Winter Catalogue 2013-2014


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Winter Revival - New Products from Vision

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Winter Catalogue 2013-2014

  1. 1. Winter Catalogue 2013-2014 Winter Revival New products from Vision Program “Winter: Rules of Body Revival”
  2. 2. WINTER REVIVAL Dear friends! Winter is such a marvelous time when nature drifts to sleep, quietens down and the air becomes magnificently silent. Frost patterns on window panes, outdoor games in snow, skating and sledging, and of course, anticipation of year’s most magical holiday—New Year. Our body, however, is not always in sync with winter weather: vitamin deficiency affects the immune system, chilling weather instigates colds and flu, gloomy sky triggers oppression and apathy, and improper nutrition causes weight gaining and chronic fatigue. Tackle winter challenge with Vision! Our unique products are irreplaceable in cold winter season, which happens to be a perfect time to enhance stamina and revive body and spirit. TABLE OF CONTENTS New!.............................................................................3 Special Offer. Winter: Rules of Body Revival ......4 Antioxidants: the Warriors Unseen.........................6 Immunity Shield.................................................... 10 Why Do My Joints Feel So Bad?.......................... 13 Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid................. 16 Winter Diet.............................................................. 18 Smooth New Year’s Feast..................................... 20 Salvation of Beauty Through Health................. 22 Winter Mood........................................................... 26 Daily Energizer....................................................... 28 Women’s Health..................................................... 30 Men’s Health........................................................... 32 Kids’ Health in Winter............................................ 34 2
  3. 3. New! Safe-to-see forte — New Perfect Vision Formula! A balanced formula of new Safe-to-see forte is created specifically for Vision. Contains the ultimate set of vitamins for eyes. Reduces the risk of eye pathologies Improves vision acuity Contributes to protection of visual organs from free radical damage Mitigates the risk of age-related vision problems Facilitates eye strain relief Coming soon! Deecleance — a unique product to combat parasites (i.a. helminthes) within the human body. Original exclusive formula by DEM4 laboratory, created exclusively for Vision! 7 pronounced antiparasitic (i.a. anthelminthic) ingredients within a single ultimately balanced product Secondary action: better intestinal motility and removal of toxins 3
  4. 4. WINTER REVIVAL “Winter: Rules of Body Revival” Winter is a splendid season with its own advantages: cozy evenings, get-togethers with friends on New Year, outdoor games, ice-skating and sledging. This, however, subjects our body to intense stress: vitamin deficiency affects the immune system, gloomy sky triggers oppression and apathy, and improper nutrition provokes aggravation of the cardiovascular diseases and intoxications, while sedentary lifestyle and frosty weather have an adverse impact on joints and appearance. Tackle winter challenge with a unique program “Winter: Rules of Body Revival” from Vision! It contains universal handy tips for strengthening and revival of the body during the cold winter season, fraught with infections. Rule №1. Strengthen the immune system. Human immune system is extremely vulnerable, so the top priority should be its protection. Classic complex Antiox+ contains conspicuous antioxidants that shield the body from the aggressive free radical impact, prevent various diseases, reinforce the immune system and decelerate age-related changes. Being a vitamin and mineral complex enhanced by probiotics, Lifepac Senior contains a daily allowance of all essential vitamins and facilitates their proper assimilation within the body. Not only it boosts stamina, but also sustains the intestinal microflora balance, delivering nutrients to every single cell. Rule №2. Guard your heart. Cardiovascular ailments often aggravate in winter, in terms of neverending stress, improper nutrition and chronic fatigue. LC Balance helps normalize performance of the cardiovascular system. It purifies the vessels from cholesterol plaques, improves blood quality, contributes to better supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Pax+forte ensures health of the nervous system. It relieves hyperexcitability, alleviates anxiety and agitation, elevates stress resistance. 4
  5. 5. Rule №3. Protect your joints. Cold weather and sedentary lifestyle might provoke diseases of the locomotor system. The innovative complex EnjoyNT is the best remedy for healthy joints. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin to stimulate natural regeneration of the cartilaginous tissue. MSM enhances their action by alleviating pain and inflammation, while bamboosil powder prevents deterioration of the bone tissue. EnjoyNT Harpago gel for topical use enhances the efficacy of the EnjoyNT food supplement capsules at the account of its anti-inflammatory and painrelieving effect. Rule № 4. Body purification. Winter is a perfect time for cleansing the whole body from toxins, i.e. its proper detoxification. Natural complex Cupers Neo mildly purifies and regenerates hepatic cells, launching the self-cleansing function of the body. Improves digestion, reduces load on liver and prevents formation of gallbladder stones. D i Guard nano boosts detox processes, preventing harmful substances from lingering in the body. Rule №5. Refine your appearance. Unpleasant winter weather genuinely affects our looks: dry irritated skin, dull and lifeless hair, thin and peeling nails. Active ingredients of the natural complex Beauty regenerate skin cells, moisturize the skin, improve complexion and reduce wrinkles. Cheviton complex in its turn contributes to improving the condition of hair and nails in winter. It actively nourishes hair, improves its elasticity and resilience, strengthens nails, making them hard and smooth. 5
