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Mal lawal eng


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Mal lawal eng

  1. 1. Completion Rules And Conditions: Freely selection of the subjects. The subject should not contradict with the Islamic and social values. Participant age from 25 years old. Participating should not exceed (3) and not less than (2). The art pieces sizes should not exceed 200cm X 200cm. The participating subject should be completed within the past 2 years and it should not have been displayed previously. All photographic works should be displayed in proper frames, all sculptures and ceramic works should be displayed properly.Types of display :Drawing, Photography, Ceramic, Sculptures, Engraving Typo, Structural Works, Video Arts, Digital Arts.How To Participate : Send summarized CV contains pictures of participating works and your photo (optional) on a Digital CD and it should not be less than 300dpi, no later than 16/4/2012. After the selection and acceptance of the work art by the committee. The participant artist will be notified and asked to send his works. The last day to accept all selected work art is 9 /7/ 2012 . The organized committee will not accept any late participants after mentioned dates.Methods Of Selecting Participated Work In The Exhibition And Arbitration: An unbiased committee will be formed to screen all participated work art. The committee decisions are final and will not be appealed. An unbiased committee will be formed to judge and select all accepted work art. The Committee decisions are final and will not be appealed. The artists has the right to retrieve unselected work arts after the official ending of the exhibition, as long as does not exceed two months of the exhibition official last day.Awards: Group A : 7 recognized work art prizes. Group B : 10 recognized work prizes.For more information, please contact us on: Tel: 66303986 – 66303983 Email: