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  • This slide primarily serves as an intro so you can position QLogic as an industry leader in networking solutions that are ideally suited for an increasingly virtualized world.
  • Now let’s take a look at QLogic’s revenue contribution by channel; approx. 80% of our revenues are derived from sales to Tier One OEM customers, such as HP, IBM, Dell and other industry leaders. And approx. 20% is derived from sales to valued channel partners and distributors, including Info X, Hammer, Tech Data and Avnet. Working through our OEMs and channel partners we have successfully implemented QLogic networking solutions at leading companies such as, Warner Bros. and Mercedes-Benz.
  • Recent announcements by QLogic represent a fundamental shift in the Fibre Channel switching landscape. Tier one OEMs and technology titans, in the form of HP and EMC, has forged agreements with QLogic to sell our lineup of enterprise-class Fibre Channel stackable switches worldwide. HP will OEM QLogic’s 5800V series of FC stackable switches and brand them as the HP StorageWorks SN6000 Stackable 8Gb Fibre Channel Switches. The SN6000 is available from HP now for use with HP servers and storage systems including HP BladeSystem Virtual Connect, HP StorageWorks MSA and EVA arrays. This move is designed to enable QLogic to expand its global market share in Fibre Channel switching, as the transition to Nehalem processors, the increased adoption of VMware and the shift to Windows Server 2008 R2—all part of a gradual server refresh cycle—fuels the transition to 8Gb FC technology in data centers. QLogic is continuing to expand its FC switching footprint into the mainstream data center. The big picture news is that QLogic is now in a position to attain incremental revenue and market share gains in an area we have placed an increasing level of focus on in recent months. We are focused on building upon our accomplishments in the network adapter market by expanding our FC switching business, which is core to our growth strategy. At this time last year we didn’t have these large Tier One OEMs embracing QLogic stackable switching technology and now we are in a position to leverage their sales models to drive growth in this market worldwide. We are now poised to penetrate the mainstream data center, building on our HBA strengths, and are extending our reach to a whole new series of HP and EMC partners that we never had access to before.
  • The FC switching market is forecast to be $1B+ in revenue by 2011; this means that for every 1% of market share we gain, it translates to roughly $10M in incremental revenue. Clearly, the business opportunity at hand is rather significant and compelling both in size and stature.
  • Attractively priced, QLogic stackable FC switches bring affordability to the world of high availability switching. Companies don’t need to buy capacity they don’t really require. IT departments can simply add ports if and when necessary, which is much more efficient. QLogic enables businesses to start small, and scale up when they need—as slowly or quickly as they need to. They can scale non-disruptively from 20 to over 500 ports.By reducing cable and connection costs while enhancing SAN performance, QLogic stackable FC switches lower capital and operational expenditures.Our stackable switches enable automated management and improve administrative productivity through management software included with every switch.Stackable switches offer 25 percent higher user port counts, easier configuration growth and better inter-switch bandwidth and manageability.CIOs can better leverage their assets with greater granularity of scale.This translates to better utilization of cash short-term and long-term, an improved balance sheet and the ability to take advantage of price reductions over time.
  • Fibre Channel Stackable Switching is a superior approach compared to director-class switches. In an economy where every ounce of savings counts, QLogic 8Gb Fibre Channel Stackable Switch represent an investment which transcends the barriers of competitive offerings.Our agreements with HP and EMC come on the heels of a new economic value study just released by researchers at Wikibon which shows that stacking switches can reduce an organization’s TCO by up to 43 percent compared to conventional FC switches (or, said another way, that the TCO for non-stackable switches is 74% more expensive).It’s a much more technically elegant approach to scaling your FC switching infrastructure. While other switches burn up user/device ports just to connect to EACH OTHER, QLogic has designed DEDICATED inter-switch link (ISL) ports. Your switch-to-switch connecting is all taken care of through the ISLs. It’s much cleaner, a significant reduction in cabling. Just look at the images that visually demonstrate the difference between the two approaches. The complex, mangled web of cables offered by other vendors is clearly representative of yesteryear’s approach. Just as ISLs have been prevalent and successful in the LAN world for years, the time has come for the SAN world to adopt this rather cost-effective technology.