  6. 6. WINTER REVIVAL Antioxidants: the Warriors Unseen Despite being a very beautiful season, winter is also a treacherous one. Lack of wholesome nutrients, hypovitaminosis, and short light day may instigate disruption of many biological processes, which makes the body even more vulnerable to free radical damage. Low temperatures and insufficient moisturizing provoke dryness and sensitivity of the skin, which ultimately causes wrinkles. Short light day might have consequences for the eyesight, whereas elevated blood pressure and cholesterol level aggravate cardiovascular diseases. Accumulated fatigue hinders brain performance and affects memory. As a rule these are the makings of free radicals that have a generally negative impact on all systems of our body. Luckily, powerful antioxidant complexes from Vision are true “free radical-busters”, that support metabolic processes within the body and help it get through the uneasy winter time. 6
  7. 7. LiveLon’+ A unique innovative complex LiveLon’+ is a true savior, when it comes to slowing down the age-related processes within the human body. Vision DEM4 laboratory managed to create a product formula, which is exclusive in the way that it contains 10 best antioxidants with a cascade action. Antioxidants prevent lots of chronic diseases, combat free radicals and facilitate complete assimilation of nutrients, thus revitalizing the body and improving stamina. LiveLon’+ ingredients produce a systemic synergistic effect on all organs and tissues of the human body, neutralize free radicals and contribute to natural rejuvenation of the body. Ingredients: Acai berry (euterpe) extract, green tea leaf extract, chlorophyllin, amaranth seedextract, grape seed extract (resveratrol), Sea buckthorn extract (quercetin), ubiquinol, L-selenomethionine, astaxanthin, lycopene. Antiox+ Protect your body from a disruptive free radical impact with the help of a classic balanced complex Antiox+, enhanced by a unique combination of mutually complementing antioxidants with proven efficiency and safety that have sustained multiple clinical trials. The complex purifies the body from free radicals and toxins, slows down ageing processes at the cellular level, normalizes performance of the cardiovascular system. It stimulates the blood flow, precludes blood clotting, reduces arterial pressure and enhances stamina. Ingredients: grape marc extract, vitamin C, ginkgo biloba, zinc, vitamin E, beta-carotene, selenium. I have been diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus. I couldn’t be under the sun in summer, or in the cold in winter. But only two weeks after I started taking Antiox+ the swelling of joints subsided, the «butterfly» rash gradually eased and cleared. I have not had exacerbations for 2 years and now pressure swings also don’t bother me anymore. Now neither sun, nor frost affect me. I am living my life to the fullest, trying to make it as active as possible! 7
  8. 8. WINTER REVIVAL Vinex Vinex provides efficient support for the heart. It produces a strong antioxidant action, normalizes performance of the cardiovascular system and prevents oxygen deprivation in organs and tissues. Boosts cardiac performance, nourishes the heart muscle with oxygen and strengthens vascular and capillary walls, improving their elasticity. Ingredients: grape powder, grape marc extract. Granatin Q10 Granatin Q10 combines power and energy of coenzyme Q10 with the ultimate antioxidant— pomegranate. Together they unite into a perfect rejuvenating tandem that facilitates renewal and regeneration of cells. The complex helps slow down ageing and postpone age-related changes. Ingredients: grape marc extract, pomegranate fruit powder, vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, calcium phosphate, proanthocyanidins. Safe-to-see Safe-to-see complex will help deal with the visual strains and preserve perfect eyesight in winter. It is the first complex to combine all essential omega-3 fatty acids that impact the condition of blood vessels and prevent visual pathologies. The product will help improve eyesight and eliminate the risk of inflammatory and degenerative changes in the retina, vitreous humor and lens, improve microcirculation and strengthen blood vessels’ walls, including those of the eye fundus. Ingredients: omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), bilberry extract, lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin B2, zinc, selenium. 8
  9. 9. Brain-o flex Brain-o-flex protects cells from a disruptive effect of free radicals on cerebral cells. Brain-o-flex stimulates microcirculation in cerebral blood vessels, which consequently improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to brain cells, helps normalize blood pressure, relieves headache and dizziness. Ingredients: soy lecithin, fish oil (omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (EPA/DHA 20/50), ginkgo biloba extract, milt of sturgeons, vitamin E, betacarotene. Handy Tips Give preference to “orange” products. Products with an orange pigment, like pumpkin, carrots, mango, apricots and batatas are a rich source of beta-carotene, a conspicuous antioxidant that slows down ageing of the cerebral cells and prevents their destruction by free radicals. It’s Interesting Currently many products in supermarkets, especially fruits and vegetables, are very low on nutritional value. According to the medical data, the ORAC scale antioxidant intake is supposed to reach the daily value of 5000. However, on average for most of us in real life this value doesn’t exceed 900 per day. 9
  10. 10. WINTER REVIVAL Immunity Shield Winter brings serious challenge to the human immune system: cold weather, temperature swings and seasonal infections provoke various illnesses. Ignoring the first alarming signs of the immune system weakening, i.e. drowsiness, aching bones, muscles and joints, headache and cold sore, ultimately makes it vulnerable and prone to diseases. Quite often how our body feels is conditioned by the nutrition, stress, overstrain, and of course, vitamin deficiency. Unique complexes from Vision with anti-inflammatory and boosting action facilitate strengthening of the immune system and elevate its resistibility to infections. Beesk Natural complex Beesk is recommended as a preventive and bracing remedy. It alleviates the course of an illness, promotes fast recovery and allows to avoid complications. It also supports respiratory system functions and contributes to quicker restoration of the body. Ingredients: Schisandra sinensis, propolis extract, royal jelly, iron, iodine. 10
