • 30 school buildings and 10 playing fields
  15. 15. School Vision FacultyMercersburg understands that the key to a successful school is through the work of competent, skilled and inspiring faculty.With this in mind, Mercersburg will… 1. Encourage and support (through time and money) opportunities for professional development. 2. Develop a yearly schedule that affords faculty time for planning, preparation and collaboration. 3. Provide opportunities for internal development through workshops, guest speakers, observations, etc. 4. Compensate faculty well and continue to provide housing, tuition remission for faculty children, adequate benefits and compensation for graduate degree expenses. 5. Make time at the beginning, end and during the year, for faculty training in technology, curriculum, teaching methodologies, etc.
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