  • Customers are assessing their IT environments in an effort to do more with less. The QLogic iSR6250 router provides customers with the flexibility of high performance 10Gb iSCSI environments alongside existing high performance storage area networks for more highly available virtual machines on the network allowing for massive consolidation in virtualized environments, such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • As you can see here, the 10GbE/FCoE adapter and NIC market is expected to expand significantly in the coming years, growing from approx. $100M today to over $850M by 2013; pure FCoE adapters are expected to grow over 200% per year for the next 5 years and represent $400M of the total revenue projected during that timeframe. No matter how you look at it, the prevalence of 10GbE and FCoE will only increase over time.
  • Key points highlighted on slide.
  • Although our core FCoE competencies have been on the market since last year, the industry has just heard about FLEX PORTS, the most compelling feature of our new “Bullet” ASIC.
  • Key points highlighted on slide.
  • The following statements from InsideHPC characterize some of QLogic’s key advantages in HPC that are highlighted on this slide:“QLogic is an interesting company in the IB space as they control the entire experience — from silicon (Voltaire buys silicon from rival Mellanox) up through switches, adapters, architecture, and application integration. Their switches are also big: at 648 ports, the QLogic 12000 Series Director 40 Gbps switch packs double the ports of the Mellanox top end gear...In my conversation with them, QLogic showed me a slide comparing Mellanox’s ConnectX QDR adapter performance (which notably features offload support) with their own TrueScale QDR adapter. The slide shows the performance advantage growing from 5 through 22% at the number of cores in the benchmarked application grows from 64 to 256. By way of explanation, QLogic’s Jesse Parker (GM and VP Network Storage Group) said that offload is helpful at lower core counts, but as core counts increase QLogic’s approach of relying on the cores to do the processing that Mellanox offloads to the cards means that processing resources scale as network demand grows….An interesting stat on the company? According to Parker, QLogic has been profitable for 57 straight quarters, and has $340M in cash on hand.”“Keep an eye on QLogic’s InfiniBand business.  Over the past twelve months, they have landed OEM relationships with HP, IBM, Dell and SGI.  As such, they now have the ability to directly or indirectly market their technology very efficiently across a wide expanse of the HPC ecosystem.  Remember, QLogic’s InfiniBand technology is not based on Mellanox silicon.  They bring the legacy “out-of-the-box” thinking from their Pathscale acquisition.  Don’t be surprised to see QLogic start popping up more and more in an HPC shop near you.”
  • No matter which product you refer to in QLogic’s broad networking portfolio, leading industry analysts and media widely acknowledge QLogic’s leadership position.
  • Key points highlighted on slide. Bottom Line: QLogic has you covered.
  • Following is a roadmap for our Networking Portfolio spanning FC Networks, Ethernet Networks and InfiniBand Networks. Add NDA info, if appropriate.
  • The QLogic of today represents much more than storage area networks and Fibre Channel. It represents a holistic view of addressing the continuously evolving requirements of the overall networking space. It represents a culmination of over 10 years of diverse networking expertise, substantial investments in interoperability, and the combined knowledge of hundreds of networking professionals. With a relentless focus on market leadership and continuously strengthening its competitive profile, QLogic is an innovator in the greater networking world. Whether it’s dedicated networks or converged networks, QLogic is at the forefront of networking technology innovation and business execution.
  • Corporate Presentation

    1. 1. About QLogic Corporation 2 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    2. 2. Company Highlights Growing Market Opportunities • Intelligent Converged Networks: CNAs, cLOMs, Switches • InfiniBand® QDR & EDR: Switches, Adapters, ASICs • 8Gb & 16Gb Fibre Channel: Switches, Adapters, ASICs Significant Competitive Advantages • Owner of Most Established, Proven FC Stack in the Industry: Over 11 Million FC Ports Shipped • IP Portfolio Spans Specialized Silicon for FCoE, Ethernet, InfiniBand • Latest in ASIC Design Technology; Unparalleled in Every Respect World-Class Management Team • Continuous Focus on Market Leadership & Execution3 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    3. 3. Company Highlights Highly Attractive Financial Model • Significant Financial Strength: $399.7M in Cash & Zero Debt • 64 Consecutive Quarters of Profitability* • LTM Revenues of $606M (through 06/11) • LTM Cash from Operations of $191M • LTM Stock Buyback of $153M; $1.7B to date • Converged Networking Revenue grew greater than 20% sequentially for second consecutive quarter in Q1FY12 The Leader in Key Market Sectors • Number one position in FC adapters with 55% of total revenue share • Leader in the emerging FCoE adapter market, with 39.4% percent of the market • Gained additional 10GbE adapter revenue share, validating continued momentum • Market Leader in iSCSI hardware offload adapters * Non-GAAP4 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    4. 4. Key Financial Trends Revenue Gross Margin Operating Margin $180 100% $170 90% $160 80% $150 70% $140 60% Revenue (Millions) Margins $130 50% $120 40% $110 30% $100 20% $90 10% $80 0% Q1 06 Q2 06 Q3 06 Q4 06 Q1 07 Q2 07 Q3 07 Q4 07 Q1 08 Q2 08 Q3 08 Q4 08 Q1 09 Q2 09 Q3 09 Q4 09 Q1 10 Q2 10 Q3 10 Q4 10 Q1 11 Q2 11 Q3 11 Q4 11 Q1 12 * Excludes acquisition-related charges, stock-based compensation, impairment charges related to intangible assets and investment securities, special charges, and the related income tax effects.5 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    5. 5. Customers Across a Multitude of Industries 80% 20% 6 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    6. 6. Our High Performance Networking Portfolio 12000 Series 9000 Series 8000 Series InfiniBand InfiniBand 3000 Series Converged Network Switches Switches 7000 Series Intelligent Ethernet Adapters InfiniBand Adapters cLOMs Adapters Converged Networking HPC Networking 5000 Series 9000 Series 4000 Series 2000 Series 6000 Series FC Core iSCSI Adapters FC Stackable FC Adapters FC-iSCSI Routers Switches Protocol Switches Controllers Storage Networking7 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    7. 7. Our Product Portfolio Host Products Network Products Silicon Products FC Adapters FC Switches Protocol Controllers FCoE Adapters FCoE Switches iSCSI / Ethernet Adapters FC/FCoE/iSCSI Routers InfiniBand Adapters InfiniBand Switches8 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    8. 8. Focus Areas Storage Networking • Nehalem Servers, VMware & Hyper-V Driving Shift to 16Gb FC Adapters and Switches • 8Gb FC Adapters now 70% of Total FC Adapter Revenue • Market Leader in 4Gb & 8Gb HBAs • End-to-End 8Gb Solutions • Qualified and Shipping with all Tier One OEMs • Strong Growth in Blade and Edge Switch Markets • Tier One OEM Design Wins: HP, EMC • 10Gb Intelligent Storage Routers • Massive Consolidation for Virtualized Environments9 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    9. 9. The FC Market Leader 60% 54.4% 54.5% 53.3% 49.8% 50% 40.4% 38.2% 40% 42.1% 38.6% 37.9% 38.1% 37.4% 34.5% 30% QLogic 16.4% Points 20% Ahead 10% 8.1% 8.1% 7.8% 7.3% 3.5% 4.1% 0% CY05 CY06 CY07 CY08 CY09 CY10 QLogic Emulex Others Source: Dell’Oro Q410 SAN Report10 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    10. 10. Q1CY11: Dominating the FC Adapter Marketwith a 12.8% Point Lead60% 55.6% 57.0% 54.4% 54.2% 54.4% 54.4% 53.3% 53.1%50% 39.9% 40.5% 39.2% 38.6%40% 37.8% 37.9% 36.5% 36.4%30% QLogic 12.8% Points20% Ahead10% 4.6% 4.5% 4.0% 3.8% 4.4% 3.8% 3.8% 3.5% 4.5% 4.0% 4.2% 0% 3.2% 2.6% 2.7% 1.9% 1.4% CYQ309 CYQ409 CYQ110 CYQ210 CYQ310 CYQ410 CYQ111 CYQ211 QLogic Emulex LSI Others Source: Dell’Oro Q211 SAN Report11 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    11. 11. Disrupting the FC Switch Market ―QLogic’s moves in this space are impressive as the company is evolving its technology to play a more important role in the data center‖ ~ Wikibon12 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    12. 12. Fibre Channel Switches will be a $1B+ Market Millions $1,400 $1,176 $1,200 $1,104 $1,017 $1,000 $933 $140 $285 $62 $25 $800 FCoE Blade $600 FC Fixed + Blade $908 $955 $964 $892 $400 $200 $0 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14Source: Crehan Feb 2011 FY11 – 14 CAGR 8.0% 13 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    13. 13. The Benefits of Stackable Switches How NOT to build large fabrics How to build large, low-cost fabrics Simply add members to a stack – no device ports (or dollars) are used on inter-switch links (ISLs) in a Single-Speed switches stack 80 Ports Stackable Switches Device ports used Gets worse 80 Ports Dedicated high-speed ISL for ISLs with time backbone High Low cost, dimin cost, consi ishing ROI stent ROI Every new switch takes user ports from existing switches All user ports remain available as the SAN grows• 40 device ports used • Zero device ports used• 40 SFPs to buy for ISLs • Zero SFPs to buy for ISLs• 20 cables to manage • 6 cables to manage• 5 switches • 4 switches Deteriorating Performance Enhanced Performance 14 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    14. 14. Our Stackable Switches Deliver Significant TCO Advantage 74% “Wikibon concludes that the TCO for non-stackable switches is more expensive than for stackable switches. Wikibon strongly recommends that senior IT management and network managers include stackable switches on RFPs.” 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Non-Stackable 24 44 60 72 80 108 120 128 Stackable 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Number of Switches 15 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    15. 15. The Industry’s Most Advanced Routing Solution10Gb Intelligent Storage Routers• QLogic Leads with World’s First 10GbE iSCSI Routers• EMC, Hitachi & HP Now Selling 10GbE iSCSI Routers in VMware Environments • Aggregates up to 1,000 iSCSI Hosts; Enables Massive Consolidation in Virtualized Environments • Customers can Utilize Existing Hardware and Initiate an Aggressive VMware Strategy with Minimal Change in Fibre Channel Storage Infrastructure16 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    16. 16. Focus Areas Converged Networking • First-to-Market with FCoE CNAs • Extensive Fibre Channel and Ethernet IP & Expertise • First with Single Chip FCoE CNAs • Lowest Power Consumption, Peak Performance • Significant Tier One OEM Design Wins • Cisco, Dell, IBM, NetApp • Available from EMC and HP • A Trio of New 10GbE Converged Networking Solutions • Only vendor with Adaptive Convergence™ • First with a Gen 3 CNA17 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    17. 17. QLogic Introduces end-to-end Fabric Freedom Cloud computing simplifies service delivery. QLogic’s end-to-end Adaptive Convergence gives you Fabric Freedom to build YOUR cloud. ANY Storage Access ANYTHING… ANY Fabric LAN SAN FC FCoE iSCSI / NAS DCB Ether (Multi-vendor) ANY Host ANY Migration Path CNAs Private Cloud Public Cloud …on ANY port Hybrid Cloud HBAs NICs18 QLogic Restricted/Confidential 11/10/2011
    18. 18. The Strategy for Unparalleled Customer Flexibility Any Form Factor Any OS High Performance Efficient FC FCoE Scalable Adaptable iSCSI 10GbE IB Any Protocol Any Hypervisor Flex FlexOffload™: Multiple virtualization servicesservices Ports™: ShiftAdvanced protocol processing ConvergeFlex™: Concurrentprotocol offload services VMflex™: protocol support on-the-fly, immediately SecureFlex™: Data security services19 QLogic Confidential 11/10/2011
    19. 19. The Intelligent Converged Data Center CONSOLIDATION VIRTUALIZATION CONVERGENCE of assets of servers & storage of networks LAN SAN FCoE IPC 20 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    20. 20. The Industry’s First 4rd Generation CNA with 16Gb Fibre Channel The new look for adaptable, high performance fabrics . . . 16Gb FC FlexSuite 10GbEOptimized for VirtualizationSupport for industry standards and OEM proprietaryvirtualization technologies Lowest CPU Utilization Protocol offload for FC, FCoE, TCP/IP, iSCSI and IPSec Simultaneous Data and & Storage Connectivity PCIe Gen3 Compliant & SR-IOV Support Ethernet LAN & NAS; FC, FCoE, and iSCSI storage Greater performance & scalability in VM environments Introducing a Number of Industry Firsts for Converged Networking  The Industry’s First Fourth Generation CNA  Run FCoE, iSCSI and Ethernet CONCURRENTLY  Perform VM-to-VM Communication within physical machines 21 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    21. 