  11. 11. Detox+ A powerful natural antibiotic remedy, Detox+ possesses conspicuous anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, thanks to which it can be used to overcome a wide range of diseases. Enhances cellular immunity and lets natural cleansing systems of the body easily fight any toxic and bacterial threats. Ingredients: Uncaria tomentosa. DiReset Formula of a unique complex DiReset has been created by the scientific and research DEM4 laboratory that focuses its work on developing innovative products of the new age. DiReset boosts the immune system in cold seasons, launches the synthesis of new immune cells, saturates them with nutrients and prolongs their lifespan. The product restores the microflora profile once it has been disturbed, and helps maintain it at the necessary level for as long as possible. Ingredients: inulin, spirulina powder, beta 1.3/1.6-glucan, vitamin E, selenium. Mega Mega with unique polyunsaturated fatty acids improves cells’ structure and creates protective cellular cover, thus preserving cells’ integrity. Boosts the immune system, protects vascular walls from destruction, controls blood count, purifies blood vessels, regulates heart beat, normalizes blood pressure. It’s Interesting Go, vegetables! British scientists have discovered that substances, found in green vegetables, naturally and mildly stimulate performance of the immune system. They enhance the synthesis of intraepithelial lymphocytes, i.e. immune cells of the skin and intestine. Ingredients: polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 (EPA/DHA 18/12), Evening primrose oil, vitamin E. 11
  12. 12. WINTER REVIVAL Lifepac Senior Lifepac Senior vitamin and mineral complex contains a unique combination of daily allowances of required vitamins, essential micro- and macroelements and living probiotic cultures. Within a long period of time it helps maintain natural microflora profile and produces a general bracing effect, fortifying the immune system. It delivers nutrients to every cell, prolonging its life expectancy. Ingredients: vitamin С, magnesium, calcium, vitamin Е, beta-carotene, vitamin РР, zinc, vitamin В5, manganese, copper, vitamins В1, В2, В6, В9, H, selenium, chromium, vitamin В12, bifidobacteria. I was diagnosed with meningitis. After the cure, however, it left me an unpleasant “reminder”—stuttering. After I had started taking Lifepac Senior this problem disappeared! I feel healthy and full of energy now. D4X My UnitDose® Created by Vision DEM4 laboratory, D4X My UnitDose® is truly a product for “new life”. The size of its particles doesn’t exceed 100 nanometers which makes it possible for them to penetrate into the most difficultly accessible areas of the body and coordinate performance of all its systems. The product boosts and supports the immune system, has a great bracing and revitalizing action, and normalizes cell metabolism. Ingredients: honey, extracts of the most valuable fractions of wild rose, hawthorn, hibiscus, succinic acid. Handy Tips Sleep it out! In sleep our immune shield mechanisms have time to restore properly. Sleep stimulates the synthesis of certain hormones, as well as regeneration of cells (that’s why kids grow faster while asleep). Those who lack time to sleep enough are prone to the cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders and, consequently, overweight, blood sugar level upswing, etc. 12
  13. 13. Why Do My Joints Feel So Bad? Most of us are so unfortunate as to experience pains in joints during the cold seasons, which is conditioned, for the most part, by low temperatures. Due to overcooling our joints become prone to injuries, thus giving us nagging and gnawing sensations all over the body. Be careful, those symptoms are not that far from inflammation and arthritis. Various hits and collisions are no less dangerous, so beware of slippery roads and remain attentive and careful doing extreme sports, which subject joints to enormous strain. OsteoSanum To alleviate joint pains take OsteoSanum, a powerful complex, created by DEM4 laboratory exclusively for Vision. Not only is it rich in calcium and vitamin D3 that are traditionally taken to prevent osteoporosis, but also contains a new revolutionary vitamin K2 that directs calcium straight to the bone tissue and precludes its depositing inside the blood vessels. OsteoSanum improves bone structure, increases their mineral density, prevents gnawing pains and impairment of the locomotor system. Ingredients: calcium, vitamins K2, D3, B6, B12, folic acid, shilajit extract. 13
  14. 14. WINTER REVIVAL EnjoyNT EnjoyNT food supplement is a unique remedy in case of unpleasant sensations in joints that stimulates renewal of the cartilaginous tissue and synthesis of sinew-water, and alleviates inflammation and pains. EnjoyNT helps restore joints, regain their flexibility and agility, alleviate pain and constrained movements in the morning. Ingredients of EnjoyNT food supplement: glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), bamboo extract. A month ago our family physician diagnosed me presumptively with 1-2 degree arthrosis. However, I didn’t pay much attention to that, as many of us have sports knee injuries. Soon I noticed that descending the stairs or heaving loads caused knee swelling, sometimes the enlarged swollen right hip joint even disturbed my sleep. So I started taking EnjoyNT: the result was astounding. Now I’m able to race with my grandchild, play snowballs, skate and sledge. I could not thank Vision enough for the product! EnjoyNT Harpago-gel In order to ensure a comprehensive action, it is advisable to combine EnjoyNT food supplement with EnjoyNT Harpago-gel. This is a strongly effective anti-inflammatory and warming-up gel for topical use that enhances the action of EnjoyNT capsules. Ingredients of EnjoyNT Harpago gel: Devil’s claw, groundnut oil, cayenne pepper extract. I was doing a course of touch typing, but could not manage to get my fingers on the right keys, and after half an hour my fingers were getting numb (actually, there is even a medical term for that, called “writer’s cramp”). I applied EnjoyNT Harpago-gel on my hands and pains disappeared, as did the joint stiffness. This gel rescued my feet as well. I often wear high-heeled shoes and after a long day my feet are so tired they are buzzing. Normally I apply the gel on my feet and the pain vanishes after mere 20 minutes. 14
