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Centennial Celebration_Appleton


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Centennial Celebrations were held throughout FVTC's district.

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Centennial Celebration_Appleton

  1. 1. Celebrating aCentury of Service
  2. 2. Times and Terms Have Changed 1911 – “continuation schools” 1917 – “vocational schools” 1967 – “technical institutes” 1994 – “technical colleges”
  3. 3. Typical Areas of Study 1911• Patternmaking • Horseshoeing• Moulding • Cooking and Baking• Shop math • Millinery• Commercial subjects • House plans and• Dressmaking specifications• Cabinetmaking• Drafting
  4. 4. What’s Different Today?• Older, more diverse student population• Complex occupational goals• Wider range of careers• Technology changing exponentially• Career options are far less defined by gender• Lifelong learning• Global economic context
  5. 5. What Hasn’t Changed?• Partnership with employers• Focus on local communities• Learning by doing• Making education accessible to everyone• Our core mission