21. ConvergeFlex—What This Means for Your Business• When youIP need to dynamically shift your workloads onto a different protocol: • You can now do so without rebooting your server iSCSI 10GbEE • You are not limited to an outage window to make that protocol change FCoE • You can deliver a higher Quality-of-Service to internal business units and external customers Concurrent, Diverse, Protocol Support 22 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    22. 22. A Higher Degree of Virtualization• Carve up Multiple Partitions, Flexible Bandwidth Provisioning• The ability to perform switch-agnostic VM-to-VM communication within physical machines• Extensive Virtualization Support: SR-IOV, NPAR, NIV (VNtag),VEPA/VEB 23 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    23. 23. Multi-Protocol Offload with No Limits• Full Hardware Offload of FCoE, iSCSI, TCP/IP• Guarantees the Lowest CPU Utilization in Industry• Requires an Average of 9% CPU Utilization • More Bandwidth for VMs and Apps • Competitors Choke CPU utilization up to 90% 24 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    24. 24. End-to-End Data Security• Protects data ―in flight‖ over the network• Allows data ―at rest‖ to be encrypted by storage systems in heterogeneous environments• Eliminates vendor lock-in; competitors force it upon you• Ensures end-to-end data security throughout the I/O stack 25 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    25. 25. The FCoE Adapter & LOM Market is Poised for Strong Growth 1000 800 600 400 200 10Gb Ethernet/FCoE Adapters & LOMS 2009E 2010E 2011E 2012E 2013E Source: Dell’Oro Group26 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    26. 26. Tier One OEMs Standardized on QLogic 8000 Series CNAs for FCoE and 10GbEPowerEdge Servers & Blades Exclusive: Power Systems, UCS Platforms System X & BladeCenter Exclusive: Servers All Host Servers & Storage Systems CNAs Certified DL & ML Servers for FCoE & 10GbE Exclusive: Storage Systems, All Host Servers 27 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    27. 27. Converged Network Switching Go-To-Market Strategy  Focus on OEM sales  Be an innovation arm of our OEMS  Do not compete with them  Choice of enablement options for end-users  From cLOM to adapters to switch modules  Minimize test and qualification burden for OEM  Extensive DVT testing and certification (shift left)  Ownership of all critical IP  Full responsibility for ASIC, stacks and continued future development 28 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    28. 28. QLogic FCoE SwitchingAnother QLogic’s Industry First... iSCSI FC • QLogic Flex Ports for Protocol- Flex Port Agnostic Data Mobility Vs. • Flex Ports can shift protocol support FCoE on-the-fly, immediately • Support Fibre Channel, iSCSI, Ethernet or FCoE data—instantaneously 10Gb E29 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    29. 29. Released FCoE Switching Products QLogic Virtual Fabric Extension Fixed FC Module Gateway ports FCoE Module Full Flex Port Capability FlexFabric Module* * QLogic ASIC technology30 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    30. 30. UA5900: Customer-Paced, Adaptive ConvergenceWorld’s Highest-Density FC/FCoE Switch World’s Highest-Density FC Switch + 16 SFP ports Each QSFP port can be split to provide (4) additional Flex ports 1U 64Gb Trunking ISLs QSFP stacking ports (52) 16Gb / 10GbE SFP device ports + (4) 64Gb / 40GbE QSFP ports (52) 16Gb Unique Business Values > 2 Terabits aggregate bandwidth in 1U! > 300 device ports per stack• Protocol flexibility SFP ports (with QSFP breakout) Expand from 24 to 68 without port limitations – competes with Directors! 64Gb stacking – mix/matchDCB Eth • FC, FCoE, iSCSI, Eth & with 5800 via new cable Hybrid Switch + ETR = easy attach to any SAN switch Converged Networking• High performance, low form factor, energy efficient EVERY port can be FC or Ethernet (attach CNAs immediately!) (CVN) license option turns • 2Tbs bandwidth at an industry low 180W FCoE w/VEPA = easy attach to any LAN switch switch into full FCoE TOR!• Backward compatibility with future migration agility Best value: Lowest $/port31 QLogic Confidential – Do not Distribute September 15, 2011