  15. 15. Handy Tips The benefit of sports and healthy nutrition. Make a habit of walking, swimming, jogging, or take some dance classes, as these activities are known to reduce the risk of diseases of the locomotor apparatus. Another influential factor is balanced nutrition: the majority of dairy products, especially curd and goat cheese, are a rich source of calcium. Fresh river fish, beans, sweet pepper, Brussels’ sprouts, broccoli and asparagus, as well as pumpkin and sunflower seed and green tea are also great for your health. It’s Interesting What makes joints crunch? Often crunchy joints are a consequence of hyper-activity. Crunching is conditioned by accumulation of modified connective tissue protein in the body, which invokes excessive agility of the ligamentous apparatus, and not least of all, joints. This phenomenon is also called hypermobility. 15
  16. 16. WINTER REVIVAL Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid Hypothermia, or plainly overcooling, is a common vexation in winter for both men and women, that provokes inflammatory processes in the urogenital system and ultimately causes such ailments, as cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, etc. Once ignored, they may have serious complications. Most types of bacteria, causing the inflammations in the urogenital system, tend to neutralize the immune cells. Unique Vision plant complexes help strengthen general immunity and prevent inflammatory processes and urogenital diseases. It’s Interesting Cranberry is the answer. Japanese scientists have discovered cranberry to produce a therapeutic effect, when it comes to the urogenital diseases. Consumption of cranberry has shown a 30% faster recovery pace in women. However, cranberry is not only useful to cure cystitis, but it’s great for STDs prevention as well. 16
  17. 17. iCBerry An innovative product iCBerry with its unique formula contains cranberry extract, which hampers propagation of harmful bacteria in the urinary tracts, and consequently prevents cystitis; and lactobacteria that produce biologically active substances, suppressing the growth of disease-instigating pathogenic bacteria. Ingredients: cranberry dry extract, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, proanthocyanidins, vitamin E, Lactobacillus L. acidophilus. Ursul Ursul is a complex genuinely created for men. It helps deal with various inflammatory diseases, as well as viruses, fungi, and bacteria that provoke prostatitis, urethritis, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis and other male urogenital diseases. While enhancing the immunity, it also reduces the risk of being infected by veneral diseases. Ingredients: Devil’s claw, bearberry, purple coneflower, copper, silver, gold. Nutrimax+ A classic anti-inflammatory remedy Nutrimax+ effectively fights various acute infectious processes, directs its action towards the urogenital system at the foremost. It is very helpful against urethritis and pyelonephritis; alleviates chronic diseases of the urogenital system and enhances its performance. Ingredients: Angelica sinensis, witch-hazel leaf, bearberry, calcium, magnesium, vitamin PP, iron, vitamins B5, B6, B2, H, D3, B1, B9, B12. Handy Tips Hygiene maintenance. Shower and change underwear every day, stick to clothing made of natural fabrics, and preferably wear thermal underwear in winter. 17
  18. 18. WINTER REVIVAL Winter Diet In autumn our body begins preparing for a long winter season: metabolic processes slow down, calorie intake increases, big part of the consumed energy is stored, which consequently contributes to gaining weight. Monitoring of the nutrition plan is particularly essential in winter: limit the amount of patisserie you eat and spend more time outdoors. Natural complexes from Vision for weight-loss will help stay fit and healthy. Sveltform+ Complex Sveltform+ with a unique balanced formula addresses the primary cause of excessive weight—it normalizes metabolism at the cellular level. It decelerates turning of carbohydrates into lipids, prevents fluid retention, reduces appetite and craving for sweets and pastry. Ingredients: Garcinia cambogia, Camellia sinensis (green tea), Fucus vesiculosus, vitamin C, chromium enriched yeast. It’s Interesting Say ‘No’ to hunger! According to the research of the Cambridge Nutrition Center, in no way does the meal time impact deposition of fats within the human body. Volunteers were given modest lunch and abundant dinner, or vice versa, and no significant difference in fat deposition was indicated. So it is important to count calories consumed during the day and never starve yourself. 18
  19. 19. KG-Off Fat Absorber KG-Off Fat Absorber is an effective “absorber” of excessive fat and helper in weight-loss, it transforms already existing fat deposits into energy, binds fat molecules and removes them from the body before their assimilation. Ingredients: chitosan, chromium. KG-Off Hunger Suppressant KG-Off Hunger Suppressant suppresses hunger, prevents overeating and helps avoid late dinners and keep a diet. Ingredients: konjac powder (Amorphophallus konjac). Handy Tips More vitamin C! Vitamin C possesses a whole lot of wholesome properties: promotes normal transformation of glucose into energy that assists in fat burning and reduces blood cholesterol. Vitamin C is contained in blackberry, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, kiwi, red and green pepper, strawberry, cabbage (broccoli, Brussels’ sprouts, cole). 19
