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Presented at ORBiT Real Time Days 2014
Panel discussion by:
• Dianna George, Hub International
• John McDonald, blueC 802
• Beth Sigurdson, efficientbroker
• Yazan Alwaid, Silanis Technology

We all know how long it takes to get an app or an endorsement signed if the client isn’t sitting in front of you; the faxing or emailing back and forth; the attaching all the various copies….talk about a lack of efficiency! We’re going to show you what some brokers are doing today and talk about what other options exist. This is one bottleneck that can be removed without too much effort….and a whole lot of pay-back!

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  1. 1. eSIGNATURES Dianna George, Hub International John McDonald, blueC Beth Sigurdson, efficientbroker Yazan Alwaid, Silanis
  2. 2. eSignatures 1 What are audio signatures and e-Signatures? 2 What is needed to do audio signatures/e- Signatures? 3 Are e-Signatures legally binding? 4 Have there been any cases where the courts have not recognized them? 5 Are there any circumstances where you would not recommend an audio or e-Signature be used?
  3. 3. eSignatures 7 How can a broker start and end in their BMS using audio/eSignatures? 8 What parameters have you put in place to ensure all the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed when using audio signatures or eSignatures? 9 What do you think are the benefits of audio signatureseSignatures? 10 What has been your client’s reaction to audio signatures/e-Signatures?
  4. 4. eSignatures 11 Do you accept audio signatures or eSignatures for all lines of business? 12 Are there any instances when you insist upon an actual pen to paper signature? 13 Do you think broker-carrier agreements need to include a point on eSignatures? 14 How did your workflows and procedures need to change to incorporate audio signatures/eSignatures?
  5. 5. eSignatures 15 How much training did you need to deploy to get people comfortable with the change? 16 How has your internal audit process changed to incorporate audio signatures/ e-Signatures? 17 What issues have arisen when audio signatures/e-Signatures have been used vs. the traditional signed application, endorsement or LPV?
  6. 6. eSignatures 18 Have you had any claims situation made more difficult as a result of an eSignature? 19 When you needed to produce a signed document in the past, you simply emailed/faxed it from your file. How do you do that when what you have is an audio signature on a hard drive? 20 What percentage of brokers are using audio signatures; e- Signatures? 21 How expensive a technology is this? 22 What barriers do you see to wide-spread adoption of audio/e-Signatures?