    31. 31. What Industry Experts Are Saying: QLogic FCoE Switching QLogic Flexes the Bullet, an ASIC for Network ―HP Gives…QLogic FCoE Silicon a Convergence Ride‖ ―HP Ends the Protocol Wars…an industry first which can dynamically support FC and Ethernet‖ ―HP Adopts QLogics Fibre Channel over Ethernet ASIC Chip for FlexFabric Module‖ ―HP And QLogic Enable Any Protocol On Any ―…a new paradigm of network convergence.‖ Port‖32 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    32. 32. FCoE Switching Will be a Strong Growth Area MFG Revenue ($M)$2,500.0$2,000.0 $1,937.8 $1,551.6$1,500.0 $1,092.9$1,000.0 $749.6 $470.5 $500.0 $192.8 $0.0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 FCoE Switching Source: Crehan Reseach 33 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    33. 33. Focus Areas HPC Networking • Comprehensive IB Network Interoperability • 60 Vendors in HPC Ecosystem • QLogic IB Solutions Are Available from the World’s Leading IT Companies • Tier One OEM Design Wins for IB Switches, Pass-Thru Modules and Adapters: • Dell, HP, IBM, SGI, Voltaire • New InfiniBand Fabric Suite Expands Innovation Lead34 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    34. 34. Tier One Design Wins for InfiniBand Solutions • QDR Switches: • 160% More connectivity options (864 ports) • 100% More aggregate bandwidth (51.8 tb/s) • More flexibility and models to choose from (5 models) • QDR HCAs: • Perform up to 22% Faster vs. competitors on a 256 node cluster35 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    35. 35. Focused on End-to-End High Performance Computing Solutions Application System Software Switch & HCA ASIC Design Integration Architecture Development Development • Integrated with • Host system • Scalable • Modular & scalable to • Scalable high multiple file systems interfacing communication 864 ports bandwidth • Performance • Application messaging libraries • Message rates > 30 • Low latency under optimized with over patterns • Fabric & Element M/s load 50 applications • Fabric virtualization management • Signal integrity • Power Optimization • NetTrack • Fabric routing • Installation services • Advanced feature set Development Center • Fabric routing36 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    36. 36. The InfiniBand Networking Market MFG Revenue ($M)$600.0 $505.5$500.0 $459.2 $413.6$400.0 $365.4 $318.7$300.0 $279.7$200.0$100.0 $0.0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 InfiniBand Networking Source: Crehan Research 37 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    37. 37. The Industry Experts Agree: QLogic is a Market Leader“QLogic achieved what no other vendor to date has been able to do in the FCoE space…QLogic isclearly at the forefront of making FCoE a tangible reality.” ~ Deni Connor, Storage Strategies Now“The QLogic iSR6250 should improve performance, lower management complexity/costs andreduce risk while leveraging existing FC infrastructure.” ~ Dave Vellante, Wikibon“The 12000 Series Director should give QLogic a significant advantage over its competitors inHPC environments.” ~ Bob Laliberte, Enterprise Strategy Group“HP makes a move to join forces with QLogic for stackable switches…the EMCannouncement is really a blow to Brocade.” ~John Furrier, Silicon Angle 38 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    38. 38. All Backed by Our Global ServicesLocal Language SupportOn-Site ServiceEducationWarranty Support24x7 Worldwide39 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    39. 39. Networking Roadmap 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 16Gb Fibre Channel (ASICs, Adapters, Switches & Routers) Fibre Channel 8Gb Fibre Channel (ASICs, Adapters, Switches, & Routers) Networks 4Gb Fibre Channel (ASICs, Adapters, Switches, & Routers) 40/100Gb (Adapters & Routers) Ethernet Networks 10Gb FCoE, iSCSI, IP and RDMA (ASICs, Adapters & Routers) 1Gb iSCSI (ASICs, Adapters & Routers) 56Gb FDR InfiniBand (Adapters, Switches & Routers) InfiniBand® 40Gb QDR InfiniBand (Adapters, Switches & Routers) Networks 20Gb DDR InfiniBand (Adapters, Switches & Routers)40 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    40. 40. Expanding Our Footprint Across Key Networking MarketsStorage Networks Networking SolutionsConverged Networks AdaptersHPC Networks Switches Routers cLOMs 41 QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    41. 41. Key Takeaways QLogic Corporation 11/10/2011
    42. 42. 43 QLogic Confidential Month DD, YYYY