  20. 20. WINTER REVIVAL Smooth New Year’s Feast Not only does winter bring colds and temperature swings, but also anticipations of the most serendipitous and magical holiday—New Year, which by all means implies redundant, varied food: sophisticated main course, intricate salads, fancy appetizers and, of course, wine. Such feast is not always easy on the digestive system. Impressed by the amount and variety of food, we often take a bite here and there in the heat of the New Year’s Eve bustle, and forget all about health. Liver, by the way, is the first organ to take a blow. Most common signs of overeating are headache, nausea, abdominal discomfort. Balanced Vision complexes are a great aid when it comes to preparation for holiday meals: they reduce the load on liver and normalize performance of the digestive system. Cupers Neo Cupers Neo ensures overall comprehensive support of liver: carefully detoxifies it, renews and restores its cells, thus launching the selfcleansing functions of the body. It stimulates bile synthesis and outflow, reduces bile viscosity, preventing formation of stones. This product fortifies membranes of hepatic cells and protects them from external damages. It also improves digestion, thus reducing the load on liver. Ingredients: milk thistle, fennel, artichoke. Health problems have always been my curse. I took all pains to cure, but taking too many pills ultimately damaged my liver and pancreatic gland, and it was not long before the aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, followed by heart problems. I tried Cupers Neo and felt so much better after a month that I completely stopped taking any medication. Now I feel rejuvenated, active and strong. Handy Tips How to avoid overeating: • Eat a light vegetable salad with a glass of green tea with lemon an hour before the big feast. • Garnish fat food with a lot of raw or boiled vegetables and greens (it promotes digestion). • Don’t have fruits for afters (it may provoke acid indigestion). • Don’t wash the food down. 20 It’s Interesting The dangers of surfeit. Overeating is said to cause intestinal torsion, which is merely a myth. Intestinal torsion is a disease, when the intestine is kinked around itself, whereas overeating, though a huge stress for the body, is still not sufficient to cause the intestinal torsion.
  21. 21. D i Guard nano D i Guard nano, created by DEM4 laboratory, protects and purifies the body, neutralizes negative environmental impact and actively influences antioxidant processes. It alleviates intoxication, helps overcome poisonings, regenerates hepatic cells and enhances liver detoxifying functions. Ingredients: opuntia, chlorella, alpha-lipoic acid, DL-methonine, magnesium, folic acid, vitamins C, B6, B1. After all that fat and heavy food during New Year holidays there was something wrong with my gall-bladder. I started taking D i Guard nano, which completely normalized its performance within just 6 months. Now I’m not on any related medication and I’m completely pleased with my appearance and the way I feel! HeparD The unrivaled complex HeparD reduces a toxic impact of alcohol. Take HeparD before drinking alcohol to prevent hangover effect and other related symptoms: nausea, headache, thirst, tremor, loss of appetite, etc. Ingredients: magnesium, vitamin С, Kudzu root powder, Horseradish root powder, flavolignans from Milk thistle fruit powder, zinc, vitamin В6, hypericin from Hypericum flowering tops powder. LC Balance New Year’s food feast inevitably provokes the rise of blood cholesterol, and we know its excesses can deposit inside the vascular walls and block blood vessels, which subsequently causes severe cardiovascular diseases. LCBalance normalizes blood cholesterol level. It prevents assimilation of cholesterol through the intestine into the blood, simultaneously blocking cholesterol synthesis in liver. It improves the quality of blood and facilitates the supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, mitigating the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Ingredients: phytosterols, sugarcane polycosanols (Saccharum officinarum). After a family tragedy my legs were paralyzed, which made me practically chained to bed. I suffered from headaches, overpressure, heart and joint pains, eczema on my hands. A month of taking LCBalance solved the problem of edema of legs and urogenital system ailments. I was no longer tormented by acid indigestion and was truly revived. Now I’m happy to greet every day, I walk a lot and plan my future! 21
  22. 22. WINTER REVIVAL Salvation of Beauty through Health Such factors as high humidity, cold and snow, and vitamin deficiency may result in dry and chapped skin, dull lifeless hair, flaking and peeling nails. Not only the beauty of the skin, hair and nails is at stake in winter, the whole body is under the risk too, especially feet, where the skin also becomes dry, crackling and peeling, as provoked by temperature swings, perspiration and synthetic footwear. These factors may also aggravate venous diseases. Unique vitamin-enriched Vision plant complexes help take care of your appearance during winter. Beauty Natural complex Beauty helps retain natural appealing look, acting from within. Its active components, thanks to their increased bioavailability, are delivered straight to the deepest layers of the skin, nourish and moisturize it, improve complexion. The complex enhances resilience and density of the skin, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It protects cells from the adverse impact of free radicals and inner stress, thus slowing down ageing processes. It regenerates skin cells, nails and hair, activates regenerative processes. Ingredients: ceramides, borage oil, wheat germ oil, cod liver oil, yellow beeswax, soy lecithin, methionine, beta-carotene, grape marc extract, biotin (vitamin H), vitamin E. Hair loss has always remained my main concern, especially in winter, so I decided to give a chance to Beauty complex of the Direct Hit line. The improvement is just stunning: my hair is soft, thick and sleek. I am really happy and content with how I look. 22 It’s Interesting About 60-70% of men and only 25-40% of women suffer from hair loss. The explanation is plain: female hair grows about 2 millimeters deeper than male hair. Hair loss is conditioned by hormonal problems, caused inter alia by such “blessings” of civilization as artificial food additives, and polluted overdried air.
  23. 23. Cheviton A balanced complex Cheviton is the upgraded protection for hair and nails during a harsh winter season. While it effectively fortifies hair follicle and reduces hair loss, it also activates hair growth. It blocks free radical effect and prevents destruction of hair under the impact of environment, aggressive components of shampoo and hair colour. B vitamins strengthen nails and stimulate their growth, facilitating better assimilation of microelements within the body. Ingredients: L-cystine, DL-methionine, biotin (vitamin H), zinc oxide, vitamins B5, B6, B12. My nails have always been in quite a poor condition, and due to the vitamin deficiency in winter they became fragile, thin and peeling. The result of taking Cheviton was astounding: now my nails are hard and healthy. I fall ill less frequently as well. I take Cheviton as a preventive remedy to feel great and look welltended. Handy Tips What is the best remedy to preserve sheen and resilience of the skin in winter? Consume more liquids. Notwithstanding the fact that we generally don’t drink as much water in winter as in summer, our body still loses a lot of liquid , especially through breathing in the cold and humid air. 23
  24. 24. WINTER REVIVAL Nature Tan Few of us realize that winter sun is equally harmful for our skin, though not as hot, but quite treacherous, especially when the sun rays are reflected from the snow. Consequently, the skin is more prone to withering in winter, it becomes dry and flaky, peeling and irritated. Balanced complex Nature Tan is a perfect solution for winter colds. It keeps the skin well-moisturized, preventing its dryness and thinning. Thanks to these features, Nature Tan helps preclude early wrinkles, photo-ageing, and cell degeneration. Ingredients: Curcuma longa, grape extract, soy extract, selenium enriched yeast, betacarotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, cellulose. 24
  25. 25. Millenium Neo Gel A highly efficient anti-age skincare remedy, Millenium Neo gel assists the skin in withstanding harsh winter weather. The Gel is a perfect moisturizer that improves complexion and reduces pores. It alleviates irritations and micro-inflammations and effectively fights skin imperfections. Ingredients: hydrolyzed wheat protein, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin E, Aloe barbadensis extract, ginkgo biloba extract, Panax ginseng extract, Equisetum arvense extract, Camellia sinensis extract, Centella asiatica extract. VenoStrong An innovative formula of the natural veinotonic VenoStrong is created by DEM4 laboratory specifically to produce a comprehensive effect on the venous system. VenoStrong capsules contain powerful bioflavonoids, diosmin and hesperidin that reduce venous stasis, diminish capillary permeability and strengthen vessels. VenoStrong complex consists of gel and capsules and addresses all causes and manifestations of the chronic venous insufficiency. Not only it alleviates its symptoms, but also precludes serious complications, often invoked by the chronic venous insufficiency. Ingredients of the VenoStrong food supplement: Bitter orange fruit extract, grape skin extract, Bitter orange peel extract, standardized Gotu Kola plant extract, Papaya fruit extract. Ingredients of the VenoStrong gel: Red grape leaf extract, Butcher’s broom extract, Hamamelis extract, Horse chestnut extract, cypress essential oil, lavender essential oil, menthol. 25
  26. 26. WINTER REVIVAL Winter Mood Sometimes depression overwhelms us, particularly in winter. There are multiple reasons for that: short light day, cold weather, lack of fresh air, chronic fatigue and, of course, hypovitaminosis. Winter blues is often accompanied by sleep disorders, loss of appetite, exhaustion, distractedness and never-ending stress. But remember that winter is also time for fun: skiing and skating, outdoor games, walks in snow-covered parks and, of course, anticipation of New Year. It is easy to combat winter blues and create a holiday mood with natural calming products from Vision. Pax+ forte Pax+ forte is a powerful anti-stress complex that relieves anxiety and anxiousness, improves body resistibility to stress, as well as the ability to withstand significant intellectual, volitional and emotional overloads without any adverse impact on health. Makes up for the lack of vitamins and minerals that quickly “burn out” because of stress, and first of all—of magnesium and vitamin B6, whose deficiency can cause cramps, spasms, nervousness, souse feeling, pressure upswings, and arrhythmia. Ingredients: Melissa officinalis, Lavandula angustifolia, Valeriana officinalis, magnesium, calcium, vitamins РР, В1, В2, В5, В6, В9, В12, Н. Every winter I used to suffer from sleep disorders, mood swings, I was extremely vulnerable to any comments and opposed myself to any opinion. Pax+ forte made it easier for me to calm down, and after a week I could already sleep better without nightmares. Now I feel great! 26 Handy Tips More light! It is possible to overcome winter apathy by carefully following the daily schedule. First things first, normalize the night sleep, it should last at least 8 hours per day. We recommend to take light breakfast, rich in glucose to surge energy. Try not to substitute your breakfast with a cup of coffee.
  27. 27. Passilat Passilat is a perfect remedy to alleviate nervous tension. It restores blood flow to the heart muscle, which is commonly disturbed during stress. Soothes, prevents nervous breakdowns, supporting heart performance. Ingredients: passionflower, hawthorn, valerian, vitamins B1, B6, B12. Mistik Mistik helps improve the quality of sleep as it produces a mild sedative action, relaxing and alleviating mental pressure and relieving anxiety. It deals with the problem of interrupted sleep and prolongs profound sleep phase, thus making the sleep deeper and calmer. Ingredients: Eschscholzia californica, lime flower, camomile, vitamins B1, B6, B12. Revien Perfectly balanced, complex Revien helps overcome chronic fatigue. This complex will picks you up, revitalizes, significantly improves mood and enhances activity, helping to avoid sleep disorders. Revien prevents nervous and physical exhaustion that are inherent in people, who suffer from the chronic fatigue syndrome. Ingredients: hop cones, black horehound flowering tops, ginseng root, zinc, iron, selenium enriched yeast. Hiper Hiper is just what you need to relieve winter depression. It eliminates symptoms and after-effects of depression mildly and effectively, fights feelings of dismay and anxiety, oppression and melancholy, and gradually improves the quality of sleep. It has a tranquilizing and calming action, but doesn’t provoke sleepiness in daytime. Ingredients: St. John’s wort, black horehound, hawthorn, magnesium, vitamins C, B1, B6, B12. It’s Interesting The WHO predicts that by 2020s depression will have become the most widespread ailment in Europe, having overtaken all other non-infectious diseases. 27
  28. 28. WINTER REVIVAL Daily Energizer Overall energy potential of the body definitely reduces in winter, everything seems to complicated, we are overcome by disorganization and drowsiness. In winter even a flu or stress can be a reason for chronic fatigue, as they exhaust the nervous system reserves. Improper nutrition is also a reason for the lack of energy, as in winter it is typical to consume more meat, canned goods, sausages and definitely, less vitamins. Sedentary lifestyle is another enemy of health during this period. Chromevital+ Multi-component energy tonic Chromevital+ is a great revitalizing energy. It contains specifically selected ingredients to facilitate cellular respiration and boost energy in every cell of the body. Chromium within its components participates in the processes of extraction of energy from lipids and carbohydrates. Chromevital+ doesn’t exhaust the nervous system reserves, but rather preserves and increases them. Ingredients: Eleutherococcus senticosus, guarana, Cola nitida, spirulina, chromium enriched yeast, vitamin C. PentActiv PentActiv bracelets are priceless when it comes to revitalization. Thanks to bioceramic and magnetic inserts, the bracelets unite a power of five natural elements: silver ions, oxygen ions, infrared rays, germanium electrons, and magnetic waves. Acting comprehensively, the inserts enhance each other’s action and produce an antibacterial and antiviral effect, improve stamina, boost energy, enhance blood circulation, normalize metabolism, promote tissue regeneration and decelerate ageing processes. 28
  29. 29. Lamin Vision It’s Interesting 80% of our body is water. Fatigue and apathy are the first signs of dehydration. Scientists discovered that our brain performs at its best when its cells contain enough water. So it becomes a matter of particular significance to provide the body with water. It is advisable to drink 2 liters of pure drinking water per day. Mind that it should be water, not liquid food or drinks like tea or coffee. If you are still thirsty, you can drink a glass of fresh squeezed juice or green tea. Ingredients: Eleutherococcus senticosus (root), mate leaf, pollen powder, L-carnitine, vitamin C. Men also need their own source of vitality in winter. Lamin Vision is the best existing energy tonic for men. It charges you with energy for the whole day, significantly enhances physical and mental working capacity, increases endurance and stress resistance. Most importantly, it enhances synthesis of the body testosterone that is so vital to succeed in social and sexual spheres of life. Handy Tips Move it! Increase the level of physical activity, be on the move. Activity promotes the synthesis of endorphins, which are actually happiness hormones. In order to do that walk outdoors, ski, skate, search for new experiences, or eat some chocolate. 29
  30. 30. WINTER REVIVAL Women’s Health Winter is not the best season for women. Three long months are a challenge for female appearance and overall health, due to the lack of sunlight that promotes the synthesis of vitamin D and ensures normal condition of skin and hair. The possible consequences are dark circles under the eyes, fine wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Gloomy weather and improper nutrition also provoke chronic fatigue syndrome that has a general destructive impact over the female body. It is vital to be healthcare-oriented in winter of all other seasons. Unique complexes from Vision will ensure emotional stability and strengthen the immune system. Artemida Neo Artemida Neo normalizes menstrual cycle, reduces pain syndrome, and prevents inflammatory processes of the genital sphere. Helps prevent and alleviate PMS symptoms, such as irritability, fatigability, fluid retention, edema, engorgement and pains of mammary glands. Ingredients: Angelica sinensis, chaste tree, bearberry, clover, iron, vitamins A, E, B6. 30
  31. 31. Medisoya+ Medisoya+ is a remedy to prolong female youth. It contains efficient and safe phytoestrogens that possess hormone-like action, but without the side effects of hormones. Taken regularly, this product will postpone menopause. During menopause this product relieves its torturous symptoms—hot flashes, excessive sweatiness, vaginal dryness, mood swings. It also prevents washing off of calcium from the bones, and osteoporosis. Ingredients: soy extract (enriched with isoflavones), calcium, vitamins D2, D3. Nortia Nortia ensure soul’s equilibrium of women. It’s balanced formula is enhanced by iodine, vital for the female body, that restores thyroid gland functions and normalizes endocrine profile. The complex stabilizes emotional condition, relieves nervous tension and strengthens the nervous system, thus protecting the heart. Ingredients: Hypericum perforatum, iodine, magnesium, astragal root, hawthorn, vitamins B1, B6, B12. Handy Tips Dress warmly. Cold weather provokes most chronic diseases, including female disorders. In order to avoid small pelvis organs’ inflammation dress warmly, especially from waist down, always wear tights and warm socks. Overcooling might not only cause inflammation, but also impairment of blood circulation. However be reasonable: overheating of the genitals provokes fungal infections. It’s Interesting Research specialists point out that vitamin D deficiency affect eyes the most. It is manifested in puffy eyes and dark circles. Chronic fatigue, typical of the winter season is yet another stress factor. 31
  32. 32. WINTER REVIVAL Men’s Health Health has never been a top priority for men. However, in winter male body also requires additional resources to withstand frosts and viruses. So not only general health condition is at stake, but most importantly—health of the reproductive system. There is always risk of overchilling the reproductive organs, which will inevitably affect sexual function. Stalon Neo Stalon Neo revives the male body, stimulating spinal cord’s ganglions that regulate erection and activate sexual function; enhances blood flow in male genitals, and provides for optimal synthesis of male hormones. As a result it leads to improvement of potency and helps prolong sexual intercourse, and improve sexual endurance. Ingredients: ginseng root, ginger root, Ginkgo biloba, kola seed, zinc, vitamins E, PP, B1. Artum Ingredients: stinging nettle root, Saw palmetto fruit, pumpkin seeds, zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin E. 32 Artum helps ensure health of the prostate gland and normalize its function. It has a targeted action: alleviates inflammation, reduces pain and edema. It improves blood flow to the small pelvis’ organs, and subsequently eliminates stagnant processes and restores functions of the prostate. It is also effective against prostatitis, prostate and bladder enlargement, as it combats factors that regulate the growth of adenoma. It’s Interesting As a rule, colds and ARVI are harder on men rather than women. The reason is a male hormone testosterone, which promotes muscle growth, as well as growth of hair on the body and sexual activity. Scientists have discovered that the immune activity rapidly increases with the reduction of testosterone level.
  33. 33. Handy Tips Cauliflower contains a particular substance— diindolilmethane—that contributes to prevention of the prostate cancer in men. A lot of diindolilmethane is also contained in broccoli and Brussels’ sprouts, rich in fiber and plant protein, as well as vitamin C and vitamin K, responsible for good blood coagulability. 33
  34. 34. WINTER REVIVAL Kids’ Health in Winter Compared to adults, it is much harder for children to withstand colds and infections, as the child’s immune system is still shaping up, and their body becomes vulnerable to viruses and overcooling. Spending a lot of time together in kindergartens and schools, children may easily catch a bug from one another. Vitamin and mineral complexes for children will definitely be a superb help for vulnerable kids’ immune system during the winter season. Lifepac Junior Be Healthy Lifepac Junior Be Healthy strengthens the immune system, it is a perfect product to improve resistibility to colds, flu and viral infections, alleviate the course of illnesses, reduce the risk of complications, and quickly restore the body after the illness. Suppresses growth and propagation of harmful microorganisms. Ingredients: propolis extract, vitamin C. Junior Neo Junior Neo provides the child’s body with all necessary vitamins. It guarantees balanced development of all body functions: physical, intellectual and mental. Ensures stability of kids’ nervous system, enhances cognitive and physical activity. It prevents overstrain and overexcitation. Ingredients: vitamins С, Е, РР, D3, В1, В2, В6, В9, В12, beta-carotene, magnesium, iron, zinc, chromium, manganese, copper, lemon peel extract. 34
  35. 35. Lifepac Junior Be Big Lifepac Junior Be Big strengthens the child’s body in the period of active growth, being a vital source of calcium, silicon and vitamin D3 that fortify the musculoskeletal system and teeth enamel, and prevent caries. Alleviates neuromuscular hyperexcitability. Ingredients: calcium carbonate, bamboo powder, vitamin D3, vitamin B1. Junior Be Wise+ Junior Be Wise+ regulates metabolism, functions of the nervous system and brain. Beneficially influences mood, alleviates irritability and improves sleep quality. Improves reaction rate, attention focusing, memory and assiduity. Its balanced formula stimulates digestion and improves appetite. Ingredients: iodine, selenium, magnesium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E, iron, vitamin PP, zinc, chromium, vitamins B1, B6, D3, B2, B12, copper, vitamin B9, manganese. Lifepac Junior Be Smart Lifepac Junior Be Smart enhances child’s intellectual capacities. Is a source of omega-3 fatty acids that support balanced development of brain, nervous system, eyesight, improve memory and attention focusing. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids accelerate maturation of brain, provide for its normal functioning, improve mental capacities, memory from the early childhood. Ingredients: omega-3 PUFAs, vitamins E, A, D3. It’s Interesting Handy Tips Looking after child’s health Sauna and swimming pool are among the best ways of strengthening kids’ health. Temperature difference allows to “train” vessels and activate blood circulation. As a result it improves child’s body resistance to overcooling and consequently helps prevent many related illnesses. Citrus fruits are particularly useful for kids in winter. For example, apart from being rich in vitamin C, oranges also contain bioflavonoid inositol that has a beneficial impact on the child’s nervous system and improves intestinal performance. Fresh squeezed citrus juices should preferably be consumed 10-15 minutes after preparation, as vitamin C is easily degradable. 35
  36. 36. Your independent Vision consultant: Name: Phone: E-mail: Skype: Consultant code: More about Vision products: Ordering Vision products (consultant code is required): Russia: 8 800 555 7007 Ukraine: 0 800 30 1234 Belarus: 8 820 007 10012 Kazakhstan: 8 800 080 5121 The catalogue is designed for internal use in December, 2013—February, 2014.